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More Than 60 House Dems Denounce Trump for 'Raising the Specter of Nuclear War'


More Than 60 House Dems Denounce Trump for 'Raising the Specter of Nuclear War'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a letter delivered to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Thursday, 62 House Democrats denounced the President Donald Trump's "belligerent" and "reckless" threats against North Korea, and called on Tillerson to do everything in his power to de-escalate tensions.


Only 60? You would think that the idea of a world ending war would cause every sane person to denounce Trump.


I see, and the non-USAns, non soldiers, and others in states that are not our regional allies? I guess we are not supposed to give a flying fuck about them???


And yet the same crew voted to impose sanctions on a nuclear armed Russia. Isn’t that an act of aggression/war?


I don’t believe trump needs congressional approval for any preemptive war, nuclear or not, that was done away with by congress during Junior’s first term to attack Iraq. Obama carried out wars without congress approval too.


Those who haven’t must not get reelected they are obviously oligarchy’s representatives not ours.


Anyone have a list of demodogs aren’t against a nuke war? Please common dreams give us the list.


A pity that so many of them don’t have to worry about being primaried against a more progressive alternative or that the only general alternative to them is an even worse republican.


The MICs saber rattling has been a great success, again. They want more money and they’ll get it; from US.

Ignore that MIC threats caused NK’s nuclear program. That NK saw what happened to non-nuke countries and their leaders. Don’t mention that. Always depict Kim as a clear and present danger. Also that he is fat.

We know we are led by conservative posers with a rock for a head. That the market rules as long as we rule it. But as long as we are #1, we can ignore their idiosyncrasies.

Trump promised to do business with other countries, not to make them enemies. But that’s the thing about empires, if ours doesn’t dominate, another will take our place.


And just in case if anyone tries to say this is a just a republican made problem, keep in mind that Obama pushed sanctions on North Korea as well and refused to open diplomatic talks. Both parties might have superficial differences but when it comes to military you will see that they agree disturbingly often.


62, right. So that would be fewer House Democrats than voted last month to outspend Trump on war spending.

Good to know where they stand on militarism.


So tell me o Great Establishment DNC, Grand Purveyors of Truth

This is the Strength of your Intellect

Still Equivocating Ms Pelosi

No Position Mr Schumer

But you still believe in our allegiance

It would be Wise to Man the Breech at this Time


Both Bush and Obama got approval from Congress. Although Congress did not declare war on Iraq, it voted to give Bush the authority to invade if necessary. It turned out that there was no reason to invade Iraq since Bush claimed there reason for an invasion were weapons of mass destruction but Bush went ahead anyway. We know how that turned out. The approval Obama got to fight jihadists is somewhat complicated. He did get direct approval to fight al-Qaeda. However, he used that same approval to fight ISIS even though they are different groups. Obama claimed ISIS was also covered by the congressional approval although not everyone saw it that way.


I am very disappointed that Rep. Carolyn Maloney did not sign this letter. Rep. Jerrold Nadler signed it. Where was she? She has to do better.


I know. That number is way too low. Doesn’t make me feel any better.


No. Sanctions are not an embargo.


Bunch of hypocrites, dem Dems. How long ago was that escalating sanctions vote?


And don’t forget, many Republicans criticized Obama constantly and inconsistently for not doing enough to stop ISIS all the while failing to approve military operations against ISIS that he requested and they said he needed to seek. Tough man talk versus actual votes.


I’d like to see how we would respond, then, if they were imposed on us.


Folks do realize the military budget is just an approved way to get domestic concerns addressed too, right? Defense is the one thing Republicans are willing to spend money on so that’s how things get funded. That’s why I think sngle payer needs to be called Defense Care.