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'Most Important Surveillance Story You Will See for Years': Report Reveals How AT&T Buildings Serve as 'Secret Hubs' for NSA Spying


'Most Important Surveillance Story You Will See for Years': Report Reveals How AT&T Buildings Serve as 'Secret Hubs' for NSA Spying

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"The most important surveillance story you will see for years just went online, revealing how AT&T became the internet's biggest enemy, secretly collaborating against its customers and partners to destroy your privacy."

"It's eye-opening and ominous the extent to which this is happening right here on American soil."
—Elizabeth Goitein, Brennan Center for Justice


“Collect it all.”
–Gen. Keith Alexander, as NSA Director

Amendment IV (from The Bill of Rights)
The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.


Normalized now. Earth-shattering 20 years ago, one big collective yawn nowadays. A testament to how far gone our “democracy” is, and how far down the road to authoritarianism we are. I just asked my 20 year old niece about this, and she literally shrugged her shoulders and said “well duh.”


And the very sad thing is, we the citizens have no real power to punish AT&T or the government for their spying.



What to do? There are many things you can do to limit your exposure. But to fight against it, not so much. Years ago Obama had a 2 day conference of this issue at the White House. I was invited to participate via email, which I did. After the 2 daze everything went quietly under the radar. There are things you can do but their lifetime is very short and your wallet very small.

Good Luck.


We can make it illegal and them sue-able. Just like Europe not restricts data collection. Thinking we have no re-course is what they want.


What does it matter? The sheep don’t care, and there are not enough of us who do, to do a damn thing about it. Just like everything else…


I’d give you 10 hearts, if I could. I think that would be called an echo.


The Nazis were the most efficient army in the world and nearly took over the world but they stopped being efficient when their own figured out what they were doing to people. When the machine(people) no longer believed, they fell to bureaucratic stops. The west started winning back countries.

Civil disobedience comes in many forms and negligence, incompetence due to apathy, and flat out strict bureaucratic obedience (which slows all,) are part of it.

The reason our gov doesn’t trust us is they are a afraid of us - for good reason.

They also have a huge problem with whistleblowers - civil disobedience from the inside. During the last election there was massive whistle blowing including the code to the programs used for spying was released on the internet. They blamed it on contractors on the inside. It was on the inside. It was people who saw what they were doing and no longer believed. They were trying to stop them by giving the info to us.

This getting as old as the first cold war. The believers of Iraq having WMD’s are gone. People collecting this info know now, that they are not working for their own self interest(nationalism). They now see that our country is usurped and this information will be used against themselves.

This government cannot re-gain trust. They will not change.

It’s all a house of cards. They’re not gaining power. They’re losing it. They collected in the first place because they are fearful of us. Well, they should be. I do not believe Big Brother is going to keep power anymore than the Nazis would have. Had the nukes not been dropped, we’d have still won the war. Had the Nazi’s dropped them first, and everyone surrendered, they’d have still lost. It would have disintegrated from the inside. The Social Contract is everything. This is just more of it being broken. That is their biggest failure - sociopathic hubris.

For decades the gov knew to not let us know. Too many sociopaths got in and didn’t care if we knew. It’s their downfall. It’s why they couldn’t get their candidates elected from either side in and have to appeal to the orange clown. They lost us. Nationalism make us want to get rid of them, not keep them. You’re watching the gasps of a dying corrupt empire - because it cannot hold power on it’s own. We no longer vote them in. We no longer support them. Spying is always for thugs who can’t hold power. This is how weak they are. It’s laughable - they’re reduced to spying on - EVERYBODY. If you’re not in their little group, you are their enemy. They aren’t going control us. They’ve already lost control.


Agreed, thank you.

And crying there is nothing we can do does not help Anything.

Fighters,I guess, Fight. I Always will.
I’ll go with the Snowdens of life.
Opportunity always presents itself.

Those who don’t fight back …well…


I think I know but can anyone explain “keyword selection system”.


It is a computer, built for speed, that will scan data for specific words or phrases, like

Bomb, guns, Nuclear, Osama, Embassy Attack, Iran Centrifuge,
(any other words that fit their “flag this file” criteria)

Different than searching for messages from Suspect 1 to Suspect 2
Point of Origin/Destination searches

So if one wanted to put sand into the gears of the Machine.
Everyone signing their email with the top 50 NSA flag words
might go a long way towards mucking up the searches.

Course we all have thick files of useless info and still they search us.
There is only 350 million of us, hardly even a cpu cycle to track what they already know about all of us.

It’s not about info or targets its about suppression.

They don’t pull out your file until they have to deal with you, and then Everyone has a vulnerability to exploit.

Look at Former NY Atty Schneiderman, Gone in the Blink of an Eye.

Of course they had that data waiting in the wings.

He just lost the balance of the scale that day.


Your world. Delivered.

To Spook Central.


You realize once that computer figures out the same words in the same order are coming thru it’s gonna ignore them. Software is lot more complex than the average Joe thinks. We’re on track to create real AIs. You can put bomb, Osama in whatever context you want. The machine will recognize that context and discard it if it don’t make sense.


Based on what you wrote, I believe you’d enjoy the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel “All the Light You Cannot See.”
A devastating, emotional, historical and searing view of the Germans and their enemies in WW II, an Nazification.


Yes , David Carson, we do.
Since they are spying on all of us, and sending commercials that we don’t want , and selling our names to unknown 3 parties, and then CHARGING US for using their service? How is that logical? We are all paying for a service that spies on us? As long as we have to put up with that ridiculous crap--------
WHY are we paying to be spy fodder? Don’t all the users of AT&T et al have standing to protest this( since apparently we the people seem to lack standing for just about everything! )WE should get something for losing the 4th amendment-------------: 0


NSA, CIA, FBI, and now AT&T.

Trust no one.


That was how whistleblower and privacy advocate Edward Snowden reacted to the publication of an explosive story by The Intercept on Monday, which reveals for the first time how “fortress-like” AT&T buildings located in eight major American cities have played a central role in a massive National Security Agency (NSA) spying program "that has for years monitored billions of emails, phone calls, and online chats passing across U.S. territory."

"It’s eye-opening and ominous the extent to which this is happening right here on American soil," Elizabeth Goitein, co-director of the Liberty and National Security Program at the Brennan Center for Justice, told The Intercept in an interview. "It puts a face on surveillance that we could never think of before in terms of actual buildings and actual facilities in our own cities, in our own backyards."

The Intercept’s detailed report—based on a large body of evidence that includes public records, classified NSA documents, and interviews with former AT&T employees—shows how the telecom giant has willingly helped the NSA collect the data of its own customers and those of other companies, thanks to its "unique relationships with other phone and internet providers."

According to Intercept reporters Ryan Gallagher and Henrik Moltke, who bylined Monday’s story, eight AT&T facilities—known as “peering sites”—in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. "serve a specific function, processing AT&T customers’ data and also carrying large quantities of data from other internet providers."


Thanks that’s what I thought. Good idea to put a spanner in the works.


Excellent read.