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More Than Exxon: Big Oil Firms for Years Shared Damning Climate Research



If they were scientists and engineers then how could they have not known? This may prove on paper that they knew but everyone in the naturalist community had already seen the changes taking place. The proof is the thing. Now they can no longer deny that they knew or how early on that they knew.


So the evidence continues to pour in about the corruption of the fossil fuel industry.
So why do we allow them to run our politics?
A status quo vote is a vote for continued corruption.
Find an independent who is a true leader committed to democracy not a fascist corporatocracy. Corporations must be shut out of governance.


Lol allow? Allow?

It is the money.

Keep your fingers crossed and vote for Bernie and just maybe things might change. If Bernie does't make it... change for the better won't make it either.


You're right. I briefly forgot that fascism doesn't allow, it takes by power.


corporations are making a concerted effort to control governance. They sure should be shut out of governance... but???????

It all gets iffy... here at the end of the world that we once knew.


This will make the tobacco settlement look like chump change.


Yes, corporations MUST BE TAKEN APART....


If people are looking for a Conspiracy, here it is. Hint: It isn't the Climate Scientists.....


It never gets better... we are seeing the world come apart at the seams.... who thought as they were growing up that they would see the end of the world... and please, do not give me any hopey, changy positive thinking crap... I'm at the tipping point myself... after 21 years of PLEADING with the corporations and governments... and no real move at all on serious solutions... I now am done. This sealed it for me.. WE WILL DO NOTHING. We will push until the methane is exploding out in 50 Gigaton bursts and the climate goes into hyper mode. The weather we will see will be something out of a B rated disaster movie.... there is not answer any more... so many tipping points have been released...
Today, in the Southern Tier of NY ... I went out to clean my garage in a T shirt.... I would have hung clothes out to dry in the sun, but it was raining in the first 2/3 of the day... then, it was like summer. The high was supposed to be 42 ... but, the weather channel had Elmira at 52 at around 3:30... the low tonight is suppose be 44 .... Tomorrow is supposed to be 60 degree .... and the low tomorrow nigh is 60 ....


A guilty verdict and all the fines in the world will never undo he damage to the climate that the oil industry has caused.


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"That's not meant as a criticism. It's just a fact of life.""
More like a fact of death.
And yet, the idea, that the governments of the world are in fact a death cult, seems to not be recognized by those who are either a part of it, but to a lesser degree, or who can't understand or believe that anyone would embrace such a thing. Although I don't believe in gods or devils, there's a strong argument that selling your soul to the devil would look a whole lot like this.


No doubt they said plenty, but the people they worked for didn't.


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Embrace meaninglessness. Life on the planet will go poof, but that's always been the case in this universe. It only hurts if you care. Once you're dead it doesn't matter.


And how did this all happen? Was it the plan? No. It is the apathetic USAn voter who refuses to vote and "justifies" not voting because the system is rigged, they'll do what they want anyway, there's no real choice among the candidates, politicians are all crooks and I'll have nothing to do with them, etc. To overcome the current t-partiers and lobbyists, everyone must vote in every election striving for 100% participation records over a lifetime of going to the polls. It's all our fault. We allow the Koch-funded propaganda to emasculate us and keep us on the couch in front of the Mainstream Misinformation Machine instead of getting out, knocking on doors, pushing the neighbors and relatives and friends and coworkers to get to the polls and vote. It seems that most of us know well that oil industry people lie, yet we "admire" their houses, their cars, their Citations, their food and drink. Against logic and experience, we expect some hero to come along and save us. Whatever you do, do NOT not vote. Doing so creates a vacuum easily filled with t-party fanatics.


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There was nothing to know. CO2 had an even more limited effect on temperature back then. Water vapor is THE green house gas and when there is too much of it, it rains!


If all of the big oil corporations knew of this research it defies logic to suggest none in Government knew. Accepting the premise that this research was known in high places , those that advance the claim that chem trails are part of a program to slow said warming gain credibility.

The fact remains we have secretive Governments in all countries that keep much of what should be known from the masses. As people we have to accept that we are not made privy to a lot of such studies and that those that are aware, when forming policy will lie about the real reasons for the same.

It all deception and lies. It how they stay in power.