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More Than 50 Dead in Turkey After Suicide Blast at Kurdish Wedding


More Than 50 Dead in Turkey After Suicide Blast at Kurdish Wedding

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

At least 51 people were killed and dozens more injured when a suicide bomber detonated explosives at a Kurdish wedding celebration in southeastern Turkey late Saturday night.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Sunday that the Islamic State (ISIS) was behind the attack, and that the suicide bomber was a child between 12 and 14 years old. No entity has claimed official responsibility.


Prime Minister Yildirim of Turkey has declared war on the Kurdish people.
"We would not enter into a dialogue with a terror organization (PKK)," he said Saturday.

Also this week Assad began attacking Kurdish positions in Syria.
Those attacks prompted PM Yildirim on Saturday to say that Turkey would accept a role for Assad in a transitional government.

After supporting ISIS, al Qaeda, and the el Nusra Front for years Turkey finally began waging war against these Sunni Islamic groups 4 months ago.

We should keep in mind that the US supports the Kurdish people and their move toward independence in Iraq.

Who's on 1st?
Third base.


For those of you who are perhaps unware, there are images of ISIL militants sporting "US army tatoos".
To see search “ISIS members sporting US Army tattoos”

Manufactured Civil Unrest and Regime Change: Is America Next? - YouTube


Turkey got too close to the west's foreign policy and Is now in the crosshairs of blowback. Neocon plan?


The New World Disorder


Well, Trump did say Obama and Hillary weer the founders of ISIS. Looks like wasn't that far off base.


There's also the fact that after the failed coup, which Erdogan blamed on the US, Turkey had been meeting with the Russians towards re-establishing good relations...

Don't forget, the first of the recent wave of attacks began in France, with the Charlie Hebdo killings, mere days after French president had called for the lifting of sanctions against Russia, and just a week after the French parliament had voted to recognize Palestine as a nation.

Meanwhile, for those who don't know yet, Assange's chief lawyer has died, "hit by a train." You can't make this stuff up.


Dear Reader, this video's ultimate bottom line is bullshit right wing propaganda against Black Lives Matter, and the ridiculous assertion that Obama has been behind it. Yeah, sure, the same President that has exacerbated all of the policies that have resulted in the incredible injustices that resulted in the rise of BLM in the first place.

Most of this video is on point, regarding the CIA and US foreign policy, but making out BLM to be part of the conspiracy to bring social unrest into this country is just utter right wing bullshit.


A slight correction. Turkey didn't blame the coup on the US, he blamed it on Fethullah Gulen who the US has been harboring in Pennsylvania since 1999.
Erdogan claims that Turkey has proof that Gulen's Cemaat group staged the coup and they want the US to ship Gulen back to them to stand trial.

Last week Erdogan forgave the Israelis for killing several Turkish citizens 5 years ago and re-started relations with them.

All in all Turkey is a double-dealing pain in the ass and a NATO country.


I agree that Turkey is a double-dealing pain in the ass, but you are wrong to say that Erdogan (an odious man, don't get me wrong) doesn't suspect US involvement. It's been all over the news wires (except of course the Western ones) ever since the failed coup.


All I see here is another case of innocent people being murdered for being born in a certain race, color, nationality, religion or simply for being in the wrong place. Payback is going to be very harsh and is, unfortunately, way overdue.


US foreign policy in Syria: The enemies of my terrorist friends are still my enemies!!


Wow, it is amazing how well the war on terrorism is going.


The Islamic State (ISIS): has Hijacked the Religion of Islam.

"Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said Sunday that the Islamic State (ISIS) was behind the attack, and that the suicide bomber was a child between 12 and 14 years old. No entity has claimed official responsibility."

"What We are telling you here today represents the Heart of God. For there is no malice in God. There is no revenge in God. There is cruelty or punishment in God. Therefore, you cannot use religion as a banner of war, to punish others, to torture others, to execute others. That is a crime against God & God's Will and Purpose for the world. Any scripture or interpretation that advocates these things is inauthentic & misunderstood."......
From the New Message from God, the New Revelations being sent into the world today.
See newmessage.org


Well, you can tell that this one wasn't US. US would have double-tapped and killed the rescuers. CIA is really good at that.


The US (and the West) have made such a mess of the ME (and parts of Africa), its almost impossible to know who the bad guys are. This regime business of Bush 2, Obama, and Hillary has worked out really well for no one--even the ones who thought they were going to get oil deals (and resources) won't go into any of these countries because it's to dangerous.

As for this terrorist the US is protecting (another one since there are so many living very well here), Turkey is very sophisticated, not a Third Worlder. Send a team over and kill the s.o.b. or kidnap him and take him back. That's what the US and Israel does. What's good for the goose is very good for the gander. Blowback is a motherf*****.


That's nowhere I have been searching. Thanks for the tip. That is typical CIA behavior. I can see (Obama or Hillary) someone giving and to taking him out. We can't get Assange, let's do this one just for fun.


Police say the death was not suspicious.
* I guess they had a report from a man who was standing right behind him. He reported, "We were standing there watching the train come in. He was right in front of me and suddenly stepped out in front of the train just as it arrived at the station."
* The identity of the witness was not determined. The case is closed. :wink:


So the US supports the Turks who bomb US ally the Syrian Kurds, who are the best fighters against ISIS.

There is no strategy, there is only the joy and profit of continual war.