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'Most Destructive Pathogen Ever' Has Created Zombie-Like Apocalypse for World's Amphibians

'Most Destructive Pathogen Ever' Has Created Zombie-Like Apocalypse for World's Amphibians

Julia Conley, staff writer

A terrifying new study details the havoc being wrought by what scientists call "the most destructive pathogen ever" recorded on earth, finding that with help from unwitting humans a "silent killer" has caused major declines of frogs, salamanders, and hundreds of other amphibian species.


Wait till it mutates. Ever see the Andromeda Strain?


We recognize that ecocidal violence of humans – primarily of fossil fuel extractors – is ushering in Earth’s 6th great extinction event, and that the symptoms of the grave illness in Gaia grow daily more severe. The vital context cannot be abstracted away, because it’s all connected. In particular, the fungal illnesses of amphibians have unquestionably been exacerbated by severe weather stress. Amphibians and hydrologic chaos don’t mix.

The great extinction now well under way may well proceed to a level of species destruction larger than that of the Permian-Triassic, when life nearly died 250 million years ago. Those are the stakes: Life itself. Each new tragedy is another cry for mercy, falling on deaf ears. Why can’t we even start talking about arresting the very act of ecocide: fossil fuel extraction? What’s going on?


Hi AlephNull: Why? I suppose it’s because America has BIG and Brutal and Ceaseless Wars! Humans are destroying water everywhere. Air too, and of course the soil. The Pandemic of 1918 began after all the bombing of WW 1. I wonder what horror war has loosed in the ME? And if it does leap from frogs to humans----war has a devilish way of spreading death. Frogs are going, amphibians are going , salamanders are going-----and sanity seems to be gone… : (


That’s why I read history, especially Roxanne Dunbar Ortiz and Howard Zinn: because I also wonder.

But the gift I’ve received (not from anything special, from my status as an abuse survivor) spurs me with a purpose behind that question. Just because somebody tried to wreck me doesn’t me I have to be a wreck from now on, or afraid to look at the wreckage. Maybe I’m strong enough to stand this, and even go on to relieve suffering. Worth a try, I think.


Hi AlephNull… the horror of the ME—is probably that many in Israel , by their actions, are turning themselves into the recreation of the nazis…: (.


Another canary in the coal mine. Quite a chorus out there if one can bear to listen. We believe ourselves insulated from the lives and destinies of other species. We are the exceptional species! This pathogen will adapt itself to humans or another invader will arrive without notice and our numbers will be reduced by the billions. There is some precedent from the 14th Century. The world’s population was reduced by half or more. This will happen again. We are experiencing a population bubble. Human numbers will collapse as inevitably as bubbles burst.


Not until modern humankind develops the understanding that all other species are our relatives–yes, relatives–will any of us have a chance not only at survival but a thriving life. When we witness the maltreatment of our own species by members of the same it is not difficult to see how we disregard and ravage our other relatives and our collective support system as in ecology.


As far back as you can go in history, and today, religion is always tangled up in it. I’m a goy with tremendous respect for Judaism (I regularly study Dr J.H. Hertz’s magisterial The Pentateuch and Haftorahs).

Like Native Americans, Jews don’t see the point of proselytizing, and Christians think they already know all about those five books – so the simple beauty of Judaism seldom shows off for us goys to enjoy (Fiddler, of course, is a contender for the best musical ever!)

I say that poetry and narrative are essential nutrients in our struggle to survive, especially today – and that the Jews invented both. (Sadly, the straightjacketed exegesis of Christians leaves little breathing room to appreciate the poetry, though they may be reading another translation of the same basic text.) But my appreciation for Judaism only exacerbates the apprehension I share with you. I think this tragedy may have been inherent in the mistake of Zionism: welding the image of a great religion with that of the last settler-colonialist outpost.


That movie scared the you-know-what outta me when I saw it at 14 years of age.

I will not forget this very powerful quote. What a shame to stain this religion with the arrogant “f-ck everybody except me” mentality.


In past summers, I would sit on the porch of my southern farm home and listen to the bull frogs at the lake as they sing out calling for mates. The little toads so plentiful it was hard to walk in the evening without stepping on them.The air was filled with music of the night insects.

