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Most Young Americans See Trump as 'Illegitimate President': Poll


Most Young Americans See Trump as 'Illegitimate President': Poll

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Most young Americans see President Donald Trump as illegitimate, according to a new poll out Friday.

The survey by GenForward, conducted by the Black Youth Project at the University of Chicago with the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research, found that 57 percent of adults between 18-30 years old—including three-quarters of black Americans and a large portion of Latinos and Asians—see Trump's presidency as illegitimate.


People of all age groups should see Trump's presidency as illegitimate in a way. For one thing he lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes. In any other democracy he would have lost the election. Also, it is pretty certain that Russia helped Trump win and it is certainly possible Trump knew about this and might have encouraged it. He also does not espouse US values as written the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. He supports white nationalism and is against our form of democracy in which the courts and free press play a vital role. Technically he is a legitimate president but not in any other sense. His winning the electoral college vote again shows that in the US small rural states have the ability to thwart the will of the people. The 25 smallest states only contain 16% of the population yet they have as many senators as the other 25 states which contain 84% of the population. Moreover, in a two candidate race it is possible to win the presidency with only 23% of the vote because of the electoral college.


Billy Bragg wrote this song at the peak of the Ronnie Raygun days in the 1980s. Let's hope it is finally becoming a dated sentiment...

Help save the youth of America
Help save them from themselves
Help save the sun-tanned surfer boys
And the Californian girls

When the lights go out in the rest of the World
What do our [American] cousins say
They're playing in the sun and having fun, fun, fun
Till Daddy takes the gun away

From the Big Church to the Big River
And out to the Shining Sea
This is the Land of Opportunity
And there's a Monkey Trial on TV

A nation with their freezers full
Are dancing in their seats
While outside another nation
Is sleeping in the streets

Don't tell me the old, old story
Tell me the truth this time
Is the Man in the Mask or the Indian
An enemy or a friend of mine

Help save the youth of America
Help save the youth of the world
Help save the boys in uniform
Their mothers and their faithful girls

Listen to the voice of the soldier
Down in the killing zone
Talking about the cost of living
And the price of bringing him home

They're already shipping the body bags
Down by the Rio Grande
But you can fight for democracy at home
And not in some foreign land

And the fate of the great United States
Is entwined in the fate of us all
And the incident at Chernobyl proves
The world we live in is very small

And the cities of Europe have burned before
And they may yet burn again
And if they do I hope you understand
That Washington will burn with them
Omaha will burn with them
Los Alamos will burn with them


Regarding the posters at the top of this story, let's give credit to the great poster artist, Robbie Conal, who has done such amazing work over the years, going back to the times of Raygun, jedgar, et al.

His book of his poster art has a preface by Howard Zinn.


Most Americans didn't want Trump for President. A nearly equal number didn't want Cinton for President either.

A New York Times poll just before the election showed that 85% of those polled didn't want either Trump or Clinton.

Yet, 127 million went to the polls on November 8th and voted for those two flawed candidates.


Beats the hell out of me. I didnt. The candidate I voted for campaigned on a platform to put People, Planet, and Peace over Profit.

Did those 127 million voters believe a Democrat or a Republican were going to give up the Corporate money they have received for decades and no longer allow the corporations to write the legislation that protects them and screws us?

My wife and I are seriously considering moving to a country that respects its people by providing a government free of corrupt politicians.

The 127 million who voted for a Democrat or Republican showed me they want corrupt politicians running things.

That's really fucked up folks.


Trump is an illegitimate human.


Lots of things are fucked up. But we still muddle through them and pick the marginally better situation while we fight for more substantial change. I used to exhort people here not to drive cars, becasue all the environmental and social damage cars do. I was rightfully attacked for asking something that is unrealistic, unfortunately, for many people reliant on the fucked up US infrastructure designed for car manufacturers and oil companies - not people. Yet, when I asked poeple to realistic about electoral politics by assuring the candidate who at least exhibited some properties of a sane person who might be subject to influence of popular forces won the election, while we fight for more substantial change outside of electoral politics, I was viciously attacked.


