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More TPP Trickery: Keystone Pipeline Company Demands $15B Under Prior Trade Deal


More TPP Trickery: Keystone Pipeline Company Demands $15B Under Prior Trade Deal

Patrick Woodall

This week, the TransCanada pipeline company officially filed a $15 billion corporate trade lawsuit against the United States for refusing to allow the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.


The Insider State Trade Dispute clauses essentially set up taxpayers in EVERY country to subsidize ANY industry that is precluded from doing its thing because that thing (its industry or industrial "standard") is anathema to human rights, environmental protections, or formerly sovereign laws.

It's the corporate equivalent of the Mafia showing up to say, "If you don't pay me X amount, I will kill your daughter... or your dog."

This is NOT what the Rule of Law looks like. Its corporate predatory tactics dressed up in expensive suits and inverted legalese; and that this President could actually pimp for these trade deals is an outrage bordering on TREASON.


Let the "court" decide whatever it wants. Don't pay the bill.


If TPP becomes law the few remaining progressive newspapers and radio shows will have a daily column called the DAILY EXTORTION to cover the daily decisions of corporate tribunals to bankrupt taxpayers.

This form of extortion will become known as Obamextortion.


Predatory capitalism - and here I must ask if there actually is any other form according to its theorists when you factor in the ubiquitous spreadsheet conditionalities such as "externalized costs"?
What was and I might add STILL IS slavery but externalizing the costs of human lives as integral to the prevailing perversion of oikos.

The model of "development" has entire spectra of 'killing fields' both figuratively and ALWAYS socioecologically at the transnational corporate scale.

Its a 15th century model that has had over 500 years to incorporate a moral house cleaning into its practices. Now in the 21st century even the centuries of healthy, moral resistance to the perverse aspects have been written into the roster of 'externalized costs'. In so doing it has rendered its own structures and "cycles" (as if they were unavoidable) into precisely the brittle and sclerotic iinternalized framing of the 15th century dehumanization via religious (now technocratic) perversion. Only problem is that it is now smoke and mirrors also rendered chaotic precisely by those centuries of perverse practices trying to hide from equally chaotic winds of change beyond their theorists' capacity to imagine.

$15B? All of the above now is the hostage mafia of a dead-in-the-water construct with delusions of grandeur. It has one mortal nemesis: fearless, loving, moral, creative, sustainable collaborative engagement of REAL HUMAN BEINGS across all the false divides chopped by these monsters for centuries.

Hey KPC - watch the birdie... see the flocks flipping at you, multiplying, moving and changing? Say you can't? Thats OK - it won't be long now. These flocks of birdies have been known throughout human history for flying formation as with a single mind when they take wing.


Here's a better idea: let's make a plan that requires the use of their land and resources (paper or lumber maybe? They've got lotsa trees) and when they ball, we sue them for the profit we didn't make. It should amount to, I'm thinking, about $15B.

Assholes, business is about risk and reward. Where's the risk if you can sue for lost profit when your stupid plan doesn't fly?!


Can you imagine if we as citizens were able to sue Whomever and Whatever when anticipated profits or jobs don't materialize?? What kind of moron writes clauses like this, and what idiot would sign it into law? (oh yeah...the husband of our future anointed queen...yippee)...


Not that they really care about XL. That became nothing more than a decoy for the other pipelines and transportation already in use or construction for the same purpose. So this just gives them revenue from a decoy layer. Time for Obama to do something useful with his drone program, the one that supposedly protects the country by killing "them" over there before "they" bring us destruction at home. Right.


But letting the court decide will typically go against public interests, because they are made up of either the elites or first cousins of those that benefit by the corporate and Wall St deals that gave us NAFTA and that will give us TPP.


We need to remember we were given the Fed Reserve and NAFTA by crooks in Congress and the White House, just as we will be given TPP.


Well this " court" would be handpicked. If I was president, I would not even let them meet. I would certainly not pay the bill, then I would rip up the Nafta Agreement.