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More Than Six Years After Flint Water Crisis Began, Michigan Officials Announce $600 Million Settlement for City Residents

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/20/more-six-years-after-flint-water-crisis-began-michigan-officials-announce-600

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In historical context with our free-range pandemic catastrophe today, Flint’s tragedy was just ominous foreshadowing, like Love Canal, conclusively demonstrating the lethal contempt of USA’s government for its ordinary people, a long time ago. You didn’t expect to access clean air and water here in USA, did you? We pay extra for that sort of thing here, and then get cheated.

Like the social damage wrought on children today by the terror of our pet microbe, neurological damage to Flint’s children, from exposure to lead and other metals in the water supply, is permanent. Irreversible.


Why do I get the feeling that lawyers will be getting the majority of this money? Replacing the old water system, city wide should be the main priority.


What about the guy who caused it to happen? The mayor.


Actually, this entire fiasco was caused by just one group, The Mackinac Society, totally funded by the Koch Brothers. It says jump, every Republican in Michigan says how high. Snyder was their front man, One Tough Nerd, with a GOP controlled state government. He was told to take down the legally elected governments of poor black cities and replace them with “Emergency managers”, basically a bunch of rich white guys with MBA’s and Koch dollars to take over the cities. One was Benton Harbor, that had a lovely lakeside park that was then converted to a resort for the rich. One was Detroit, a perennial thorn in the white GOP’s side, and the last was Flint. Plenty of poor white cities were in financial trouble, but Snyder went after the blacks. Flint did not have any financial issues with its water supply from Lake Huron. It was managers in Detroit that messed it up. Anyway, all that was needed was to clean house in the water departments served by the Detroit pipeline. Instead, well…and it wasn’t just Flint proper. There were several poor suburbs fed by that water system, and they became ill as well. Retired whites from low paying jobs. One was Mount Morris. The water supply feed for cities from Midland to Bay City to Saginaw, terminating in Clio, came from another Lake Huron pipeline.
This was cold blooded attempted genocide. Period. The UN should be in on this one. The money is chump change. Meanwhile, Snyder and his buds walk around scot free.
Any country that has bought into the Economic Liberty way of life is doomed. Look at what happened in Chile. Raygun was supposed to go full bore with it, but the blowback scared him so badly he backed off a bit. Still, the seeds were planted and are now bearing bitter and poisonous fruit. Nancy MacLean’s Democracy in Chains explains the whole mess.
As for Flint…I lived in that area last year. It’s hell on earth. And I talked with people who moved to Clio just to escape the water issue. One couple were quite ill. The husband had tremors and grand mal seizures while the wife was on dialysis.
And if you still trust anyone, and I mean that literally, you’re living in a fool’s paradise. We’ve been brainwashed for forty years that other people are meant to enrich us. Nothing more. So beware the shiv held behind the back while the person shakes your hand with a smile. Once they get what they want from you, it’s a stab in the back time.


Seems like a lifetime of suffering and death for the billionaires would be a more equitable result.


None of the local and regional journalists who would not stop digging and tracking while the national media refused to put the poisoning of Flint’s public water supply on the agenda are sourced in this article.

Dismissed as “Advocacy Journalists” by the corporate-captured news and public affairs media. Where was President Obama or VP Biden? Where were any of those who’d made fortunes making us fear ISLAMIST TERROR after 9-11-01 when it turned out no Islamic Terror cell threatened municipal U.S. city drinking water. It was de-regulated and hidden hands of MARKET FORCES acting as rational as market forces get. And the real journalists always knew to “follow the money.”

Until Margaret Sullivan the Public Editor of the NY TIMES finally apologized in an Op Ed after years of ignoring the building NATIONAL SECURITY THREAT in Flint, Michigan caused not by Islamist Terrorist but by deregulation, Market Forces and banality of beyond critical mass institutional corruption. That should’ve been our first clue that we had entered a new phase of our current Age of Pandemic and Plagues.

It took an EPA Whistle Blower, Miguel Del Toral and inner city front-line poverty besieged Hurley Medical Center of Flint Pediatrician and Whistle Blower Dr Mona Hanna-Attisha (a refugee from the U.S. invasion and occupation of Iraq as a child and here this young woman will go down in history, corporate-captured news media be damned, as the U.S. NATIONAL SHERO that she is) to provide the sourcing from dogged local journalists that forced a DISTRACTED NATION to pay attention.

