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Most Labour MPs Opposing Corbyn are Stained with the Blood of Iraq


Most Labour MPs Opposing Corbyn are Stained with the Blood of Iraq

Nafeez Ahmed

A new analysis by Middle East Eye finds that nearly 100 percent of the Labour MPs who have moved to oust Jeremy Corbyn voted against an investigation into the Iraq war.

The analysis is based on a detailed examination of the voting records of all the MPs who chose not to support Corbyn’s leadership.


I was puzzled by recent backlash against Corbyn. Now that dots are being connected it all makes sense ( in a sick way).

Just as the media, Democratic Party and other pro war forces ganged up on Iraq invasion opponent Bernie Sanders when he threatened Queen Hillary's power monopoly, Corbyn is paying the price.

Seeing how London is Europe's Wall Street, potential brexit driven bankster departure from London means a lot of the MPs will be losing at least some of the sources of their biggest bribes.


The British Empire brought Mars Rules to the American Homeland several centuries ago... never realizing the degree to which is would seed and grow:

"Out of this total, most incumbent Labour MPs were not in office during the 2003 invasion. However, out of the 71 MPs who were in parliament and voted on the decision to go to war, 92 percent voted in favour of the Iraq war. Just seven voted against.

"The data shows that a grand total of 172 MPs have voting records demonstrating general support for British military interventions abroad – the same number who specifically voted that they hold no confidence in the current Labour leader.

"This figure, which accounts for 89 percent of Labour MPs who are not behind Corbyn, applies to MPs with track records of having supported British military interventions at various times, though not necessarily everytime."

How about their RED military uniforms! Mars is the red planet and as ruler of Aries, a fire sign, it definitely fits the family of red hues!

Same tactical maneuver on both sides of the Atlantic.

In the U.S. the Dem "liberal hawks" present no opposition to the right wing pro-war lunatics; and apparently, the same protocols apply in U.K:

"These figures show that the overwhelmingly majority of Corbyn’s detractors in the Labour Party are pro-war militants who fundamentally reject the Iraq war."


.... Paying the price for challenging the Make-War state that Mars Rules built and fights to keep in place.


Nafeez, this is a really excellent piece, a real public service. Thank you.


yes, and the while the article suggests that it is all about Blair and the Iraq war, it fails to explain why 37 MPs who consistently opposed the war voted for Corbyn to resign. The conspiracy theory is appealing, but doesn't hold water.


I think you have been influenced by the media hype around this. If you listen to what Corbyn says, bombing, maiming and killing does not bring security only more of the same. We have to build relationships with people, reach out to them try and understand their motivations. Hamas has much to answer for but they are desperate people. One Israeli activist has been quoted as saying "if we don't give them something to live for then they will find the will to die" I respect Corbyn's willingness to engage with so called terrorists without condoning their actions. I also find it interesting that people get so indignant about it and yet would think nothing of him calling Clinton/Obama /Bush a friend when America is by far the greatest terrorist threat to the world at this present time.


It's the Blairite scum, aka Tory lites, that need to resign - then report to the International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague. According to international law those that support, cover up or protect war criminals are themselves guilty of complicity in those war crimes.


You might be underestimating the wave of hysteria that has swept through Westminster in the wake of the Brexit vote. There always has to be a scapegoat and Corbyn has been put in that role. He has been constantly denigrated, undermined and presented as unelectable by the media, despite being overwhelmingly ELECTED by the party members. I could see that with the majority of colleagues, possibly friends, chiding you to support their stance that even those who resonate with his anti-war stance might feel his position is untenable as leader. It will be interesting to see after a period of cooling down and the Chilcot report has had some reflection time wether he gets more support from the MP's. Personally I hope so. He seems to be the only sane voice in the UK at the moment. I am rooting for him and Bernie, they are both going through a baptism of fire and backlash in their efforts to change the status quo for the betterment of their fellow human beings.


Equating Jeremy with Bernie is to slander Bernie.



How so? They both talk about inequality and redistribution of wealth, creating jobs, going after corporations, closing tax loop holes, anti fracking, Palestinian rights, building relationships with other countries rather than bombing them, both against the so called 'free' (never quite understood how that word got in there) trade deals, advocates of free tuition and universal health care. They have both been slandered and marginalised by the media and irritated their respective parties by not being prepared to back down and go away. Seems to me they have lots in common!
Is your judgement more about personalities rather than policies?


Jeremy hangs out with Holocaust deniers and called Hamas terrorists his
friends--just for a start. It isn't at all clear that he doesn't prefer the
elimination of Israel to a peaceful 2 state solution. Bernie doesn't
support terrorists, hang out with Holocaust deniers and he clearly supports
a peaceful 2 state solution to Palestine/Israel and opposes the elimination
of Israel. Bernie is a great man, Jeremy has some good politics at times
but is far from great.



Yea I get it Stan, you do not like Jeremy Corbyn. I have been listening to both Bernie and Jeremy and admire them both for their courage and tenacity in standing up for the voice of the people, I would not be able to judge who is the greater, they are both human beings who have their limitations and flaws and although the issues are the same for the people in America and the U.K. The political culture is different. I felt troubled when Bernie declared "we have to destroy Isis" which echoes American rhetoric of 'them and us' and we are the liberators. The American and UK governments have created the terrorist threat the world faces by manufacturing regime changes and funding wars and then conning us into believing that their TERRORIST activities are legitimate and morally right. It is total hypocrisy! They then demonise anyone who is trying to say (and JC admits he regrets his choice of words) 'this is not working let us do it differently'. Personally on this particular issue I would stand with Jeremy for his willingness to engage and negotiate rather than destroy, but I can see that you and I will need to agree to disagree:)


So I guess we all associate with terrorists everyday and are complicit in their activities. Killing black people, demonising LBTG people, sending drones to not just subjugate women but kill them and their children, stealing millions off ordinary people by bailing out banks and making them pay and then enacting illegal wars free of prosecution.
Umm need to look at the man in the mirror methinks, not just you, ALL OF US!