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More Than Three Eco-Defenders Killed Per Week in 2018 While Fighting to Protect Wildlife, Homes, and Livelihoods

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/30/more-three-eco-defenders-killed-week-2018-while-fighting-protect-wildlife-homes-and


Stand with the defenders:


“The most significant characteristic of modern civilization is the sacrifice of the future for the present,” philosopher and psychologist William James

John Mohawk has written about the connection of devastation of indigenous communities and ecological disaster. Poor communities, black communities and indigenous tribes are at the frontline of both unrelenting exploitation but resistance to it. Clearly our collective future is tied to theirs and the entire web of Life. We need to reimagine a new world quickly that not only keeps fossil fuel in the ground but a way to greatly reduce our footprint.


Why do these articles almost never list the corporations involved, nor the people behind them?


Neoliberalism Capitalism leaves humanity in a state of social-psychosis.

I use the term “social psychosis” because a psychosis is a mental state in which a person shows a diminished or loss of a sense of reality. It typically includes delusions and diminished capacity to function effectively in daily life. When delusions are shared on a mass scale, they can be hard to recognize. In fact, individuals who share the mass delusion may not be psychotic, themselves; what they embrace, is. – Douglas LaBier Ph.D.


That is so true. They never point at the culprits and the facilitators.


Follow the money.


One Tree, or One Indigenous Protester are worth a googol of grasping corporations and corrupted government officials!


This is all very sad. I am sorry for the families of the deceased. I wish someone or an advocacy group with money would get them lawyers.

This article does:

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I am running quite a few script + adblockers so i am not seeing the whole page, but all it shows me is a list of industries, no mention of specific companies or people aside from the list of victims.

Try clicking on “read more” under each little sub heading. Goes to the original article.

How can we make it equally lethal for land grabbers to grab land from Eco-Defenders? Or at least how can we criminalize them? After all, the real criminals here are the land-grabbers. Bear’s Ear National Park anyone? DAPL?

Get no option to do that even after disabling the script blockers that can be disabled, so i guess the problem is somewhere in my customized host file which i am not about to start tinkering with.
Thanks anyway tho.

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