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More Than One Million Crash UK Petition Site With Demand to Cancel Brexit

More Than One Million Crash UK Petition Site With Demand to Cancel Brexit

Julia Conley, staff writer

The British Parliament's petitions website crashed Thursday morning as over a million of Britons attempted to make their opposition to Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit plan known.

Hours after May chastised members of Parliament for rejecting her Brexit plan a second time, an anti-Brexit petition was gathering about 1,500 signatures per minute when it crashed the website for 40 minutes. The site then briefly went up before failing again.

Fucking oops!!!

hell of a deal here, seems like the UK has as many dim wits, and corrupt politicians as the USA, voting for brexit was as stupid as trump being “elected/appointed”. definately a bad scene on both sides of the Atlantic.

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Once again there is massive confusion over what is really going on. Just like with NAFTA, there really are serious questions regarding the benefits of these alliances where the rights of sovereign states or local communities can be overcome by a larger entity populated by elites. Just because the elites in Brussels tell England or anywhere what to do doesn’t mean the people agree with it. As in the US political situation, we find that many of those voting to leave the EU were rural and the urban areas like London voted to stay in. Look at the economies of the rural vs urban - much the same as the U.S. While the urban areas thrive rural areas have frequently been devastated economically. These people - in the rural areas and outside of the benefits accruing to those near the elite’s affluence - need to be listened to and understood. Unfortunately the rural areas and fly over states have put their trust in the wrong people and for that they will be hurt further. There seems to be no vision for the advancement of all of humanity in these times - just selfish confusion and manipulation.

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The US is not interested in a strong EU thus Brexit was ‘invented’, with all the trimmings to move Europe politically to the far right. Steve Bannon, former WH Strategist and Svengali of the fascist Trump administration, has been busy to hijack Europe with ‘The Movement’, a populist foundation:

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Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister

Bernie Sanders for President

Socialism, a system that represents WE THE PEOPLE is on the rise. Dust off the Guillotine.

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America created the EU in the first place, and it has served its intended function perfectly.
The EU was designed to consolidate power in Europe in order to make it easier to control as a whole.
It works to erode national sovereignty and remove control of fiscal policy from its member nations, and has largely succeeded in doing so, to the benefit of America’s banks and corporations.
That Bannon and the rest of those morons are too stupid to understand its intended function does not make EU membership a good idea.
Greg Palast did an interview with Robert Mundell, the creator of the euro, wherein Mundell outright admits that the euro is designed specifically to move fiscal policy out of the hands of politicians, so that EU countries have to deregulate and offer various incentives to international corporations in order to stay competitive on the global market.
There is a reason all of UK’s neoliberal and conservative politicians are going apeshit over Brexit, and why they are all trying to pretend its only about racism.


The UK has been in a nosedive since the dark days of the Iron Lady. This nationalistic Brexit nonsense just puts the pedal to the floor and the stick all the way forward.
The once proud and brutal British empire will end not with a bang, but with a whimper. The world will not miss them.

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An organization like the EU tends to further dilute the power that people have locally or in their own national government. Eventually they become discouraged, give up and are more or less like slaves to the elite who run global organizations. Can’t you see that. Some of what Trump and Bannon have said is true but to think that they really care about the “little” people - well their actions don’t show that. However, many that have been betrayed by mainstream politicians like the Clintons and Obama - in their desperation have turned to people like Trump. It is very scary as this is almost exactly what Hitler did by invigorating the German economy while undermining human rights and values. We need to think these things through and see through the smokescreens.

Hi reader321… History teaches us that people will be made powerless in systems based on fascist ideology, that is correct. The US is one example and many American corporations colluded with the Hitler regime. The collapse of democratic values here, in Europe and elsewhere is generated by the by now unadulterated implementation of the ideology of hatred and fear. Europe consists of many separate countries which for centuries have been at war with each other. For me - someone who grew up in post WWII Germany and familiar with European history - the idea of going back to nation states is more than disconcerting. And true, demagogues like Trump and Bannon are not interested in the “little” people but want to push their right-wing agenda.
The real problem is Political Capitalism - here and on the other side of the pond - in which the economic and political elite cooperate for their mutual benefit.
Yes, I agree: We need to think these things through.

Hi reader321 see my reply to you in my post above.

Petitions are largely symbolic yet useless being used by either side to promote the cause. It beats me why this one is getting attention, there was a similar petition in 2018 with 4 million votes. It did not accomplish anything.

People like to shot themselves in the foot, let them. Trump and Brexit are two sides of the same coin.

I*m a UK citizen and vote to Brexit . Unfortunately , whether we stay or leave , it`s STILL going to cost the taxpayer £Billions ( which we can ill afford - with the present Government AKA Think-Tank ) .

There seems to be an insistence on part of establishment politicians that current trade arrangements should remain intact even after leaving the EU, which would be costly and run counter to the idea of leaving.
Wonder how much of the projected costs of leaving the EU hinges on that.

I agree with most of what you are saying. With regard to the EU or Brexit, I think this EU thing is more complex than most of us can get our heads around. It is possible for people to be against Brexit for both good reasons and bad. If the purpose is to create alienation, separation, hatred of immigrants and to become totally isolationist and parochial - well - no - I am against that but I think Trump and Bannon are for it for those reasons. Many of the objectives of EU could still be achieved without this organizational EU. There could be a co-operative entity but without the legislative and financial powers the EU leaders exert. The entity could co-ordinate co-operation among the separate nations towards similar aims.

For consideration - Let’s expand EU into a global concept with maybe four of five different regional bodies in the world. They then could create an elite super body above all others. We are really diluting the power of local people and local institutions in favor of a so called one world government.

When I said to “be against Brexit” I meant to be against the EU.

Same here, I agree with much you’re saying. There won’t be a fair solution for the common people in the EU, Brexit or not, as long as there is an exploitative capitalist economic system The same is true for America. Having lived through the aftermath of fascism in Germany my main concern at this point in time is the rise of the far right in Europe and here at home.

While I kind of hate to make this point - what if the far right took control of the EU? It would basically accomplish what Hitler did without the bloodshed and I suppose then could move against other targets around the world with a much more powerful military and economic force.

I think it was ‘Tarsus’ in this thread who pointed out that EU was created by the US. There is truth this. Germany for one has become nothing more than a vassal to the US and will do America’s bidding. Most of European countries are NATO members and will follow its ‘masters’ instructions militarily (and otherwise). This is why Bannon’s European far right foundation ‘The Movement’ to embolden fascist tendencies is so dangerous.If there is a move against other targets around the world it would be in conjunction with the US.
As it stands right now the right-wing movement is gaining ground in Europe: Hungary, Poland, Austria, even the Netherlands and just recently in progressive Sweden (!).
There is bloodshed already. The fall-out from the war in Syria/ME where people flee their war-torn countries and then drown in the Mediterranean Sea.