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Moron, Fascist, Covid, Doomed, Help

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/07/27/moron-fascist-covid-doomed-help


What does one do when he has a massive stockpile and oversupply of hydroxychloroquine and snakeoil?


Reposted below, not meant as a reply to Roger. Sorry.

The ravings of a lunatic pretending to be a leader coming soon to a shithole country near you. Oh wait… 2020, the year the US died. The only question that remains is whether the USA will become a zombie land (arguably it already is) or will it rise from the ashes like a Phoenix (reborn into compassion and caring for all), and I don’t mean the one in Arizona.


Dear Donald,
If you wonder why nobody likes you allow us to clarify. It’s because you hate everyone who is compassionate and successful in their own right- two characteristics you are bankrupt in. Also, because you hate non-white people and those who are down on their luck.You are correct - thinking compassionate people rightly dislike and disrespect you.-two reactions you have earned. Now let’s see if your passing grades on your dementia test are valid by stating that you understand this message.


Jesus H Christ !!! ???

So Let’s go for it, the 2 Questions on everyone’s mind

Are there So Many fucking Crazies or Lunatic Cult followers or Greedy Traitors as to actually throw a vote number able to win?


Is Batshit Crazy in Chief going for Marshal Law and a use of Force Interrupt to take on the whole Country. I mean he is Crazy.

Maybe this 2nd Amendment thing is taking on a whole new Meaning.

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We’re not just a shit-hole country - we’re a shit-hole EMPIRE!


"government is run not by humans but “reptilians.”

She is right, though probably unintentionally: psychopaths, who seek power and exist at the top levels of most national governments, are “reptilians” in the sense that their meager emotional repertoire is much more like a crocodile’s or snake’s than like a mammal’s. That’s why they have no conscience: conscience requires the ability to empathize, and they don’t have it.


The Country in very good shape other then out West or in the South?

What does that leave, the Northeast where the States did in fact shutdown ignoring Trumps blather about remaining “open for business”.?


Not to be a jerk but I think you mean Martial Law.


I hate spell check

Hi TrumpTowerofBabeI:

Hmmm yes, in the year 2020, the HINDSIGHT year, when aII of the awful done against the world comes back to haunt us. : (

Why are you insulting morons by writing that our Crybaby-in-Chief is one of them?

Would it be helpful if he supported scientific research into whether hydroxychloroquine PLUS A ZINC SUPPLEMENT is helpful? The scientific studies I’ve seen so far agree that hydroxychloroquine used alone requires such a high dose that the death rate is actually higher. However, I’ve seen one scientific paper saying that the combination uses a lower dose of hydroxychloroquine which does little more than help the zinc get into cells, and the zinc is then what works against the virus. This appears to need more scientific research to check how the combination works, though.

Spell check made me do it! The new ‘my dog ate my homework’ excuse! lol (just havin’ some fun at your expense!)

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Two things: 1) I was born in Phoenix, and 2) 10 years ago this past January our house burned down … rather than selling the lot and buying a different house we tore down the burned house and built a new one on the foundation of the old one – that means our [new] 10-year-old house rose from the ashes … just like a phoenix. Oh and, I have a sign on my front door that says Black Lives Matter, because the truth is that not one of us in this country should consider herself better than the nextdoor neighbor, or the family across the street that came here from Guatemala, or the gay couple 3 doors down.

Pwr 2 the COMPASSIONATE peons!


It’s bad enough that I can’t spell,
It’s another thing to have spell checker reinforce that deficiency…

Worse still I was just reading about the Marshal Plan that restructured Europe after WWII

So going with the power of suggestion…it really was the spell dog who ate my typing

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PS that is Marshall with double L…lol

Why are you insulting morons by implying that tRump is one of them?