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More Words


More Words

If you stayed hunkered in your cave last night, the non-news is the idiot monster read some words at us. Immigrants: bad. Jobs: good. Socialism: bad. Accountability: meh. What climate change? Lie lie lie. Children: good, except the ones we ripped from their families and put in cages. Walls: they work, especially this dog one. Van Jones best summarized the bullshit: "A psychotically incoherent speech with cookies and dog poop."



We don’t have a huge enough Sooper Dooper Poop Scooper. But I could very happily see Dump & Dense in the maw of the world’s largest earthmover. Pour in enough poop, and the story ends happily ever after.



I watched the Senator Sanders rebuttal and it was a Grand Affair, point by point. I listened with 1/2 an ear to the “official rebuttal” and it was like eating bread soaked in milk.



A dangerous, opinionated ass as president: definitely BAD.



There are a lot of things I don’t like about the Pelosi----like HELLO Climate Change----
sigh-----BUT last night people were remarking on her walrus clap… actually I didn’t see a walrus clap—I saw Nancy Pelosi clap wildly to get the Trump’s attention, and then she pointed her hands like a gun, took a dead eye aim—and let him know that she had him in her sights----maybe he will have to surrender that wall! . : )

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I’m eighty years old and have been through some strange political horse dung, The thing was clearly written by a committee of two Conway and Miller and proof read by Coulter. Trite plagiarized and mentally lacking. Good food for the bottom feeders. At least the putz read the teleprompter… SOTU really? The union is in some heavy trouble

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The understatement of the year and it’s only February!