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More Than 300 Injured as Spanish Police Try to Prevent Catalan Independence Vote

I received this email about special elections in Alabama today:
QUOTE: Roy Moore thinks “Homosexual Conduct” should be illegal.1 And he wants to be a United States Senator!
But Democrat Doug Jones is TIED in the polls. We can really WIN! UNQUOTE

Well, the latest poll showed Jones still trailing Moore by 6%, but if we can come THIS close in Alabama…

That Is A-LA-BA-MA. Where Trump won by a margin of 27.7% over Clinton in 2016 and Jeff Sessions won in 2014 with 97.25% of the vote. The other 2.75% were write-ins, evidently because nobody saw any point in opposing him.

…then everything is possible and we still have more than 2 months to work on it!

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It helps to follow the money.

Spain is the “S” of the European PIIGS, one of the nearly bankrupt countries where legislature after legislature borrowed money like it was going out of style, and passed the repayment problems along to some other politician. Eventually the “G”, Greece, went flying right off the back end of the national debt problem to private banks. Now Greece is a pretty horrid place to live and it might be so for a long time.

Catalan has 1/5 of Spain’s economic power and it’s a bit healthier than the rest of Spain. If Catalan simply declares independence, banks might hold the Spanish government responsible for all Spanish debts, but Spain might never pay them back. Catalan might possibly say, “the antidemocratic state’s debts simply aren’t our debts, goodbye, our courts aren’t going to enforce any of those debts.” Catalan might possibly say, “We’ll pay back our pro-rated share of the debts, but there will be a 70% Catalonian income tax on those repayments.”

So, Madrid is left to hang and the banks are left to hang. So why would either of these players not resort to beating up Grandma on a Sunday?

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Fascism at it’s finest- It would seem that the old habits of the Franco Regime die hard…

“Today, along with the still open wounds of the civil war and the repression, two other shadows of the dictatorship hang over Spain - corruption and regional division. The Caudillo’s rigid centralism and its brutal application to the Basque Country and Catalonia had left more powerful nationalist movements there than had ever existed before 1936.
The democratic constitution of 1978 enshrined rights of regional autonomy for Catalonia and the Basque Country with which the right has never been comfortable.
Mass pressure in Catalonia for increased autonomy met with an intransigence that has fuelled a campaign for independence.
Drawing on a residual Francoist centralism, the Popular Party has fomented hostility to Catalonia in particular for electoral gain. The consequent divisiveness, at times bordering on mutual hatred, is one of the most damaging legacies of Francoism”.


Following this on La Vanguardia: 800 were wounded. It is a massive attack on democracy. The background is that Catalan language and pride of self government have been growing over the last decades. Add to this the new interest in “The Recovery of Memory” a movement that refuses to shove the Spanish Civil War and its aftermath of mass shootings of Republicans and Leftists under the carpet. All over Spain young people are recovering memory and even digging up the bodies of their grandparents who were shot. This background makes it especially insulting that the Guardia Civil were sent in massively. They did their job too and were brutal, including sexually harassing women and one woman was even thrown down the stairs of her local school. The vote is now in with a 90% majority for independence. A general strike
is called for October 3rd. Go to lavanguardia.com to see photos, films, a timeline even if you don’t speak Spanish.


Thank you for the clarity, Marie. How sad. I visited Santiago de Compostela on the other side of Spain a decade ago. I was confounded by a sign at the airport of a city name in three different, um, …Spanish languages? The spelling of each differing by only a letter or two. As proud as the regions are, I stull can’t imagine Spain being better off in a bunch of little pieces. Worldwide, it seems the police have gone lulu. They could have just let the vote happen.

It would have been much wiser for the Spanish government to have allowed the vote to take place peacefully. They seriously hurt their position by these violent actions.


I disagree with the Catalonians’ selfishness in this issue, but this was a really, really dumb way for the Spanish government to deal with a complex situation.

US states that receive federal subsidies are pushing out US states that pay the bills.

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Thank you for your Insights

One need only see Picasso’s Guernica painting at the Reina Sofía to understand this is NOT about money.

Franco died in 1975 with the new Constitution in 1978.
This is not that long ago, the memories are like yesterday.
These are our Parents and Grandparents who were murdered by their own government.
The death toll of the White Terror was (150,000–400,000), as recent as 2 years ago Spanish Government still refuses to open the archives.

Madrid Knows this more than any, and still that Creeking old Spaniard Backbone that will not bend and will not change, dares to send in the Nationalists, for that is what they are, que no?

This is the Great Culminating Vote of Democracy… Striving to Be Free.
Stand Aside, Respect it for the Greatness that It Is.
And Remember the Families that have Given So Much to get to this Point, this Possibility.

America has shown what befalls a Country who does not Respect the Vote.

The Country falls into Lawlessness and War…a Pestilence falls Upon the Land and its People.

Crime, War and Torture, become the working tools of the Stolen Government.

the History is far too Significant to sweep this all under the Debtor Banker Red Herring.

The Spanish claim that the people of Gibraltar do not have the right to self-determination when the evidence clearly suggests otherwise. As with Catalonia they cite ‘territorial integrity’ but again this view is weak. Gibraltar – Self-Determination (single page): https://www.academia.edu/33409907/Gibraltar_Self_-Determination