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Most Americans Are Getting Poorer. How "Healthcare for the Rich" Is Killing Many of Them

Most Americans Are Getting Poorer. How "Healthcare for the Rich" Is Killing Many of Them

Paul Buchheit

In his report, "This is how American health care kills people," Ryan Cooper tells the heartbreaking story of 29-year-old Matthew Stewart, who required emergency surgery for hepatitis-induced liver damage, but learned that only about $10,000 of his $74,000 bill was covered by his "gold plan" insurance policy, partly because of out-of-network rules even in emergencies.


According to John Dower’s Mar 28 CD article “An American Century of Carnage”, our Taxpayer Dollars are being vacuumed up by the Military to the tune of $114 Million per HOUR, 24/7/365.

The Tax Money is already there for US Citizens to have Health Care as a Human Right, and it’s OUR OWN MONEY that we’re talking about, that our Fraudulent Government “Representation” refuses to use for it.


The cynic in me interprets the poor’s primary purpose as that of providing statistical data useful for the treatment of the rich. (along with cannon fodder, handling unmentionables, picking the food, etc.)

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“… mental health budgets have been continually and recklessly CUT, leaving many mentally ill people in jails—or morgues—rather than in psychiatric hospitals.”

Worse yet, some mentally ill people become prison guards or politicians…


Excellent article.

I read an article like this one and I wonder when the people of America will cease to keep supporting with their votes, election after election, those in the 1%.

By supporting the rich with a vote for a Republican or a Democrat, we are voting our futures towards the poverty line.

Am I confused about this or does anyone else see this the same?

Believing a Republican or Democrat will suddenly change and start taxing all of those who generate income in a more progressive fashion, including corporations, and using those tax dollars to benefit all 100% of the residents of America, ‘equally’, not mostly to the top 1%, is a fool’s dream.


Interestingly, I heard on Public Radio this morning (I think Pacifica) that when Income Tax was introduced in 1913, it was warmly greeted, as it ONLY taxed the Wealthy.


The American system is now built upon ‘low expectations.’

We’ve been convinced the 2-Party duopoly is unalterable.

We’ve been convinced the Big Insurance and Big Pharma will always control the health care conversation.

We’ve been convinced that we must simultaneously conduct expensive and ineffective wars on terror, drugs, cyber attacks and pretty much anything that moves in The MidEast.

We’ve been convinced that the rich know more than we do about running this country, and that when they siphon money out of our pockets, they’re doing it by divine right.

Well, I won’t support either major party. Nor will I support incrementalism on health care. I’m so anti-war that I’m already against the next one. I want to tax the rich and spend the money on the poor.

For those beliefs I’m labeled a DFH and blamed every time the D-Party fails. Well, I came to proudly where that label by spending a lifetime watching our current trajectory gain steam, while democrats enabled the downfall.

I’m done with that shizzle, and so should you be. I have only one expectation: that things will stay the same until we crush the duopoly.


Republicans certainly accept both supply-side economics (cut taxes on the wealthy to stimulate the economy) and Social Darwinism (the rich are rich because they are more fit than the poor who are less fit because they are dependent on social welfare programs, therefore, taxing the rich to provide social welfare programs harms the more fit to benefit the less fit). But not all Democrats subscribe to these views. All of the social welfare programs of the 20th and 21st centuries (e.g., Social Security, disability insurance, unemployment insurance, a minimum wage, Medicare, Medicaid and expanding Medicaid under the ACA) were proposed by Democrats and opposed by Republicans. So, it is nonsensical to say that Democrats are just like Republicans.


The progressive income tax (the higher your income, the higher your tax rate) was supposed to be the case in this country. But Republicans have cut taxes on the wealthy because, they argue, this stimulates the economy. The only problem is that the result of supply-side economics is a transfer of wealth from the 99% to the 1%. As that socialist Warren Buffett said: “It’s class warfare and my class is winning.”


I’ve learned since living in FL, the true reason poor whites keep voting rethug. They believe they will become them. (this is mental floggery beyond imagination- gullible, due to very stressed poverty mind). The MAIN reason, is the poor white MUST feel better than the poor POC.

Until colonial white supremacy is broken down- architecture brought down,
until Citizens United is removed, and the Powell Memo of '72 made illegal, imperialism toward other nations wars are stopped, K-12 white washed US History and education valued again, we will continue on this course.

I also see no massive revolt by We the People to regain our Constitutional Rights.


A really depressing article. True but very depressing. I actually met a nice couple who argued we don’t have the financial resources to provide a system where everyone has health care. I couldn’t believe it. All the countries that do have universal health care are going down the tubes so they say. Some smart people loose track of human values. I asked them whether we ought to carry this a little further-perhaps they shouldn’t have food either.


of course. In this day and age, the best thing for poor people is to not exist at all.

They are not “nice.” They are rich.

They will become them??? What does that mean? And what does POC mean? I think they vote that way because of the bahble.

Or mothers…

Isn’t that “more fit” silly? Most of these Richie riches couldn’t grow food, do not serve in the military, do not do anything physical, and sit in a cublicle all day choking on their money. They only THINK they are more fit because mommy and daddy brought them up that way. Any good person helps other people- they do not think they are all that. Really- is that why they do not want to pay taxes? Maybe Dump does not want to shoew taxes because he does not pay them.

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They believe they were given powers by g-d- what a lot of silliness. This country does best when the gov invests in infrastructure. Also how does losing jobs stimulate the economy? If no one is working- how will anyone afford anything?


I have heard that also- so what happened?

It’s all about the Republican donor class. If we make them rulers, they’ll promise to give you work. They’ll call it “freedom.”

Oh well- we need to reduce the population. Stop having kids!!!