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Most Dire Climate Change Predictions, Warns New Study, Are Also the Most Accurate


Most Dire Climate Change Predictions, Warns New Study, Are Also the Most Accurate

Julia Conley, staff writer

New research shows emissions must go down every year starting in 2020 to prevent dangerous warming of planet


Sustainability. Sounds quaint.

But when global famine is wiping out 100s of millions, it’ll sound like something we should have pursued.

We’re past the tipping points…brace for impact.


It appears that global warming is now “feeding on itself”–i.e., that we are now in "runaway–and I see no recognition of that possibility in this article. IT IS INSUFFICIENTLY ALARMIST, in my view!


That guy standing in the picture on top of his house and facing the megafire doesn’t have the tools to fight the fire.

Everybody but a penny-pinching and possibly corrupt legislator knows that the local firefighters feel that they will be vastly overmatched tomorrow against 80 mph wind gusts. On the firefighting level, why hasn’t the state stockpiled 1000 firefighting Jeeps with big water tanks that can go straight up steep hillsides? Also, where are the extra troops?

Stepping back a bit, why didn’t the towns clear proper fire lanes last winter so that the fires couldn’t spread as well. A herd of goats is a great way to remove underbrush. Also, if a big winter storm on weather radar is moving in within the hour, that’s a great time to set a controlled burn and create a firebreak.

Now, let’s talk about climate change tools. We need to displace natural gas. Right? So who is doing the work (besides me alone when I’m not broke!!!) to store heat so that buildings heat themselves on winter nights? Who else is worrying about solar heat storage and electricity generation at night? Where is that army lab with the climate Manhattan project? Are we going into this war-equivalent to save human civilization, to save your grandchildren from starvation, with nothing but hallucinations? We’re going to need to hand out billions of Darwin Awards.

Where is the new transit system that cuts lifetime energy use by 90%? No, automatically driving cars don’t cut lifetime energy use by hardly anything.

Where is the interchangeable battery pack for my electric vehicle? Where is the app telling me that my bus is 6 minutes late so get inside for 5 minutes? Where is the bicycle escalator so that I can get up to the bike freeway above car traffic level? Where is the smarter traffic light? Where is the train cowcatcher device so that a train can collide with a minivan or with a suicidal person safely?

Where is the wind-powered snowmaking machine that changes a little part of the Arctic tundra’s albedo? Enough of them and we won’t have 1000 ppm of greenhouse gases naturally released.

Where is the nonprofit dedicated exclusively to climate change related invention? The March of Dimes wiped out polio in the 1930s and 1940s. Are individuals all cowards nowadays, just waiting for dead descendants and watching cat videos?


From what I’ve read this a way too optimistic prediction –
especially mentioning 2020 or 100 years from now –
while where we are in Global Warming’s sights is where
we were in 1967 in terms of the pollution we were creating.

That’s because there was a 50 year GAP in our feeling the
effects of Global Warming…

But, back to 1967 … think of how much more damage we
did to the planet after that point and how much faster we
did it.

What we will be feeling will be extremely more HEAT than
we’ve felt before, building much more rapidly.

Remember, our scientists were still talking about a far-
distant break up of the glaciers at the time that the glaciers
were melting beneath their feet.

Good luck to us all – and don’t forget to add in that 9 foot
ocean rise.

Reflect on this which I don’t think ever received the attention
it deserved back in the “Sandy” days on the East Coast …

WHEN the Hudson River and the East River combined to cover
Manhattan Island up to 39th street.


“How to stop worrying and love the bomb.”
Dr Strangelove

The Merry Minuet

The Kingston Trio

They’re rioting in Africa
They’re starving in Spain
There’s hurricanes in Florida
And Texas needs rain
The whole world is festering with unhappy souls
The french hate the Germans, the Germans hate the Poles
Italians hate Yugoslavs, South Africans hate the Dutch
And I don’t like anybody very much!!

But we can be tranquil and thankful and proud
For man’s been endowed with a mushroom-shaped cloud
And we know for certain that some lovely day
Someone will set the spark off
And we will all be blown away!!

They’re rioting in Africa
There’s strife in Iran
What nature doesn’t so to us
Will be done by our fellow man


And that was released in 1959… My how times have NOT changed…


It’s impossible to fool Mother Nature, as she will always adjust her stance and hit the ball (us) out of the park (earth). :musical_score:“Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again too few to mention…”:musical_score:


I think I saw this yesterday somewhere, it’s all due to how they are looking at clouds now. Anyway, the fires in CA due to GW/CC and the stress of winds. We have had major power outages here in AZ due to high winds and a fragile grid. I think it has to do with redirecting power from CA elsewhere and AZ cannot handle it at Boulder Dam because it’s northern AZ down to Phoenix. It’s all connected. Heads up Folks.


We cannot allow a mine shaft gap!

I smell a big fat commie rat!


I am sure the scientists who did this research are well aware of positive feedbacks. But their study was on the accuracy of climate models for making predictions. Some of the models probably included feedbacks. There is certainly no definitive evidence that runaway global warming is now occurring.


Global warming is due to accumulated emissions from the past and present emissions. They all trap heat. If atmospheric levels were kept steady (by decreasing emissions) then over the next 40 years or so there would be rise in temperature a few tenths of a degree Celsius.


What you mean-um “tomorrow”, Kemo Sabé?   IIRC, there have been 80 mph gusts at times right here in Ventura County, CA, during the past three days.  Many of the homes lost to the ‘Thomas’ fire earlier this week were well within five miles of my own.

