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Mother of Fallen Soldier Confirms Account of Call from 'Cold-Hearted' Trump


Mother of Fallen Soldier Confirms Account of Call from 'Cold-Hearted' Trump

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President's reported comment sparked firestorm of condemnation on social media, with critics calling remark "repulsive" and "detestable"


And nearly half of voters and 85% of R’s are going to believe * rump.



Sick is as sick does…have you puked on your shoes yet?


I will try very hard to keep my mind open to the “proof” that djt claims he can show, but I have to wonder why the glorious Rep. Wilson would be kind enough to accompany her constituent on this sad, sad occasion, and then cruel enough to “fabricate” a conversation to which others were witnesses.

I understand the widow had also just learned that her husband’s body was not suitable for viewing, as in an open casket. Just imagine her state of mind, with at least one of her two living children with her (I saw video of them meeting the casket) and 6 months pregnant. What on earth could he have said to be more offensive?


Might be a bit of a harsh comment but anyone enlisting today should surely know what he was getting into. Did his mother try to dissuade him from enlisting?


this is, sadly, true, I think. i watched the cesspool-sphere yesterday when this broke and that’s exactly what happened. “fake news!”. But the other half of the usual suspects were braying things about, “hey, it’s true! He just said what was true!”, ignoring completely that the context was a consolation call, not an interview with a journalist. In short, a total ignorance of the very idea of propriety.

I don’t care if Trump is impeached or not as a matter of policy. But for anyone who insists that our tyrannical rulers at least have some style while they murder and loot, this really should get Trump booted.


" He knew what he was signed up for"." The deranged one! And even if Trump has proof that the congresswoman " totally fabricated" the story, Trump could not tell the truth if his life depended on it!


Way beyond harsh, and almost as poorly placed as djt’s. It’s not for any of us to infer what Sgt. Johnson’s motivation for enlisting might have been. It was surely purer than those of people (like djt’s sons) for whom firearms are merely the toys of sport.


Trump is America
America is Trump
Believe it!


Nice retort!


nighthawk…I have a great deal of respect for what you have to say, you are on the mark…But This Time You Are Wrong…or…is it maybe you are showing what lemmings do?, my hope is that it so…


" What on earth could he have said to be more offensive?"

Damn good question! Nothing that I can think of; but I am sure the deranged one will probably come up with something in the future.


I’m not a lemming. When I say what I did, I obviously don’t mean all of us. I do mean that based on what I see, hear and read, about half the country is either insane, ignorant or apathetic, and Trump & Company are the result.

When we can wage continuous war in 7 or 8 different countries for decades, with no end in sight, something is wrong.

When police act as though they are at war with the citizenry, and too many routine traffic stops result in summary executions, something is wrong.

When social needs go unmet while the obscenely wealthy get more and more tax breaks, something is wrong.

When people in Flint and Puerto Rico are considered to be not worth saving, something is wrong.

When a President tries to provoke yet another unnecessary war, something is wrong.

When the citizens of a nation do not care enough about these things, and many others, as long as they themselves are comfortable, something is terribly wrong, with us generally.


I agree. There are many, many good people in America.

I would rephrase night hawks post to:



This is Yuuuge!
In Alabama progressive candidate Doug Jones, trailing GOP candidate Roy Moore by 6 point only a couple of weeks ago, is now in a new poll even up at 42% to 42%.
That is in A-LA-BA-MA, where Trump beat Clinton by a margin of 25 points and Session, whose vacated seat is here contested, won unopposed with 97% of the vote. The rest were write-ins.
Let us all help to push Doug over the top!
See here: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/dfa-doug-jones?akid=10014.270485.N6lRRs&rd=1&refcode=g-JonesAL1018.d-20171018.m-10014.s-36487
And let us hope, that Trump keeps on being despicable and making gaffes like this one. While it was incredibly hurtful to the family of the fallen soldier, it will ultimately help in mobilizing forces for America’s renewal.
And I truly hope, that the family will take solace in the knowledge, where this slight came from.


If we can win in Alabama, we can win it all!


as I said, you are on the mark…something is horribly wrong here, it is sickening and scary…I just have a hard time getting behind the idea of pmurt being america, it amazes me to no end that a faction of a faction has gained control, it’s turning me inside out…


If it ever happens that someone comes and gets this fucker it will probably be on a golf course with the secret service back on the tee.


I’m curious as to the content of his calls to the other three widows/mothers. Were the other three Green Berets white?


I’m not sure that Doug Jones would be called “progressive” (if by “progressive” we mean someone substantially to the left of the centrism of the Democratic Party). But it will be an important win nonetheless.