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'Most Dangerous Sabotage Effort Yet': Millions of Lives at Risk as Trump DOJ Says It Won't Protect Those With Pre-Existing Conditions


'Most Dangerous Sabotage Effort Yet': Millions of Lives at Risk as Trump DOJ Says It Won't Protect Those With Pre-Existing Conditions

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

The Trump administration on Thursday announced it will refuse to defend the law governing the nation's healthcare system from a legal challenge that could enable insurance providers to end coverage for people with pre-existing medical conditions or charge them sky-high premiums.


If this government insists on endangering our lives, it’s time for us to endanger theirs.


Until MILLIONS wake the fuck up, get dressed and into the streets, we will NEVER get Single-Payer!!! My GAWD! The populous is so fucking stoopid and lazy that I don’t see the U.S. citizenry EVER getting what most of the world already has!
Look at the following and share it with your sleeping or propagandized friends:


I’ll shed no tears for the demise of PPACA/Romney/Heritagecare, as it was more properly called “The Insurance Cartel Life Support Act.”

Rather, I’d advise progressive legislators to spend not a minute defending it, as this article seems to suggest, but rather to fight for HR 676 as if all our lives depend on it.


If anyone you know has cancer, shed a tear for them. The ACA was not a real long-term solution, it isn’t sustainable, single payer is, but it is far better than what preceded it and far better than the right wing alternative. Medicare isn’t perfect, it has been made worse by the right wing in both parties, but I wouldn’t stop caring about the people on Medicare if it were dismantled simply because we don’t have single payer. I would think that morals, empathy and solidarity should guide us as people on the left, and the victims of the right’s policies, from here until when we get single payer, matter and should be mourned. This is a death sentence for many people.


I didn’t mean to sound flippant, if that’s what came across, but there are times when the not-good-enough is the enemy of the not-yet-perfect. I believe this is one of those times.


I agree in the long term, but even if we elected people in 2018 that by some miracle put in place a single payer system, that would have to be phased in over time. Lots of people could still suffer in that time, even as we were on an official path to single payer. I understand that you didn’t mean to be flippant, but I just think we have to be mindful of the victims of the right’s policies at all times.


It’s important to remember that there wouldn’t be a fight at all if there were not a sizeable portion of the American public that is morally bankrupt, selfish, ruthless and materialistic to the point of mental disease. That’s his base. If 87% of conservatives follow his ethical non-standards, then we have a social problem, not just a Trump problem.


This will make an extreme payoff increase in corporate dead peasants insurance. Anything to increase the bottom line.


It sure is time! But…Nobody wants to fight back! Seems we forgot how. We would rather die on the couch than God forbid revolt! So be it… Let these murderers complete their task. That’s their end game anyway and they’re very good at it.


Ahhh…Finally a person with something important to say! Fight back? People forgot how. Easier to carry useless cardboard signs than real weapons… All of these .Orgs that do nothing. Vets who have been screwed over and have training do nothing. Check the suicide rate… going up faster than the BS Stock Market, because people have become cowards.