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More Than 90% of Democratic Voters Want 2020 Candidate to Make Climate Action and Medicare for All Top Priorities: Poll

Why would corporate right wing neoliberal democrats scare the bejeesus out of their petro-donors by making climate change a hot topic. They know damn well that 99% of their base will vote for them no matter what they support, just to stop Trump if nothing else, but not to stop the republicans / democrats / Trump’s agenda. Why do you think they are hyping this Russiagate / Mueller conspiracy theory. In this way it serves the demorats interest to have more and more extreme fanatics in the republican lineup. Sometimes they win, sometimes the republicans, but always the neoliberals and never progressives. The public will has absolutely no effect on legislation in this country, only money plays a role. What democrats are afraid of and desperately trying to prevent is left wing candidates like Sanders from winning the day - they would rather have Trump than him.

look at this video:

Corruption is Legal in America


Joan, I enjoy your posts, come back soon!


Excellent reply…thanks.

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Either the poll was rigged or the respondents are brain dead.


Now that Pelosi, Schumer and Trump have agreed to spend 2 trillion on infrastructure, there will be no money for Medicare for all.
Who would have guessed that they would pull a scam like this


I’m done here for a long time. Politics in the US is too depressing and I don’t see things getting better or anyone moderately progressive getting any real power. I don’t think people are paying enough attention to make things much better, there is too much manufactured ignorance. Things are going to collapse in the coming years, and most people are not going to be prepared when it does, because they’re zombies. Good luck to you all.


It’s a uphill climb. Status Quo Joe has been a corporate whore his entire career and doesn’t scare Wall Street like Bernie does. Therefore Uncle Gropey will have M$M on his side, Wall Street, The Democratic and republican machines in his camp. The Lies and obfuscation will be monumental this time around! . We will have to work significantly harder than we did in 2016 to get close. I’m going to give it one more try.


Don’t forget local and state issues Joan. I will miss you.

grammar police- it’s an uphill not a uphill.

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well, I’ll give you typo,

I thought I would share a story before you left. I recently spoke with a young adult whose grandfather tarred his own road rather than wait for a pols money. Now, that’s action and we need more of that.

Okay then.

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The “LEADERSHIP” of the DamnocRatic Party is very right wing, but a significant number of voters who are registered as Democrats are not.  The real problem is going to be persuading the mass of voters to ignore the pro-Korporate party leadership and support the progressives who are running as Democrats because the two-party system has such a stranglehold on our politics that a third party has no chance this time around.   One place to start:

Make ONLY direct donations to the Candidate(s) of your Choice — Don’t Give One Single Dime to the DCCC, DNC or DSCC!!


If you think that P’Loser or Schemer have EVER been on your side, then you have another think coming.  Bait-Oh, Biden, Booker or Buddy-Chick – AKA “Bought By Big Business” – would just be
more of the same.


Joan, I agree that we are likely headed for more extreme economic and political chaos, which will be exacerbated by climate disruption. But there is one huge and positive change. The left was blocked from being part of the national conversation by mainstream media and in the halls of power since the Vietnam war. I can’t tell you how many letters I’ve written to NPR and other media outlets over the last 30 years, begging them to allow anti-war and single payer voices to be included in their reporting. It didn’t happen. How many calls were mad by me and others to Obama to get him to give single payer advocates a seat at the healthcare-reform table. It didn’t happen. Largely because of Bernie and AOC, we are no longer being totally ignored. Today there was a hearing in congress that included voices for single payer. Who knows, maybe even NPR will interview someone someday soon who wants to decrease the military budget.


96%, probably more than 96% because the younger voters were undercounted, and getting any specifics at all out of the 21 Democratic candidates on climate change is like pulling teeth. @#$%! How can every last one of these guys be running as hard as they can backwards from the voters?

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Well I’ll be damned!!! I’ve heard “some say” that the “centrist” position of wanting to keep the beloved ACA in place was because gosh darnit it reflects the “centrist” position of Democratic voters.

Well I’ll be damned.


Just left yet another sarcastic message for Nancy (I get it okay…it’s just cathartic for the chicken) telling her that I understand how much pressure she is under ensuring that Trump runs for re-election and also the pressure she must be under to kill Medicare for All so she (Campaign and Leadership PAC) can keep collecting that cash from “Healthcare Professionals” to the tune of $389,000 in 2018.

Also I like to let her know how much she must want to keep Trump in office so her Republican partners can keep slashing taxes for her ilk and large corporations.

I mean, if you’re in the tax bracket she’s in (her 2018 net worth was $120,000,000 ) it’s probably a pretty big deal. Just think of how many overseas vacations etc those tax breaks can amount to!!!

So hang in there Nancy.

I encourage everyone to do the same. I’m so over being polite at this point. I’m not rude, just sarcastic as cluck.

Sarcastic as to her motive? Not at all. It’s the fake empathy in “understanding her pressure” that is the sarcasm…just to be cluckectly clear.

Cluck cluck cluck!


Term limits people- they should not have these careers or pensions!

Let her know but it won’t do any good on here- she’s not a mind reader!

Nancy, Biden, Harris and all of the other Corporate State Democrats will have none of it, yet again.

And Rachel Maddow, and every other MSM fauxgressive talking head has their back. And of course, their right wing cohorts as well.

When it comes to ensuring that US citizens continue to be served up to corporate profits like so much meat right wingers and Corporate Democrats will share those talking points!!!

Damn Socialists!!! Extreme Leftists!!!