These names are not yet known as U.S. House-hold names. Laura Loomer may be better known along with other Celebrated and elected Ethnic Haters and their Alt White Right or Deep Net conspiracist herders like Q ANON who are celebrated by the Cult of Corrupt Continuity and Cult of CIVIC Distraction we are plagued by.

Over time if we are blessed to have any more time they will be our new models of PUBLIC INTEREST WORKING CLASS HERO. Where are they in this follow-up report? Where are they seen questioning President Obama or VP Biden or President Trump and Righteous Pro Life Professional Christian Pence about EPA policies and the Daddy Warbucks obscene budget passed by both parties in such fear of National Security Threats to justify that pornographic allocation of U.S. tax-payer funds to proliferate weapons to all sides of every global conflict.

What else never became part of the national news agenda as the Weapons of Mass Distraction kept reporting coast to coast E-CONomic MIRACLES and RECORD LOW UNEMPLOYMENT RATES and GLOBAL PROSPERITY?

How about the cover-up by a corporate scale compensated Superintendent of Portland Oregon Public Schools leading to her resignation and slinking away with her few years of top contract at public expense?

More TERROR CAUSED BY MARKET FORCES and INSTITUTIONAL CORRUPTION (Neo-Liberal E-CONomic policy outcomes keep coming home to roost with barely a Business Media journalist even mentioning the name much less examining the doctrines and dogmas that switched the universal across faiths GOLDEN RULE to GREED IS GOOD.

All in the name of PATRIOTIC CRUSADES TO FREE MARKETS FROM DEMOCRATIC SOCIALIST TYRANTS. Corrupt and dictatorial socialists always morph into CULTS OF PERSONALITY until deposed like in Armenia, in rare cases like South Korea and Israel where the heads of state are publicly tried and sentenced to prison if evidence merits or linger like Russia and Zimbabwe until doddering death of the Personality and the nation-state forced into their Cult overtakes their incestuously arrested development. Where heads of state are criminally prosecuted don’t expect U.S. News to dispatch wall to wall coverage or even an evening news analyst to explain the historic and revelatory events of Executive Accountability.

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I hope they come after Rick Snyder (ex-Governor for the money).


Thank you for this synopsis of this tragic and avoidable catastrophe for so many, a lot of them children.It gave me a better understanding
However, your rant, while understandable, is flawed. For while I agree that corporations are, if considered persons, psychopaths, with many of their operators products of their environment. . The democratic party of Kennedy and LBJ was attacked by Reagan and Clinton, with visions of wealth as others, accepted the fallacy of supply side economics and the Party of Roosevelt was no more. Income disparity was accepted without a word of complaint.
I must assert that without trust we cannot unite and without unity we are as dust in the wind


Profits were made, dues must be paid!

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WHY, is it, whenever someone has done something wrong in Government, local and Federal, or some CEO that has effected thousands of populations, it always comes down to money. Money that needs to come from the very same community that has been suffering ? Why is it, that not on even one occassion, has any of the people accountable for causing such disasters, ever been held personaly accountable, and called upon to pay the price ? Paying a settlement from public funds, is NOT justice in my humble opinion. These S.O.B.'s need to do REAL jail time.


The treasury dept has printed 7 trillion (thats TRILLION) dollars this year, and had the fed buy out all the debt bonds that corporate America dumped on the market, in essence an enormous goddamn bailout. And of course, those debt bonds will never mature, never be paid, and the debt they created will now fester in securities and derivative markets until the bubble pops.
But oh, here’s 600 million for a generation of kids poisoned by lead.
We are a sick country.

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The city water mains and pipes to homes will be completely swapped out in less than a year.

And there are other lawsuits to be settled. More money definitely in the offing. But $600 million is nowhere near enough.

Decisions about Flint’s water source were not made by the mayor. The state government under Republicans had largely taken over management of Flint from its elected city government.

This settlement with the state is only one of many legal settlements to come:


Every once in a while I think about Benton Harbor, which — like Flint — was a cause celelbrĂ© on MSNBC a few years ago.  At the time it seemed that the Fat Cat resort developers might not succeed in stealing a municipal park for their own “exclusive” purposes.  Actually, I’m somewhat surprised that Tweetle-Dumb hasn’t had the NFS or BLM or Army Corps of Engineers condemn it for conversion into one of his private golf courses . . .

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Please don’t give him ideas!!!:slight_smile: One of his flunkies will fly in with an invented historical event that makes this site imperative for a Trump golf course/resort.