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More Than 40 Dems Now Skipping Inauguration, While Planned Protests Grow


More Than 40 Dems Now Skipping Inauguration, While Planned Protests Grow

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

More than 40 U.S. lawmakers now say they will not attend Donald Trump's pricey inauguration on Friday, while the nation's capital braces for large protests on that day and over the weekend.


Chellie Pingree: " I won't dignify or normalize those threats ( of a Trump presidency ) by standing by at his ceremony."

Too bad Obama does not make that same statement!


Encouraging. Since Trump seems to have no intention of acting like a president who represents an entire nation the situation should not be accepted as normal. This is different.


Exactly. No Democrat in his/her right mind will attend.


"He's shown no interest in holding a foreign power accountable for interference in our democracy...."

eye roll The I-can't-accept-my-party-runs-on-awful-ideology faction is still harping on this discredited Russia bullshit, and Common Dreams is passing it along uncritically.


I think that man has more important things on his mind like living the good life and making sure it lasts.

And of course, he was on the side of corporate America from square one.

One hell of a talker though.


Shall we all join Trump in childishness?


What "Russia bullshit" are you referring to and how discredited?


As long as Democrats don't get the image of Trump Opposition (like the GOP had with Obama). Tis time for everyone to burn their Dem/Rep membership cards.


Must be a Green Party talking point or something like that.


His responsibility is to oversee the transition of power.
His attendance is necessary, that of congressional reps less so, altho I support the nonattendance.



He could sell ice to Eskimos ( Innuits )! And, after 8 years of his Adm. he may have to.:wink:


If only 40 dems would not shield sellout corporate dems and the establishment from rightful censure for corruption and betrayals of the public trust! The problem extends far beyond the trump regime!
Booker and the other 12 dems that voted against the Sanders-Klobuchar big-pharma bill that will cost Americans millions/billions in obscene drug costs are arguably guilty of corruption (Booker not the first time)!
Booker especially took "contribution" bribe money from big-pharma to protect their obscene drug cost rip-offs - that should rightfully be seen as criminal and prosecuted - other dems that now refuse to hold booker to account for his corruption and conflict of interest are complicit to his betrayals and crime by their silence!



Conflating House members ( 55+ ) with Senate members ( 46+2 ) -13 =s 35 doesn't bode well for your blanket indictment. Just sayin'.


I know Ann, I just used the 40 number as in the piece headline for effect, not actual numbers reality. Thanks!


Generally, though, the Democratic Party is lost in the woods. And, can't see the plantation forest for all the monocultural trees, so to speak.


Berned mine in 2003 after the Democrats gave Bush his little war in Iraq. Never Again!


Thank you Emphyrio! Well done! Now if only we can enroll the 120 million Americans that voted for Corporate Rule on November 8th to accept that they are also responsible for Endless Wars, Income Inequality, the Poisoning of our Air and Water, the murder of innocent men, women, and children all over the world because our country sold Hundreds of Billions of Dollars of Weapons to countries like Saudi Arabia, and Israel to use on those they hate, well, then, we might still have a country worth saving.


Of course, the Clintons are going so as to not miss a chance to suck up to money.