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Morons On Parade: High-Five To Frederick Douglass For the Swell Job He's Doing In the NBA!


Morons On Parade: High-Five To Frederick Douglass For the Swell Job He's Doing In the NBA!

Our ignoble Trumpster launched Black History Month as elegantly as you'd expect. He showcased the two (weird) black people he knows, whined about CNN, mentioned MLK solely to accuse the press for the 874th time of lying, and ramblingly described the fiery 19th century orator and abolitionist Frederick Douglass, dead for 121 years, as "somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice." WTF? Douglass: "It is not light that is needed, but fire...We need the storm, the whirlwind, and the earthquake."


Is Donald Trump a product of the private school system?His vocabulary seems very limited.


Douglass was an unmatched genius, a man not even in his own time in a way-- but surpassing it in his ideas and life by far. For those who have not read his autobiography------please do yourself a favor. And it definitely stands as a testament to the American Dream and his view of it.

I have no doubt he would be as ashamed of the current state of the nation as most of us are, but he wouldn't wallow in despair--he'd come out fighting.


And I thought the worst of that event was the djt's pet Coloreds starting off their self-introductions, for the benefit of the press, by echoing what he'd just told them to say about how much support he has from their community. How did even those keep from barfing when he said this about Douglass? And then compounded by someone respected, from all I've been told, by his former colleagues in the working press. Just shameful.


Limited, indeed. This guy couldn't carry Douglass' conjunctions.


But even his press secretary has apparently never heard of Douglass! Both of them seem to thing he is a living person!


Dear Donald Trump,

I am thrilled to hear that you are happy with former slave Frederick Douglass' job performance. Are you also happy with the performance of former slave US Senator Blanche K. Bruce (R-VA)?

I.M. Stund


Never knew our fearless leader was such a talented artist, but his cat drawing is amazing, just great!


Ummm, I listened to the clips. Neither what Trump and Spicer said directly indicated that they weren't aware that Douglass belongs to the ages. Glibly functionary, insincere, and typically garbled (Trump,) imprecise and nearly incoherent (Spicer,) but not unaware that the man is dead.

I would caution Ben Carson to contemplate the demise of Colin Powell.


Good one!


So true. I cannot believe such a racist, rapist, bigot skin thinned so-called "person" is in the office. Even Nixon would be better on his environmental contributions alone. You can't illustrate your racism more profusely than in this quote:

“"There’s no such thing as racism anymore. We’ve had a black president so it’s not a question anymore. Are they saying black lives should matter more than white lives or Asian lives? If black lives matter, then go back to Africa? We’ll see how much they matter there.”

So since we had a female Frances Perkins to serve as first female Secretary of Labor, we have not had a glass ceiling, unequal pay, or institutionalized misogyny since 1933.

Ain't trumpLogic just grand?


Assuming that's a djt quote, I wish you'd identify it with a source and date.


He has, I have no doubt, some type of dyslexia or reading learning difference. I do not think he has ever read a complete book, just says the Bible is "very, very, very great book" or something like that.

You think Palin had a bad moment when she could not name the media publications she normally reads, why has someone not asked DT, "What to you is the most classic American work of literature that defines the American Dream." Or even "What's your favorite novel by an American author?"

He would be so SOL.


It was his "unifying" response to the Charleston shootings. Mass shootings are so common anymore here, I forgot how long ago that was. http://www.sdjewishworld.com/2016/08/21/trumps-real-feelings-about-african-americans/

Actually, he has said much worse things, they just all have not come out yet.


"Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave" a brief but powerful, thought-provoking book that I read years ago for an American History class at university. I have kept it for re-reading time and again over the years. To this day, I still shed tears reading this beautiful book. Douglass' eloquence, wisdom, compassion, and intellect are monumental. And to think he was a fugitive slave who was wholly self-taught. He was surely among human-kind's Divinely Chosen.

T-dump is a product of the darkest and most demonic forces invading receptive subjects.


Never attended a public school in his life and his degree from Wharton was a quid-pro-quo gift resulting from his father's substantial "donation" to the school. DJT never was a "student" in any sense of the word...and it shows!


Psst... Woody Allen found the nose of the fearless leader so that he could be cloned.


Oh yes, yes. Almost beyond eloquent. For me he belongs with at the very top level of philosophers and writers across the last two-plus millennia. He was also a "thief and robber" as he said in this quote that I love (among many, he says so much, so layered so compactly), "I appear before you this evening as a thief and a robber. I stole this head, these limbs, this body from my master and ran off with them.”


This would be funny were it not so sad. How strange that so many Americans worship ignorance. To quote Emma Goldman: "The most violent enemy in society is ignorance." This is obviously only the beginning.


i wish he was alive