Big tanks of water on top of notoriously unstable Jeeps would make them even more likely to roll over than they already are, so that suggestion is a non-starter.  It MIGHT work with HumVees, up to a point, but the root of the problem is the excessive number of self-centered and ignorant people who insist on pushing into territory best left exclusively to Mother Nature, and then expect the rest of us to pay for their extravagance by supporting un­realistic “fire control” (and “flood control”) measures.  I strongly recommend you read “Los Angeles against The Mountains”, the third section of ‘The Control of Nature’ by author John McPhee (winner of the Pulizer Prize for non-fiction in 1999).  ‘Control’ was published more than a quarter-century ago, but still spot-on in its description and analysis of the problem.   As to extra troops, like the 1000 Jeeps (or HumVees), they do not grow on trees.  And “nobody” wants higher taxes, not even to pay to protect ‘our commons’, much less to allow the “select” few to live in the hills above our common smog.

That’s about as accurate as some previous statements by those who believe that Hilliary Clinton was not a lousy choice to be a candidate for the presiduncy, or that the DamnocRatic primary and convention weren’t rigged in her favor.

Not Quite.  The excessive levels of CO2 and CH4 already in the atmosphere are sufficient to raise the overall temperature by well over 2° Celsius.  The big push now is to not add any more of them, and then eventually
to find ways to decrease the concentrations of these and other pollutants.  It’s like we’ve already put a heavy blanket over the down comforter surrounding Mother Earth. We need desperately to not add another blanket, and then to find a way to remove the extra one we’ve already put there.

(Personally, I think we’ve already passed the ‘tipping point’, and that sea-water warming due to loss of ice in the arctic and increased release of methane from warming tundra would continue even if every automobile & every coal-fired power-plant on the planet were scrapped tomorrow.)


Do conservatives, and climate deniers, do they love children?

Air pollution harm to unborn babies may be global health catastrophe, warn doctors: New UK research links toxic air to low birth weight that can cause lifelong damage to health, raising fears that millions of babies worldwide are being harmed

So, just air pollution can lead to a global health catastrophe

And throw in fires, rising seas, dead oceans, melting glaciers, drought

Scientists help us see the far away, the small and the large

This is the best documented change in history and still there has not been the necessary response


Agree that we have probably passed the tipping point

And Coal is one of the dirtiest fuels so it should be outlawed

Along with tar sands and all the effort to destroy the environment to get it out, then transport it across the continent and then send around the world

The trade off between growth and the environment leaves out the earth


If it renders 2/3 of them sterile that wouldn’t be such a bad thing — at least not so far as Mother Nature is concerned.  Unfortunately, we’re probably not the only species being affected.

At what small net gain in energy?  Close to zero, I would think – by the time all of the energy used to build the extraction apparatus, fuel it, feed & care for the operating personnel, transport their food & fuel in, trans­port the crappy “fuel” out, etc., etc., is taken into account.  I wouldn’t be surprised if the owners of this enter­prise are actually spending more energy to ruin the environment than they’re gaining from extracting the tar sands, but somehow the crazy book-keeping methods make it look profitable.  Or maybe it is – for a privileged few – be­cause of “quirks” and “loopholes” in the tax regulations.


Name even one climate scientist who is sure that we now have runaway global warming. And Hillary Clinton was a good choice for president. Several Democrats were good choices. The rigging of the Democratic primary and convention is conspiracy theory nonsense. There could be enough greenhouse gases in the atmosphere now to raise the Temperature to around 2C but not with the aerosols in the atmosphere that reflect sunlight and have a cooling effect. When the aerosols are accounted for maybe 1.5C. Since you are not a climate scientist your personal view on the “tipping point” doesn’t mean much except perhaps to yourself.


Climate change, the plastic ocean garbage dump, dead bees and other insect pollinators.

Deteriorating soil.

or the threat of all those fancy new chems

We are living beyond all our means. Our leaders are detached from reality. They can only see $$$ only understand $$$ and are only interested in $$$


You sound stressed…to quote a recent Canadian ad about Fed Ex.

It’s remarkable isn’t it, how intent we remain on advertising and other annoyances that seem to believe it’s business as usual and that global warming is something exotic reserved for the news channel?

Not that most news channels cover it either…and having tried to build momentum to begin implementing the technology we already have, the inertia of even those who know is enough to drive a person bonkers.

And yet…much of what you are asking for, could happen, and happen quickly, if we had the poltical will. The task in front of us, if we seriously want to prevent cooking by the end of the century, would make more jobs…and fill more lives with meaning and purpose…than even those of us who can imagine what climate change is going to do, can imagine.

But how do we light a fire under our leaders? Perhaps Mom Nature has that answer. California is looking like burnt toast already…might the end of your California Dreaming wake America up?

We’re watching.


Please Lrx…if you are going to start spouting out your opinions on aerosols…Hilary Clinton and conspiracy theory nonsense, please don’t drag in that climate denial canard where after telling everyone how you’ve figured out that climate change is a hoax and CO2 good for plant growth, you accuse anyone who understands the seriousness of global temperature rise, of NOT BEING A SCIENTIST.

Quite simply put, you don’t have to be a scientist to understand global warming…you have to be educated and literate enough to be able to read science and understand what ‘peer reviewed’ means in science. I’m not sure from what you say above that you are in that category.

But educated, well informed citizens are perfectly capable of understanding the science of global warming…its not, as they say, rocket science. Greenhouse gases and the consequences of having long lived types like CO2 in the atmosphere, is pretty simple…and damn unforgiving.

None of us will be forgiven, if we do nothing. Yourself included.