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More Than 60 House Dems Denounce Trump for 'Raising the Specter of Nuclear War'


Better to have more bombs than the human right of healthcare for all.


And where are the other “Democrats” - the opposition? the people’s representatives? The DINO war-machine supporters/profiteers connected directly or by family ties to the arms death industry? They remain silent and directly responsible for the slaughter of millions!

Just because some damn politician has a “D” after their name does not mean they don’t condone and are complicit to for-profit war! Many “D’s” are as morally bankrupt and lacking in conscience as R’Cons who openly support the death machine - it’s clear they all lack a functional moral compass - SOB’s!

Let’s all remember - always - that when Dwight Eisenhower first referenced the subversion of our nations civilian republic by the arms/“defense” industry, he accurately termed it the Military Industrial CONGRESSIONAL Complex! The MICC.

Without the votes of evil MoFo subverted elected representatives the Pentagon and war and death budgets and appropriations would not be draining - read “robbing” - resources from our civilian priorities and needs - like health care, education, environmental protections, infrastructure, elder and pre-natal care…etc, etc,etc, etc



My family, friends and I will only vote for progressive Democrats. We will risk another 4 years of GOP domination by voting against all neoliberal DNC Democrat sellouts.

We doubt that makes any difference to “Democrats” who are more interested in getting legal campaign bribes and keeping a cushy job than getting the money and revolving doors out of politics. But you are forewarned.

We suggest you run Bernie and Liz in 2020 if you are actually interested in winning.

Dont f it up again.


Unfortunately they have far less to lose than us by giving future elections to Republicans.


“Folks do realize the military budget is just an approved way to get domestic concerns addressed too, right?”


“Domestic concerns” means nothing to me. Say more about this theory of how defense spending is actually a way to benefit working-class Americans and not a sop to politically-connected contractors and wealthy donors.


It will be any that have a well stocked underground bunker.


If the headline was “60 SENATE Members Denounce…” then it would have been significant but only 60 House members is depressing. Like all good cabinet members, Tillerson has destroyed the State Department leaving the military hammer as the only tool in the belt. This administration has appointed no ambassadors in Asia that I am aware of including China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand. China and Japan are stranded in committee due to incomplete paperwork from the State Department with no name even entered for South Korea.


Can’t you just imagine the final scene where Dr. Strangelove is explaining how the elite could survive in a bunker. Especially delectable for the Groper-In-Chief would be the 10 nubile females for each male. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf9iTZ433zs


I was being sarcastic, maybe too much so. Defense is basically the only way Republicans want to spend money, following Reagan. The military is always falling apart after Democratic presidents so they double down. Call single payer Defense Care, and maybe they’ll go for it.



Hey, messaging is everything… Defense Care could save us from the next bio-terror attack.


I doubt he can even get it up.


No. It isn’t.


Agree, but a catch 22. Congress vs sanity.


No wonder Congress has such a low approval rating, if they can’t even get together to denounce nuclear war.


A world in nuclear winter is not exactly hospitable to human life.