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More Truth in Teacher-Written Education Blogs Than Corporate Media


More Truth in Teacher-Written Education Blogs Than Corporate Media

Steven Singer

Let’s get one thing straight right from the get go: I am biased.

But so are you.

So are the parents, students, principals and school directors. So are the policymakers, the corporate donors and professional journalists.

"We need to be aware that corporate media is often going to take the side of big corporations. They're going to uncritically criticize those standing in the way of corporate profits—i.e. teachers."


The real news is that which corporations and gov't try to hide.


Absolutely. The point is to keep Americans as uninformed and/or misinformed and fearful as possible. It makes them so much easier to control.


Thank you for this piece. It's worth reminding students (and ourselves) that every source of information has SOME bias. A lot of times the problem has been that for individuals to speak frankly, they often feel the need to do so anonymously, which allows their views to be more easily dismissed. Mainstream media can essentially also speak anonymously, because any narrative detailing their own particular interest will necessarily be longer and more difficult to follow than it would be about a particular individual.

What's also interesting is that in MSM reporting about education, the voices of "outsiders" are valued -- particularly if those "outsiders" are people who have made lots of money in industry. In the eyes of the MSM, people who've made money at anything must necessarily know more than the people who make a lot less but have dedicated their lives to educating our children.


Great piece and I believe corporate media is a big part of the problem along with Citizens United which has been a very corrupting factor in politics even though lobbyists have been a corrupting factor for longer. We need to rid ourselves of money in politics and enforce anti trust laws and put media back in the hands of the people.

Thank you.


There is no such thing as objectivity.
All the money that pours into Washington DC effecting and creating legislation--and do the media really reflect the corruption of this money? The republicans are attempting the largest transfer of wealth in US history and the media treat it like just another bill-----who is behind this bill?-----who are the lobbyists that wrote this bill? -----Who attended Trumps $35,000 dinner? Who are the thieves stealing from the COMMONS?