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More Than 7,000 Nuns to GOP: Your Attack on People's Healthcare 'Simply Immoral'


More Than 7,000 Nuns to GOP: Your Attack on People's Healthcare 'Simply Immoral'

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

As Senate Republicans consider a "skinny repeal" of the Affordable Care Act—and with a vote expected as early as Thursday night—Catholic nuns who vocally opposed Trumpcare have released a new video series calling on five crucial Republican senators to "stop this destruction of healthcare in our nation."

"The mission of Catholic Sisters has always been to serve our nation's most vulnerable people. As such, we are united in opposition to the current Republican healthcare proposals."
—Sister Simone Campbell, NETWORK Lobby


While I applaud these nuns standing up for health care, appealing to the politicians on moral grounds is a bit of an oxymoron considering these politicians are immoral to the core.


This “administration” is perhaps the truest test we’ll see of just how religious a society we are.


Half of the population — Either sick or employed in healthcare —

If we put horse before the cart

So join my cause, because if government should give free healthcare to all without first reducing illness, the $3.3 trillion each year we spend on healthcare will increase to $6 trillion. And instead of 1 in 6 workers employed in healthcare, 1 in 4 workers will be doing nothing but serving the sick.

A forth of the economy, a forth of workers and a fourth of the population half-sick, all sucked down a black hole called sickness.

For 95% of illness is self-inflicted, caused either by addictions or a garbage diet void of nutrition.

For Scandinavian countries have a 20% laboring-class population who receive a living wage. On the other hand, we have a 50% Laboring-class that has been enslaved by poverty and illness, deliberately kept malnourished to the point that our laboring-class is now twice as sick as any other industrialized nation.


Straightforward decency and concern for other people. The morality of the heart and the ethics of a helping hand. Thank you, Sisters.


95% of illness is caused by addictions and the average
American diet of garbage food void of nutrition.

So, why destroy our economy by doubling the size of butcher medicine?



Stop allowing the poor to buy high-fat processed foods with Food Stamps,
as it is a tool of the rich to keep sick and enslaved the poor.

Instead, give free to the poor a healthy diet of unprocessed food that would
make them the healthiest people in America.

Surely, trillions cheaper then giving disaster medicine to the poor.


I’m not a Catholic (although our son is married to a wonderful Catholic women), but I say to these nuns: I LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING!! PLEASE DON’T GIVE UP!!!


Dear Sister Simone Campbell,

Thank you for writing the letter and producing the videos to try to persuade our Senators to do the right thing by not voting in favor of any Trumpcare bills. However, you must go farther. You must do like Dr. Jill Stein, who realized, while treating her sick patients, that the whole system is contributing to making people sick. The pesticides, the GMOs, the processed food (as John Ellis has already explained), radiation poisoning, WiFi, the chemical pollutants, the polluted air and water, not to mention the constant propaganda from the media (mind pollution)! Its all making us sick! So you’ve got to get in there and fight these immoral politicians. Run for a house seat, run for the Senate. Get in there with your rulers (hopefully with spikes on the end) and start whacking these so-called representatives and Senators and knock some sense into them! Thank you for your time and consideration. :pray: :facepunch:


The ladies must now launch a video campaign aimed at the Ds shaming THEM for not supporting New Improved Medicare for All when they had the chance - and telling them they need to introduce it into the Sen as it has been in the House and fight for it …


How about U.S. bishops and priests? Why don’t they speak up?


Sisters, Thank you.

Feed the hungry, tend the sick, pray for the dying, bury the dead.


A very good question.