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Most Dems Want Open Primaries: Poll


Most Dems Want Open Primaries: Poll

Nika Knight, staff writer

Amid new charges of an "undemocratic" presidential primary, over 60 percent of Democratic voters and Democratic-leaning voters assert that they want the party to hold open nominating contests, an NBC News/Survey Monkey poll released Tuesday found.


Paraphrasing Marx: Religion is the opiate of the masses.

In the US, the word “sports” could easily replace the word “religion”, but there are two sides to every coin. The US mania with sports breeds a healthy appreciation for the rules (and not changing them when it suits, especially midway through the game) and general fairness, so it doesn’t surprise me that polls indicate a desire for fairness in how US presidents are elected.


I am no fan of “for-profit sports” - especially the NFL, NBA and MLB monopolies and their Vampire Food Corporate Welfare at the public swill bucket. As you have noted sports here in the good ol’ USA is nothing more than the current and heavily invested in “opiate of the masses”. Unfortunately I have members of my family who would rather get lost in sports than face the reality of what is happening in this country today. I guess it hurts less to deny the corruption that terminally infects both parties and the very possible solutions when escapism is so readily available and so socially acceptable. Never in the history of our country have so few been allowed to get away with so much because the overwhelming majority of us been distracted from reality by such meaningless dribble (pun intended).

The Establishment has nothing to fear as long as We, The Rabble are distracted by "The Boys of Summer, Fall, Winter and Sprung! Had there been TV during the Progressive Era, The First Gilded Age would still be going on with John D. Rockefeller VII and J P Morgan VII still in control of both our economy and politics.

2 Bit Coins,
6 Bit Coins,
Sometimes A Dollar,
Keeps Us In The Dark
And No One Will Holler!


The rank and file Democrats can “want” change all they want to. As long as Corporate America owns the New Democrat Party it ain’t going happen. See that hoofed beast couple known as The Clintons and their pitch fork bearers such as Debbie Wassermann Schultz, et al. My 88 yo mother often says Hillary ain’ t nothing more than a good ol’ boy in a pantsuit and this ain’t the Democratic Party she knew BTFC (Before The Freaking Clintons). Both Mom and I swore after the 1996 election that we would never vote for the Clintons again after what they did to the FDR Democratic Party and we will not. Hello Jill Stein- For all of you Baby Boomer Feminists: Jill Stein is a woman that anyone in good conscience can vote for. Unlike the very deceitful Clintons who have made themselves super rich by selling their political careers to the highest bidders. How else did hey accumulate $100,000,00 in 16 years when their entire careers were spent as politicians drawing public salaries and living in public housing for much of those years?


It is my understanding that NJ is not a closed primary. Unaffiliated voters may cast a ballot in the primary. Bernie has enough corporate media against him, second blog on this site with miss information.


Seeing how financial services employees gave Clinton the edge in NY and Connecticut, Sanders has an even steeper slope in NJ where an even greater percentage of voters are directly or indirectly employed by the finance sector.

Figuring she has NJ in the bag, Clinton cancelled many NJ appearances and added many in California during the past week.


Open primaries are of particular importance in light of the recent survey that revealed the vast majority of Hispanics registering to vote do so as “independents” and we all know what that would do to Clinton’s run… It goes without saying that Trump would not have made it out of the early months of the presidential campaign were there Open Primaries nationwide. And there would be no question who the Democratic candidate for the Presidency would be, hands down: FEEL the BERN!!!

When I hear any member of the MSM whether on NPR or PBS or CBS/NBC/ABC or in the print media that Bernie Sanders is “unrealistic” or his programs improbable, his platform “pie in the sky” I shake my head in disgust at just how out of touch they all are with the will of the people… Their reliance on biased, unbalanced, narrow-focused polls for their information is legion and they perpetuate the Dem “machine” rhetoric about the Clinton popularity.

I am sorry to say that my state does not have open primaries for presidential elections.


I don’t see why Democrats would want to allow Republicans to vote in the Democratic primaries. I would assume they would vote for whomever they think would be easiest to beat. I also don’t see how closed primaries disenfranchise voters. If people in closed primary states want to vote in primaries they can register with a party instead of as an independent. In the case of New York that rule was probably in effect for many years and nobody questioned it. Now that it has been questioned I think it is likely it will be adjusted. The one thing that would make the whole process more democratic is to do away with the caucuses. These really do disenfranchise voters. The are held at a specific time and many people have other things they have to do such as work. Also, some caucuses do not have secret ballots so everyone attending can see who you can vote for. The closed primaries are far more democratic than the caucuses. So the focus of the Sanders campaign on the closed primaries is bizarre. It has nothing with democracy. That is complete hogwash. The Sanders campaign knows that progressive candidates have an advantage in caucuses and center left candidates have and advantage in closed primaries. That is what this is about, not democracy.


Maybe the AP can release this poll too . . .


Open primaries would be great, but we’ve got to fix the actual voting machine irregularities also, or it will all be for naught.


Better step up the pace on that march, because at the rate the climate is being poisoned to the point where the human species will become extinct is moving much faster.