As usual, as a paid Hillary operative, you fail to mention how much MOST of the American Electorate despised her. Please pick up your toys and Go Home. You and Hillary caused this. You and the rest of the DNC bear the responsibility.


Frankly, both parties and the deep state that controls them (highest levels of Intelligence/security/military, international banks/corporations and MSM) are illegitimate and have been for almost 40 years if not longer.

Its not all Trump but he is waking up those who have been sleeping since Bush. Bill Clinton and Obama fooled many but they were just as bad because they were controlled by the same folks. Hillary would have been as bad but like Obama and Bill would make you enjoy being taken to the cleaners. All of them snake charmers. Trump just wears his evil like a badge and does not disguise it. In a sense, its better this way since you can see it coming, or maybe going.


And Trump and his ilk as part of the late stages of capitalism:


And most of them despised her becasue she was too far to the left - promoting the "war on coal", the "global warming hoax" and was soft on the "criminal illegals". So I remain skeptical that any other Democratic candidate would have beaten Trump.


Most young people aren't purely money grubbers, yet. Most young people understand, at a gut level, when they're being hoodwinked by The UniParty. Let's hope they can discern they're part of the 99s, and will always be, instead of dreaming that they could sell themselves out so completely, they'll end up like a Trump or a Gates or a Zucker-Suckered.


Please document your authority to judge others.


Didn't your mom tell you that "sticks and stones will break your bones but names will never hurt you."


Not only did they despise her they really disliked and found repugnant her policy as SOS. Lrx is one of the blind men describing a GOP elephant.


Sorry. Like your post but not this. I can smell Bill and hill coming.


A survey by the Associated Press found that 98% of young Americans believe that the sky is blue on a sunny day. Some of the reasons given for this opinion were, "Well, it looks blue," and "What an obvious question!"

The presidential general elections of 2000, 2004 and 2016 looked stolen, and the Democratic presidential primary of 2016 also looked stolen.

All presidential primaries and general elections in my lifetime have looked bought by vast amounts of campaign contributions from gigantic corporate donors.

The Republican campaign to disenfranchise several millions of non-Republican voters looks like it worked.

The Republican campaign to gerrymander congressional districts within an inch of their lives looks like it worked.

The wealthy people's campaign to buy up all monopolizable media and fill them all 24/7 with a wall of violently slanted information looks like it worked.

Now we get to the illegal insider vote rigging on a massive scale. It looks like the Ohio Secretary of State chose to turn off the auditing function within Ohio's electronic voting machine system because he wanted the votes rigged. It looks like voting in a number of states with audit-free black box voting machines has nothing to do with what pollsters think is going to happen, the voting always shifts hard to the right and never to the left and these shifts always are the difference between winning and losing, but in states where the voting machines leave a paper trail, actual voting generally correlates with what pollsters predict.


Hindsight and revisionism doesn't make you a visionary or a fortune teller. It makes you a hoodwinker. Nobody, but nobody, can predict election trends, et al. Nice try, though.
P.S. Do you own a voting machine company? If your name is Chuck Hagel, former Senator from Nebraska, then I'm sorry. For you, not me.:wink:


Lrx would you kindly explain this? Something is legal or it is not. As resident democrat authority can you explain just how your theory is that DJT is illegal or clarify what you mean by your statement?

Okay so you understand that under our system of government which by the way is not a democracy that presidents ARE NOT ELECTED BY POPULAR VOTE. Hillary lost. Democrats lost big time. Do you need a splash of cold water to your face for you to wake up?

Are you still having wet dreams about Hillary?


Quit defending the indefensible. We're talking about young people who think this system is rigged. And, not Southern slave owners who like they're defenders, of the rigged electoral college, on the historical side of Uncle & Auntie Whitey. Thanks.