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Moscow Mitch and Yada, Yada, Yada: Progressives Need to Do a Better Job at Messaging

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/02/moscow-mitch-and-yada-yada-yada-progressives-need-do-better-job-messaging

Offering super complicated “healthcare reform” like RomneyCare put Nancy P in a position to say:

“We have to pass the bill so you can see what’s in it.”

Yet some already knew what was in it, namely, the medical-industrial complex lobbyists who wrote it.

And did it ever occur to Mr Atcheson that the duopoly likes the corporate donor money gravy train better than actually passing legislation that helps people? That the duopoly likes having lobbyist jobs bestowed upon themselves and their families as a reward for being corporate sock puppets while in office?


The “you” in Pelosi’s March 2010 “we have to pass the bill (ACA) so you can see what is in it” was not you as in me and you, the “you” was the Congresscritters who had no clue what was in the ACA and were about to vote on it. Corporations and their lobbyists who write legislation realize profit from complexity and confusion and electeds follow their recommendations when voting, rather than reading it.


Thank you John Atcheson.
John Stewert, a few years ago, went to congress halls to campaign for four billion dollars to pay for pensions and health care for peoples associated with 9/11 twin tower exposures. Two billions have already been spent.
At that time, John says that congressional staffers did not ask him about the issue at all. They only wanted his advice for ‘messaging’ their representative or senator.

An educated, sophisticated person went to DC to elect democrat progressives. He reports that our congress persons are dumb. Reading news daily does not refute that message to me.

So far, DC elected democrats do not have the gumption.
As I view it, the dems are required to gain a large majority in the senate.
I do not think the northwest territories are going to vote dem for president. And too many voters use the party choice on their ballot instead of trying to send the best peoples into gov’t service. Yes, this effects state, county and local also. In 2016, this lazy voting method certainly helped republicans gain office at every level.

The ‘boomers’ are spoiled rotten kids. Their grandchildren have more moxie, interest, education to fix this deep mess.

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Not to put too fine a point on it, but the assertion “they get some 40 to 45 percent of Americans to vote for an ignorant buffoon, and why that buffoon can win with a mere 27 percent of the eligible voters” is self-contradictory and fallacious.

He “received votes from about 19.6% of the population” according to Robert Hansen (https://www.quora.com/What-percentage-of-the-population-voted-for-Trump), who works for Data & Communication Integrity at Caltrans (2018-present). This is based on actual voting age citizens, not just those who cast a ballot.

Furthermore, Trump received fewer ballot votes than Hillary; in other words, Hillary lost because of the Electoral College. Any other interpretation of the real numbers is deliberate obfuscation.

We need to get this STRAIGHT because Trumpers think he has some kind of magical mandate based on fake numbers. He does not, and never will. Americans are NOT that stupid. Sorry not sorry to burst that bubble.


Each state is stand alone, winner take all.
A surplus of extra dem votes from California, Chicago and New York do not get lent to other states such as :Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Alabama.
Only one public poll had trump winning exactly three years ago. The TV polls, such as NBC and CNN were based on 2008 Obama exit polls. This model failed because of demographic changes - peoples had died, moved, etc.
2008 had get out the vote. Hillary did not in 2016.
Party Line voting.
There are 23 more reasons Hillary lost.
El Trumpo did not win, he fell into it.
And America suffers the downward slope.
Every day.
Reality TV = if he makes you cry, he wins!

To be even more clear, money in politics is exactly why BOTH sides of the Duopoly focus on trying to ‘do a better job of messaging’, instead of trying to find out what the vast majority of their constituents actually want them to do and then doing it.   The vast majority of those running for the DamnocRatic nomination, by the way, are NOT Progressives but DINO stooges of the Multi-NaZional Korporations
to whom they have sold their souls.

Don’t forget to add that she lost the Electoral College because of the fact that YUGE numbers of voters in the upper midwest have been abandoned by the (mostly) phony “progressives” in the DamnocRatic Party, knew that Krooked Hilliary was a status-quo shill of the big-money interests, and in desp­eration for change took a big chance on a lying con-man whom they didn’t know was a lying con-man.  Hopefully enough of them now know enough about Trump that they’ll vote differently in 2020 — IF the DamnocRats give them a reasonable choice, that is . . .

Actually most Americans ARE that stupid, or at least – thanks to our wonderful public schools – are that uneducated.  How else do scum like P’Loser and McConnell get re-elected again and again and again? “Nobody ever lost money underestimating the intelligence of the average American”, or something to that effect.


Excellent article

I would only add that M4A can become just another example unless people take greater care in the wording of the bill and who is sponsoring it.

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Interesting that not one person above me saw fit to make mention of Ms. Williamson. As if she were not a candidate for president. Are they not aware that she was the genesis, during the debate on Tuesday, of “yada, yada, yada”?

In yesterday’s New York Times, columnist David Brooks opined that “Marianne Williamson Knows How to Beat Trump.” After extolling her virtues, he ended his article this way: “So Democrats. Go ahead and promote your plans. But also lead an uprising of decency. There must be one Democrat who, in word and deed, can do that.” There is, you moron. It’s…Marianne Williamson. You just spent several hundred words telling us.

