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"Most Progressive Dem Platform in History" Disturbingly Hawkish on Foreign Policy


"Most Progressive Dem Platform in History" Disturbingly Hawkish on Foreign Policy

Stephen Zunes

The Democratic Party platform may indeed be, as some have proclaimed, the “most progressive” in the history of the party—at least on various important domestic issues. But some of its foreign policy planks reflect a disturbingly hawkish worldview consistent with those of Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.


Obviously written by AIPAC.


Thanks to Stephen Ziunes for pointing out the lie of this supposedly being a "progressive" platform.


Thanks to Mr. Zunes for this commentary on the disturbingly hawkish and misleading foreign policy language in the Dem platform. Obviously, America, according to the Clintonites, is still and ever the "Exceptional Nation." Indeed, this disingenuousness about Israel's control and occupation of Palestinians, about Iran, and about the total bloody mess that is mostly our doing, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria, is outrageous. The sorry situation for 65 million refugees, and their host countries by default, in the neighboring countries, while we get off with showing no responsibility, or kindness and taking in almost no one, shames us.
The reputation of our nation is becoming one of militarism, overweening pride and blindness to the mess we have made for others.


The United States of Arrogance shall have Empire!


Recall the many ways the term "progressive" has been used during the 2016 primaries and you will conclude that "the most progressive Democratic Party platform in history" plus two bucks buys a cup of coffee. Make that $4 in Philly this week.


This is what a " guns and butter " platform looks like. But, the Dims are losing Progressive-Populist/Green Party/Left Center real American patriots. Hypocrisy is what the center-right is really selling along with weaponized domestic pork for certain unions. Militaristic living with surveillance cameras, security overload and TIA ( Total Information Awareness ) with a smiley face. Money and Fear for more 1%er $$$; same old shit, different day stuff, really. And, all the cognitive dissonance of a sadly sick dystopian vision, for the destruction of the planet, is lost on the true Dim believers. Believers of certain" environmental miracles " and " white hat 1%er fictions" are plain, insane in the brain. They are really selling The Big Stall; the answers being to harsh for their donor's tender pocketbook. Oh, those Dims; best liars and public relations hustlers money can buy. Don't buy in: Stay Clear, Stay Clean, Vote Green.


I think the TPP and TIPP should have also been included as vast betrayals of the Progressive base and citizens' interests, in general. And since Empire extends its powers through both military force and fiscal muscle, these treaties are certainly related to the the expansion of Empire. Typically, that doesn't bode well for the average citizen... anywhere.


Once again I challenge a Talking Point that turns all citizens--regardless of their beliefs, actions, or morality into an equivalent of The Military.

This type of comment essentially defines the U.S. AS a Military State.

How much freedom exists inside a military state?

Did you miss the findings of the Page and Gilens Study which PROVES that citizens' wishes do NOT factor into policy?

And about that "we," how many members of the Black Community on the receiving end of State Violence support foreign militarism? Mohammed Ali and Malcolm X both pointed out the absurdity of Black men joining the U.S. Armed Forces to murder other Black/Brown men (and women & children).

When a nation's government decouples itself from the will of citizens, and when it uses surveillance, massive police violence, and elaborate financial carrots and sticks to FORCE compliance, that is hardly the same thing as the assertion that citizens--all of them--support foreign or domestic policies.

The FACT that this meme is repeated on this site daily, and by an endless stream of "new" screen names is, in my view, proof positive of its artificiality. It's planned.


I don't believe the platform is progressive at all. Even the issues that Bernie pushed for are watered down. The Clinton foreign policy is preordained, aggressive and frightening.
I am sure the world is watching in fear as the theft of an American election is on full display.
They are watching to see which maniac will be bombing them next. The Dems have made a laughing stock out of our elections and Trump has added to the total debacle. I can't imagine how horrible this all looks to people outside of the U.S,
It's not likely anyone will ever believe the B.S. about spreading democracy after this shit show. All credibility has been flushed and what is left is just military domination. Hillary's devotion to Israel is most certainly not winning any hearts and minds anywhere except here and Israel.
It seems to me Armageddon will be next so Israel can rebuild the temple mount. Isn't that how it goes?


The Empire is showing signs of decline with the turn to militarism. I read that it's one of the first symptoms of a dying Empire.


Yes, Hillary is terrible in so many ways. But let's consider, as we process the grief and rage at the betrayals of the DNC, and our respective disgust with her, that Trump really IS worse. He's an existential threat to the planet. He's a science denier, and will undo anything in the way of Big Fossil Fuels and hastening global warming catastrophe.
Our kids will suffer more from the climate change horrors coming than we will, which is why he's gotta be stopped.

I wish some of you really talented users of social media (I'm not) would start a campaign around the idea of Only Once for Hillary--ie, only One Term (and that just to stop the #&*! nutcase and the insanely destructive GOP platform).

We start organizing now to make Bernie's revolution happen. We run another REAL progressive like Bernie in the next primaries for 2020. You can bet the DNC will be cleaned up by then, given the exposure of its recent vile behavior.

And we damn well better be working like crazy for the down-ticket races!

Sitting it out is the worst thing we can do. I'm as pissed off as anyone else, but I will hold my nose and vote for her--yeah, 4 years is lousy to contemplate, but worse is Trump with the power to send off nuclear bombs...
Some will vote for Jill, of course, which is better than sitting out.

So, how do we start the "Only Once" campaign?


I am finding that the people running the DNC are a lot of nattering nitwits steeped in conventional short sighted somewhat ignorant group-think. How disappointing.


Empire is always invited to the party


I find nothing progressive here-just tired old lies. What is Iran doing which is "terrorist"? How can Israel's illegal and cruel behavior be countenanced, let alone supported?

“we must defeat ISIS, al-Qaeda and their affiliates,” By violence, like every other US policy? Has it worked so far??

Just because most of the Repub. platform is worse does not validate the Dems as progressive in any way.


Screw your stupid wars!


When the British Conservative Party is to the left of the USAian Democrats, how on earth can the Democrat platform be progressive, or "left", or whatever?


Has anyone else noticed the subtle shift in the MSM toward "terrorism" these last few convention weeks? It is most worrisome that there may be some intentional provocation to convert undecided voters to the belief that "Clinton will be our best chance for national security."

Keep watching . . . there's quite an education for the voter in the MSM news trends. They are by vast majority on the Clinton page and working to get her elected (we all know why). They will continue to instill fear in the American public and manipulate the hell out of them. And it would be informative to see the indirect connections between corporate media and the military/industrial complex. Maybe not so far-fetched?