Now, total silence. I sometimes weep.


Yes, Homo loco, the crazy ape, not Homo sapiens, the wise ape, rides again!


Overpopulated humans have become the most destructive pathogen.


Hi AlephNull: I believe that all religions borrow from others and sometimes improve upon them Lots borrowed from Hamumrabi ( sp?) but sometimes change can make life a horror too. However I’m afraid the Jews didn’t invented poetry as the Greeks for one had a head start. It’s only year 5000 and something in Juadism anyway— and that’s nothing in Earth time.------but rhyme has taught ideas for ever . And too, indigenous nature religions have a poetry in music and dance too, even if they have no writing. If fact many ideas in diverse nations arose at similar times—kind of like cave art or carving into stone.
I forget who said this but," Take what you need and let the rest go by." I read that somewhere and I like that thinking. Many religions have common denominators for life and I think that most start with a reverence for Life, all life—but sadly, when people get into the mix----POWER rears its ugly worldwide head…I think both America and Israel are suffering from this a lot----I am still a fan of Hillel and his admonition that Do unto others —everything else is commentary—is the message for all religions. To me this is the WAY, the only way.
But every nation has its time of glory—and sadly many seem to think that TOP of the HEAP is a permanent residence----------those believers really need to read more history. : ) Sophia, in the Torah had an important message for that god that thought he was THE god.
Sadly Zionism is not Juadism----just as corporations are not People. Both America and Israel seemed confused. Maybe more people should read more writings of different cultures as often the messages are the same… I love both Rumi and Kahlil Gibran for their wisdom too---------Mark Twain also… but LOL, so too do I love YODA for " Do or do not—there is no try." : )


Yes, all life is interconnected, and all of our lives are connected to all others, and all others are connected to ours. We destroy the web of life at our OWN PERIL, as we will very soon come to see. Our collective ecocidal crimes will not go unpunished, no one will escape. Ask any indiginous person, our ancestors all knew this, and their real civilizations that we arrogantly dismissed as primitive, were much more beneficial and harmonious than ours are, and had lasted much longer than ours ever will. We are just technosavages, rampant destroyers of all life, and in the end we will destroy even our own lives as we worship the capitalistic, ever more consumerist All-Devourer that is never satisfied no matter how much he has, an ancient Bushman demon also called Mammon, in our collective wanton, greedy, nihilistic suicidality.

I wish that I could just go back in time and die with the Native Americans about 3,000 years ago, never having had to have seen or known about the atom bomb or the desecration of the earth and the extinction of all of its life. No wonder that people want to use drugs to numb out! We are placing all of our bets on Revelation, and on a God that we do not know that even exists, and we have destroyed the earth that He created, and killed off all of the creatures that He made, while we have worshipped at the altar of capitalistic materialism and Mammon instead of giving homage to the real Creator, in vile idolatry! Now, we will all be forced to ask for His mercy for committing the most unspeakable crimes known in the entire universe! I don’t think that we deserve His forgiveness, and it would not be just for many of us to receive it! Revelation does say though that God will come down personally “to destroy those men who destroy the earth!” It won’t be pretty when that happens, so repent you fossil fuel, pesticide, industrial and chemical polluters, because the real God has got you all in His crosshairs!

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Sad; simply heart-breaking sad.


I recall seeing a roadside billboard, some 15 years ago and in a very backward area, to the effect of, “You share 47 percent of your DNA with a banana. Get over yourself.”


I’m pretty sure–though I don’t have the references at my fingertips–that poetry and most everything else was invented many times in different places. But the Jewish people had been around for several millennia before even the earliest Greek cultures appeared!

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Poetry and prose require a written language, within a lineage of scripts resembling biological evolution. Older than the Torah, I know about the Epic of Gilgamesh in ancient Babylonian, and not much else (I’m not pretending to comprehensive knowledge!). Other Bronze Age manuscripts aren’t any older than that.

But given the epic, architectural magnificence of the Torah – the invention there of so many technical arts comprising how lengthy story-telling is done, to moral and poetic effect – there’s a case to be made that the invention of poetry and narrative can be credited to the Jews.

If only Christians knew how to read it!