People seem to acknowledge that she is the only Democratic candidate who actually gets it. Ever since she declared, I’ve been calling her the only adult in the room. So why does virtually no one–including CommonDreams readers–respect her candidacy? This is not a rhetorical question. I would honestly like to know.

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  1. She is intelligent
  2. Got lost in the CNN / MSNBC ratings war. which is TRUMP, Trump, trump !!
  3. If she is an angel, sent down here by God to straighten out U.S.A., she would not beat Trump.
  4. Sorrow, that

Excellent question. I agree with Marianne Williamson also. In terms of the larger issue of support or lack of support I think there is a complacency of process of elimination that no one really thinks outside the box. From obvious misdirection to probably more vested interests. I’m don’t really know sure how best to answer your question. I think it is process. CD is covering a lot of emergent issues right now.

I agree that so few people–in this forum as well as outside of it–think outside of the box. Too many people here think that because they have a somewhat better grasp of the issues, there is little left to learn. The Sanders and Warrens feel comfortable to us, because those politicians talk a good game (or so they think) and we want to believe that’s all there is. Williamson is asking us to grow. As Americans we are seeped in not knowing how to do that while thinking that we are, so we dismiss her outright without realizing that’s what we’re doing. She makes us work. Stretch our sense of who we are and what we believe. And we’ve grown so lazy we don’t want to do that, and don’t know how even if we do. Don’t kid yourselves, CommonDreamers, you are not all that different than the rest of America, despite that you have convinced yourselves otherwise.


Indeed, a most valuable lesson if not continually repeated. Maybe Williamson is in the right place at the right time to move things forward. Thanks so much for bring this up for discussion. In the examination of issues it is always a good idea to include ourselves.

One thing is that I had not heard of her so that must be the case for millions of others. Secondly she can;t quite nail down who can have clinical depression and who can’t. PTSD, Is it real or do you just get over it?

good article and thanks for calling attention to Williason’s comments which didnlt make the clips I saw. Money in polics does underly a lot of our troubles no doubt.
I would quibble with the idea that because of money emocrats have only represented the elites. That si not true. People like Obama triesd to take into account all interests and he worked on a lot of issues to help on the environment, immigrants (Dreamers for example) labor, homeowners under water, gays, students, consumers…much of it being reversed by the Trump administration. Its true that Obama also catered to the economic elites, banks, and the military-industrial complex. But the Trump regime governs only for its base (the 1%, racists, anti-abortion fanatics, gun nuts, polluters, religious zealots, anti-immigration xenophobes, the weapons industries… add it up, a formidable coalition)

Thanks John Atcheson for another insightful essay. You write, " I’m not suggesting that Democrats run Ms. Williamson". I suggest they do. I’ll vote for anyone, but Williamson is knowledgeable and also understands the real moral issue involved in this election.


I suspect, though I don’t know for sure, there’s not much chatter over Williamson because she has an almost zero chance of winning, and this comes from someone who voted for Stein in 2016. Her zero chance says nothing about the woman herself or her positions, it simply wont be allowed by the rigged 2 party system and the corrupt voting machines that do the “counting”. I am convinced Stein received over the 5% required to put the Green party on the ballot automatically and receive federal election monies. As popular as Sanders is, I’ll be shocked if he’s on the dem party ticket in Nov. 2020.


And much other verbal wisdom. Kudos to Williamson for invoking Seinfeld (4/24/97), who invokes ancient Yiddish wisdom:

MARCY: You know, a friend of mine thought she got Legionnaire’s Disease in the hot tub.
GEORGE: Really? What happened?
MARCY: Oh, yada yada yada, just some bad egg salad. I’ll be right back. (She gets up)
JERRY: I noticed she’s big on the phrase “yada yada.”
GEORGE: Is “yada yada” bad?
JERRY: No, “yada yada” is good. She’s very succinct.
GEORGE: She is succinct.
JERRY: Yeah, it’s like you’re dating
USA Today .


O’Bummer and his accomplice P’Loser scorned the homeowners who were underwater because of being led into mortgages they couldn’t afford by Banksters like Mnuchin.  If those two “leaders” had done their jobs in 2009 Mnuchin would be in prison today instead of ‘serving’ in Tweetle-Dumb’s ‘ad­ministration’.   Same goes for the War Criminals like Eric Prince, who should be in prison rather than feasting at the public trough, and wasn’t even prosecuted by the gutless O’Bummer-P’Loser coalition.


So, what you’re essentially saying is that fifteen months before the election, it’s already a dog-and-pony show. Isn’t the idea behind having such an absurdly long election process–TWO FRIGGIN’ YEARS–is that it is supposed to give us an idea of who the candidates are and what they stand for, and enough time to carefully evaluate each one…? Fucking polls, man… Just consider the positions and vote for whose resonates the most closely. It’s really that simple.

Otherwise, the only purpose behind all this bullshit is to entertain and obfuscate.