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More Than 90% of Democratic Voters Want 2020 Candidate to Make Climate Action and Medicare for All Top Priorities: Poll

More Than 90% of Democratic Voters Want 2020 Candidate to Make Climate Action and Medicare for All Top Priorities: Poll

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The global climate crisis and Medicare for All are top issues for a large majority of Democratic voters, according to new polling results published Tuesday by CNN.


… ANd THIS scares the hell out of the Vichy Dem ‘leadership’ and their Wall Street Puppet masters
And probably has something to do with why they are making deals (infrastructure) that will help President Caligula get reelected

PS this article focuses on Dem voters - it should include Republican voters. 70% of All voters (both party’s) support MFA. This includes 52% of republican voters. I suspect that percentage will climb


Joe Biden 39% to Bernie’s 15%? Could someone have fixed that poll? 39% prefer a corporate, Wall Street…stooge over Bernie by over a 2:1 margin?


I dont trust voters in the Democratic Party, and I dont trust the party. They say they support many progressive policies, but most of the time support candidates that dont support those things. They seem pretty easy to mislead, dont often pay close attention to records or policies and often fall for fluffy propaganda. The places they get their info from are just as biased in many ways as Fox. Just a different kind of propaganda.

But, the corporate media that most older Democrats get their info from doesn’t help. Like, right now CNN is citing a poll that shows Biden with an 11 point lead. Biden, horrific. A rotten candidate. But look at who they polled. Everyone that is 49 and younger that is listed as a Democrat or Democrat leaning is listed as NA. Did CNN mention that? Did CNN mention that the poll excluded left leaning voters 49 and under? Again, where do older Democrats get most of their news from? Like I said, i see no reason to think the Democrats will do anything other than royally screw this up. And I think people show what they want by who they support. Most of those running are not on board with any of this, and we are really just talking about basic social democracy.


Yes, because the Democrats are a pretty right wing party. Saying they support single payer is worthless, given that they never support enough people that will ever make that a reality, even in their own primaries. What a train wreck this system is. I am going to take a break for a while.


How do these people hold so much cognitive dissonance in their little pea brains? 90% want Medicare for All as one of the leading issues in 2020. Then 39% turn around and say that their preferred candidate is the one who will NEVER support Medicare for All. Beam me up Scotty.


Yea, lets ask the students that are in debt slavery and likely to remain there for most of their lives because of Status Quo Joe. Or lets ask people that have been screwed by credit card companies because of the Senator from MAster Card.

Yea, they are going to rig the sh*t out of everything they can. Because, Status Quo

And apparently that 39% don’t want Medicare For All. They like the system as it is. Because sure as hell Joe ain’t gonna bit the hand that feeds him


U.S.A. = Unbridled Stoopidity Applies.


The poll " blah, blah, blah " started with exclusion, looking for a different result. As someone who’s done polling; well, it’s not always the answers you get that are important. It’s the questions and the way you phrase them. And, of course who you’re asking.


We should all ask this bunch why they put money ahead of having a decent society?


I think that is a good idea Joan- but stay involved in causes in which you believe .

Yes, I am sure that the poll is rigged.


But how are we going to pay for it when we have to spend 1.2 trillion for new nuclear weapons?

Let’s get our priorities straight, what’s more important killing people for profit or saving the unproductive?


Thank you PP. I would have posted the same. We know how the left feels, we want to know if the top of the republican list is tax cuts and more war.


Biden is quite old . I know Bernie is also, but Bernie knows what the country 's pulse is, and he listens to younger voters as well.


As the article euphemistically says, there were objections to “undersampling”. They apparently didn’t poll anyone under 50 years old.


I don’t know. There are so many people in politics and the media, in think tanks, in private industry, that have no souls. That alone isn’t a reason to want to step back, but look at how utterly stupid the Democrats are, look how corrupt, inept the party is. Where in the system are there solutions, and even when people offer up solutions, most Democrats that pretend to support things like single payer never support anyone running for actual power that is serious about that stuff. This is a dying system, and I think people are utterly deluded about what is coming if radical changes aren’t put in place. A big part of this dire situation is how the boomers have voted and continue to vote, but it is also that so many in this country have been mentally beaten down. Not only have many given up on this system and don’t even bother voting, many of those that are still voting have been trained to shun anyone that proposes structural changes (no matter how popular and better they are than the policies they would replace), but they refuse to allow themselves to think about a better world. It is hard to have any faith in the Democrats. The rank and file voters are disproportionately older voters, and they vote time and time again for horrible candidates, and the party in progressive states rig the thing against the left. I don’t want others to give up, but I can’t do this form now until the election, and I can’t get my hopes up that this system and those that take part in it will support someone offering actual solutions. If I could leave, I would, I would be able to watch the country implode (even Krugman can see that is where this is headed), but I am stuck here and I am surrounded by people that collectively make bad decisions over and over again.

I don’t believe Democrats when they say they support things like single payer. Anyone can pretend to support it, you prove it by who you support and how likely they are to push for those policies. Most Democrats seem perfectly happy to pretend to support things but never prove it, and I am sick of them all.


I agree with you. We the boomers are known as the “ones who were going to change the world.” The problem is that many boomers were never the radicals in college- the ones who were later labeled " effete snobs and hippies." Remember that one? However, many boomers are actually conservatives and always were. Remember “yuppies?” Yes, that’s right- I know I do- “hippies” did not morph suddenly into “yuppies”. Actually they never were the same and never will be. The people who live off of the land, and want a simple life where people and non human animals can get along were really not that interested in corporate land, and the corporatists are the ones who say they are “liberal” and represent the dummycrat party. So… some of us blink and get confused. We thought they were “liberals”- but they are bankster type neo liberals who actually like capitalism. They are comfortable- they might fool people with their women’s rights yelling, and a little about the environment- but that’s it. They actually hate unions also- otherwise they would not have actually blown kisses to companies who went overseas leaving millions of workers without jobs. They have not changed. So. ask them why they want to hurt others if you know people like that. They probably areliving in a collective bubble. Ask them to go to a shelter or a soup kitchen or even a small farm. Get out of the cublicle. Ask them why they support Walmart or Target. They’ll tell you they are sophisticated globalists. I know some people like that- they live in a bubble, and have no use for laborers or unions. Stay involved in your own community , and perhaps see if you can schedule a debate for those who insist that the system is working. It is only working for them.


I wonder if it’s because oldsters are the ones who typically vote.

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Of course it is.