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Most Democratic Candidates Still Afraid to Criticize Israel’s Violations of Palestinian Rights

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/24/most-democratic-candidates-still-afraid-criticize-israels-violations-palestinian

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From the article:

“…(politicians) have also been schooled not to alienate pro-Israel donors …”

And there’s yet another reason, if one were needed, for getting money out of politics.


This, being scared of saying anything to criticize Israel has to stop. It is ripping the fabric of our nation down to the core. When criminality is always just looked over, we are in big trouble. At this point MURICA has become not only the bad guy in the world but, also the enabler to all that is bad
with our earth.


NYT questionnaire sez:
“Do you think that Israel meets international standards of human rights?”

International standards? Not so much. But U.S. standards? You betcha.


Of course candidates are afraid to criticize Israel - for big-money donors our elections have become dependent-on, and vicious attacks by AIPAC and threats against anyone or candidate that criticizes the zionist entity in any way! The “anti-Semite” card is played immediately! DINO Dems especially infuriatingly play lap-dog sycophants to Israel, as if they were not a terrorist racist outlaw in Palestine and on the world stage!

The true foreign power subverting (AKA ‘meddling’) our elections, Congress, WH, and media, influencing our foreign policy and “training” military/police to benefit or support Israel at US expense (by Billions annually; far more than the $3 Billion admitted! - count the “forgiven” loans!)

If any other nation did what Israel has done, and does daily, to subvert our sovereignty, often using and supporting traitorous fifth-columnists that confuse “religion” with politics (intentionally), both Jews and Christians for different reasons are guilty of placing the interests of a foreign power ahead of their own nation, once called “treason” it is now accepted from Israel - holding first-loyalty to the interests and agenda of that foreign power must be ended!

Either citizens and politicians support justice and civil rights for all or they don’t! Either they stand for human rights and against racist genocide or they do not!

BDS! End All aid, military aid, and “forgiven loans” to Israel!


As far as I’m concerned, Israel is all grown up and should get the hell out of the US’s house and make it on it’s own. Which means, to stop being a bully and learn how to get along with it’s neighbors before it get’s run out of town!


I have posted this before on CD. But when 400 congress critters side with israel, something is seriously wrong with our leadership. On May 20, 2019 a 2-page letter was submitted to Trump and signed by 75% of your congress demanding Trump escalate military options in Syria. The reason, naturally, was to protect and defend israel and engage Iran proxies in Syria. Here’s the pdf letter including signatures of all 400 congress critters who support more war. This American government is a lost cause when 75% of congress remain afraid of israel. The signatories of these traitors include several democratic presidential candidates who will never get my vote. Please pass this letter on. We need to expose these traitors who put israel first and more wars second.


DOn’t ya wonder how much of the US Foreign Aid going to Israel just cycles back to congressional pockets?

I do.


Yea, Israel will comply with international standards some time AFTER we do

Israel is an important customer, not the most important ally. The United States’ record on human rights(continued genocide against
the indigenous population, for example) is a reflection of the way Israel treats their own indigenous(Arab and Christian) populations.


The problem, as I see it anyway, is that it is not only Germany who cannot take the high moral ground when it comes to Israel. The US America is the longest running settler colonial power who to this day will not admit (let alone atone for) to its genocide of the Indigenous people of the very land on which it sits. Settler Colonialism is genocidal by nature and in the case of the US it lacks even any historical connection and /or claim to the land it stole.


Since you can’t justify Israel’s actions with common sense, we have to assume it is greed that runs the show.
That’s the case with our native tribes VS the White Eyes pioneer/settler killers and thieves.
Greed is what motivates the Skull and Bones, Free Masons, AIPAC, and most of our legislative loop-holes. There are many others, too many to list.

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Thank for this article.

Remember how many states cities government entities have pushed to make it illegal to Boycott, Divest and Sanction Apartheid Israel ?

Remember that many us police departments send people to Israel to be trained by the Israel Defense Forces.

Remember that this country has and continues to build concentration camps to confine children after they are separated from their families.

What a duplicitous world we live in. Good to see NYT broaching this and many other topics. We so need to continue to pressure all the presidential and other candidates for government offices, on the many grievances present in today’s society.

The military “budget” and foreign aide are part of the profession of money laundering.


Tens of billion$, Phred, tens of billion$.
Israel and AIPAC are the main reasons why so many Congressmen and Senators are billionaire$.
*“D” or “R” makes no difference. Likud owns them both, has trained them well and feeds them to excess with Long Green.


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Much of the world forms their basic attitudes for daily behavior from one of several holy books originating in the Arabian peninsula. These books each focus on a single group of people being privileged above all others. Two thousand and more years later, the non-secular governments in the Middle East itself mostly retain this chosen-one mentality, with ethnic as well as religious segregation, limitations, and restraints, based heavily on ancient Middle Eastern texts. And an extra-ugly dimension takes place when the ruling system takes on expansionism.

A contrastive approach was taken by Hinduism, seen in olden times as humanitarian, by taking each new ethnic group and integrating it in to the economy in distinct professional groups, with any social mixing to be done in a strictly professional basis: the educated priestly caste, the War and government caste, the merchant class, the sewer and toilet cleaners. Oh, yes, there is even a non-binary caste open for any caste member to enter.
Indian law has tried to stop many of the old caste rules, but ethnic feelings, habits, leaders, are strong. Still, no countries outside India are criticizing it for it past or present.

Switching back to Israel, i agree with others above, that whatever Israel is doing wrong, US history can match it and raise it one. In fact, Israel is very open about attacks and murders, yet the US hides often behind false flags. (Note, I’m not saying how often.) Although the US and Israel have both been cited for the use of depleted uranium, only the US has used real nuclear bombs.
What would i tell any one there? Leave if you can. There is not enough water there and it is going to get hotter. Leave and don’t look back.
BDS? Yes, of course.
What i dont like is when the US creates sanctions on trade, and forces other countries to follow. I think the worldwide sanction gamut should cease to exist. Give each country the dignity of making its own trading partners. Free Venezuela, Cuba, Iran, and Russia.


Now, let’s push this back a few decades, and shift the subject to apartheid South Africa

And then ponder this pusillanimity.

Or perhaps cowardice isn’t the proper description for the absence of humanity on offer.

Helen, casteism is indeed pernicious still in India despite laws against it going back to the days of the British Raj and indeed contemporary nationalist Hindutva and Modi has escaped international condemnation.

I have drawn attention to it in a brief article


Also ignored is the resistance from the indigenous peoples…yes, to the surprise of many, India has tribal communities presently resisting land-grab corporations, I describe here


And while the suffering of the Palestinians is frequently mentioned in the media, less publicised is the ethnic cleansing of actual Israeli citizens, the Bedouin, which I wrote about here


Wow, what a Surprise, only a Hermit living in a cave would not know that the U.S. is an annexed State belonging to Israel.

We have become blind accomplishes to the Brutal Occupation of Palestine.

Not only have the Israelis, with U.S. support, evicted the Palestinians from their homes, but we have imprisoned them in an outdoor Concentration Camp.

I know that their are certain words that we are not allowed to use, since the Israelis have reserved them for themselves to explain the suffering they have endured.

But imprisoning the Palestinians in a Nazi type Concentration Camp aptly describes the conditions they are forced to live under.

Where are the phony religious groups that allow the mistreatment of the former residents of Palestine???

The detestable Israeli Biblical Land Grab is a tragedy of Biblical proportions.

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