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'Most Anti-Wildlife President in History' Puts Out Lame Duck Rule to Gut Species Protection

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/15/most-anti-wildlife-president-history-puts-out-lame-duck-rule-gut-species-protection


People like Trump and his supporters are cowards who fear nature they can’t understand the awe of nature. Our oneness with nature is a foreign concept to them, fear of the bear the wolf etc… wildlife drives these people into making irrational and dangerously harmful decisions. These humans are at war with nature and if left to their own devices they will turn the world into oil wells, uniform mega monsanto poison agriculture farms and walmart parking lots.


If only grizzlies had guns…


Don’t people realize that because of tradeals, Biden won’t be able to reverse any of this?

Well said my progressive friend.

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I wonder if trump runs an ivory poaching enterprise. Perhaps a grizzly bear gall bladder one.
This sounds like trumppy payback for donations to him. Need a sleazy deal, I’m your man-boy.
We watched in real time as trump played loose and irresponsible with covid-19. Are we surprised at this latest giveaway to special interests?


Do you have any idea what you are talking about? Nope. Please read the pre-publication version of the Fish and Wildlife Service’s “Endangered and Threatened Wildlife and Plants; Regulations for Listing Endangered and Threatened Species and Designating Critical Habitat” which is posted in the pre-publication section of the Federal Register. And hey, there, reporters - as this notice has NOT been published in the Federal Register (that is scheduled for tomorrow), it really hasn’t been ISSUED yet. It is still technically a draft.

I am just saying that thanks to the so called Political Trilemma of the global economy’s stranglehold on the US, and other countries as well that deregulation in any area where global investments are involved is a one way street.

So Biden cannot just re-regulate things that are the subject of FTAs, whoever tells you that is trying to hide how the system works.

Its intent is to give investors certainty.

Not ambiguity, certainty.

As in ownership rights.

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…stupid f—ing white man…
DEAD MAN 1995 - (Jim Jarmusch)
(grown-up language)

(Now Trump and Big Oil Are Trying to Gut an Anti-Corruption Rule)

Why do you think Democrats lead the charge for trade deals?

Drumpf is incapable of connecting to anything other than himself. And of course he hates and tries to destroy anything and everything that stands in his way of getting what he wants. Which is why prison or an insane asylum is where he belongs. Beyond that, this imbecile had plenty of help on this one. All you have to do is look at Mcconnell and those idiots that are always standing behind him at the podium, especially Barrasso, as they’ve been trying to kill the ESA forever. This really does show how dangerous republicans are to life on this planet.


They trade leading roles, actually. Very skillfully,


“Most anti-wildlife president in history puts out Lame Duck rule…”? Really?

Hi zed:
WHAT? So a president can’t repeat the stupidity of a prior president?

Replace repeat with reverse and you’ll almost have what I meant.

So a president can’t repeat the stupidity of a prior president?

This is so corporations, have permanence. And there are ways around it but they are made intentionally to be so expensive as to be almost impossible.

Otherwise, why go to all the trouble of setting up all these permanent tradeals if countries could just reverse them poof by voting and be free of the trap.

<<< why Ive been making such a fool of myself?

The Fund for Animals had a slogan: “I support the right to arm bears.” (Opposed to “the right to bear arms.”)


Hi zed:
Only Trump makes a fool of himself------thoughtlessness paves his way…BUT remember, when they bring the draft back…make sure that those CEO people remember that they are also “people” and draft them too. sigh—with so many jobs never coming back, Americans will be forced into soldiering all over the world—which sadly makes sense as America has started so many world problems/: (

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No, people are too unreliable. They think. Only automation can be trusted, for the same reason that we’ve created trade deals that automatically do what corporations wanted in 1993 nomatter what’s happened since then.

So we will make autonomous robots that hunt poor people down and kill them. they will do our bidding, since we’re their parents. Their Gods. We’re also incredibly rich. What could possibly go wrong?


Only Trump, yes, Only Trump.

(crowd mutters yes, yes, nodding heads in synchronized unison)

Left to themselves I suspect they will destroy the earth, themselves and all other life including us all, by midcentury, if not sooner. Some survivors might hold out in mine shafts or similar for another generation or two. But all the toxics from fungi trying to hard to kill each other off will make it so we cant breathe or reproduce and without plants producing air and food, the oceans a toxic brew of dead and dying things, the Earth will get so toxic we’ll all die out…

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