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Mormons Minus Gays


Mormons Minus Gays

Eric Margolis

The nearer to the church, the further from God.
— John Heywood, Be merry friends (1580)


La, La, La--Don't care what you say, I believe in Dog!


But for some strange reason,

Having Seven wives in Southern Utah does not land one on the Mormon Shit-List! That's A-OK Baby! Just keep it quiet or the FBI raids will resume like they did in the mid 1980's.

I guess that's why they built the temple with ten-foot thick walls.... to keep out the Army!


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They don't make satire like they used to.

Amen to this, Brother Brauchli:

"The nearer to the church, the further from God.
— John Heywood, Be merry friends (1580)"

From the article:

"In 1994 the world learned that the Mormons posthumously baptized, among others, 380,000 victims of the holocaust together with Adolph Hitler, the man responsible for the 380,000 being eligible for posthumous baptisms. The baptisms occurred in a ceremony known as the “Baptism of the Dead.” During that ceremony people who are not dead, known as “proxies”, stand in for people who are dead."

While it's been said that truth is stranger than fiction, it wasn't until this moment that I recognized that orthodox religions are the true authors of sci-fi!

More proof... check this out:


Erm, the guys who came up with the religious texts are the original authors of fantasy, not sci-fi.

Sci-fi is mostly crap, but it doesn't pretend to be otherwise. :smile:


With very few exceptions, like the Quakers, and some others, most churches in America condone the wars of the world wide Amerikan Empire. But what is really evil are gays!


... And that favorite item inside the 3rd Reich, Fundamentalist Churches, and Arab repressive regimes (a theme upon which all of these Controllers agree)... women's sovereignty, a/k/a reproductive FREEDOM over their own bodies!

So long as men and male-run hierarchies can determine what women do with their own bodies, NO progress to ANY society is possible.

Of course it's framed under the inverted morality that protecting the fetus is of paramount importance. Meanwhile, only a fool could fail to observe the actual quality of life waiting for all of those born children within fascist/totalitarian/authoritarian patriarchal capitalist lands.

This just came to me as an apt political cartoon:

A Catholic bishop, a Nazi officer in uniform, an Arab prince in turban, and an American member of the KKK are all inside a bar having drinks. And all four toast to binding laws that will "keep uppity women in their places."

At the core of all of these repressive ideologies is a fear--and thus inverted Hatred--of the power of women, and the Divine Feminine (or Goddess-Mother) so long exiled from all ruling ideologies and the legal systems spawned from this Absence of Witness, Presence, and Essence.


God sure is detail-oriented.


I currently supplicate to a Plott.


Being pushed into the national limelight with this issue, may awaken some Mormons to the fact of how backward and out of touch with the modern world the church has become. We may see the size of the Mormon church start to shrink as people start to smarten up. Their own absurd actions may educate their followers.


One exception is some sects of the Hindu religion worship the Deity as the Divine Mother and I always liked that concept.


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Those outside the tradition have never been able to understand why anyone would believe in the hodge podge of nonsense made up by Joseph Smith, and he was mocked by his neighbors as soon as he began to share his ideas. But I believe that what drew so many to Joseph was very simply the concept that an ordinary person could get messages directly from God: " If Joe could do, why can't I?"

And in fact, his original followers all began to get messages from God, which annoyed Joseph greatly. The first witnesses to the golden plates - except for his father and brothers - all began to get their own visions which required Joseph to excommunicate all of them, even Martin Harris who sold his farm to put up the cash for the original printing of the Book of Mormon. When Joseph was killed - shooting back at his murderers incidentally - many of the original disciples founded their own sects, even his son and first wife, Emma. His sisters, too, never lost their faith in their brother, and stayed with one or another sect that revered him as martyr and prophet. But Brigham Young organized a more disciplined system without their help in which revelation, in effect, ended except for occasional decrees like this latest one, designed to keep the flock in line.

In many ways, the LDS church resembles the Roman Catholic Church which marked the end of the experimentation of the first three centuries after the time of Jesus. And such insititutions become so all-encompassing, so linked to family and social life, that it becomes very painful to break with them, no matter how obvious it is that they are simply elaborate con games. My heart goes out to the LDS gay couples and their children for whom this experience must be very very painful.


The Mormons are not far from the Roman Catholics when it comes to gay-bashing and expulsion. Both "religions" profess to be direct conduits of God's wishes and keep a very tight rein on their followers yet they all but despise each other. They distort spirituality and desecrate true human nature with their medieval dogma. Both promote procreation while defaming sexuality...sex is only for procreation of the species in their coda. Both missionize around the world and all but forcibly extract tribute...Mormons who do not tithe may face excommunication or at the very least, are not allowed to participate in their "stake" activities. If you are a "good" Mormon or a "good" Catholic, then you may partake of their communal offerings when in need. Cult is a word that comes to mind....