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Mosul, Thomas Friedman, and the Misey of Globalization


Mosul, Thomas Friedman, and the Misey of Globalization

Tom Engelhardt

The closest I ever got to Mosul, Iraq’s second largest city, was 1,720.7 miles away -- or so the Internet assures me. Although I’ve had a lifelong interest in history, I know next to nothing about Mosul’s, nor do I have more than a glancing sense of what it looks like, or more accurately what it looked like when all its buildings, including those in its “Old City,” were still standing. It has -- or at least in better times had -- a population of at least


The Latin phrase "Sapienti sat" translates as, "A a word to the wise is sufficient."


General McMasterful was berating the assembled news media people on last Friday that he was going to protect something or other by putting more warring troops in the "Middle East" and that he was going to "bring prosperity" to the people there.

We are losing prosperity here. Life is good for multi-millionaires like Friedman, though.


and who is driving up the cost of almost everything that we the people need to exist? The Global Elites, ISIS does not differentiate between Global Elites who are the one wrenching havoc around the world starting with American elites and we the people of the world. We the people have no say in the raping and pillaging around the world by these global monsters. Well maybe we once had a choice before people of the world became blobs who voted against their own self interest here in US and elsewhere and our military might was fighting for the multi national elitists protections and plundering.
Read an article titled "Are Global Elites Buying Your Cities"? So glad to read that as I had been thinking how wholesale buying up of homes in foreclosure by hedge fund managers with foreign investors were buying neighborhoods. Outright foreign investors were buying homes, condos and projects and never living in them and leaving them empty. They had to get their riches out of their own fragile economies so they invested in land/homes/buildings. Foreign investors buying up the American Dream.
The article was talking about Vancouver BC and mostly Chinese billionaires where in 2015 they spent $10 billion dollars or 1/3 of real estate sales in Vanc BC. Many of the purchases were left empty and realtors were staging them poorly to make them look lived in. But we know it is happening all over coastal US, you only have to drive around and get lost as none of your old landmarks were left and high rise condos or apartments or ???? were in their place.
All this activity drove up the cost of land, homes, condos, energy, food, medical as it starts with land.


Tom, another good article on what trying to keep the american empire intact costs us and the world. Globalization sounds great as a concept, but as practiced it is american capitalism exported to the world and we have seen what it does for the 80% of us with little wealth as the rich garner all wealth for themselves. We have seen what those in power who are beholden to the rich are willingly to do to us.