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Mother of Saudi Teen Sentenced to Crucifixion Urges Obama: 'Rescue My Son'



This is nauseating to read about. Crucifixion? This is our ally? Are we servants to be bought off? Do we still have a soul as a nation that stands up for right and against wrong? Crucifixion of a 17 year old kid for attending a protest? How weak are we these days that we do not condemn this and accept this as ordinary? How vile this is that we are that servile that our silence is bought off and the Saudis once again smirk that their money permits them to do anything.


If Øbama steps in and interferes with this beheading, he'll be afraid that people will try to make him interfere with Israel's killing of Plaestinians. If he does that, his Likud and AIPAC paymasters might take offense.


Nonsense. The Saudis leadership can do as they please because they among the wealthiest people on Earth and own 1/3 rd of the World's OIL reserves. Israel has nothing to do with our inaction in these issues.


Screw the oil and the saudis, we should have dumped the saudis a long time ago.
They wander around in their stratosphere, while the US backs them at every move.

Not sure which is more sickening saudi support or israeli support.

It is saudi oppression that gives rise to most of the radical muslim behavior.
Don't forget, 15 of the 19 that bombed the twin towers were saudi

Ever wonder why we support ruthless dictators? Bomb any weddings lately?
I know it's right there on the tip of your tongue.


No, they're not an ally. Unless I've missed the signing of any treaty between the Saudis and us.

But they do have buckets of cash, and barrels of cheap oil.

It's not a 'real' crucifixion, they're going to cut his head off first. Of course, that makes all the difference, right?

The Saudis are barbarous religious fundamentalists. but I repeat myself...


Well it does make a difference. I am against the death penalty in any case but crucifixion is perverted. Post mortem is just strange.


I have read that the US now is estimated to have greater oil and gas reserves than Saudi Arabia. Is this true? Counting tar sands.


You just need eleven dollar signs, that should get through without needing extra elaboration.


Abby Martin's outstanding new show, "The Empire Files" featured a special on the US/Saudi relationship in its third episode two weeks ago. Can be viewed at telesurtv.net


Saudi Arabia has been a close ally of the US since FDR announced that their security was vital to the interests of the US in 1943.


Same here. And a death penalty for telling the government it's f'd up? FFS.


Ahimsa, interesting you mention "The Empire Files." I just finished watching the report you referenced. She puts out a lot of relevant information in a relatively short amount of time.


Wereflea, I so agree with you. "Do we still have a soul as a nation?" Will we go along with this extreme barbarism just because Saudi Arabia is considered an ally? If so, we are totally absent a moral compass.


In the current balance, where the Golden Calf rules and the dancers get ever more ruthless and bloodthirsty, lives have no significance whatsoever, including yours or mine. Our leaders have no moral center, and, in the lust for profit and power, would kill the entire world (read Bill McKibben's piece on Exxon as just one example). And, this is just the barest tip of the iceberg. Imagine all the horror purposely hidden from our view. Nauseating indeed. This forum is a solace at least, to be able to share with like hearts and minds, so thank you for your comments.


The thing is that our leaders insist that this is realpolitik, pragmatic and being realistic - we need their oil. The other side of that is that we have other sources of oil (including our own to say nothing about all the oil we export or rather is exported by oil companies to the world market although its source is on our soil or off our shores). The Saudis need that market and we are certainly a significant customer to say the least. Yet we act as if we are powerless to exert any influence over the Saudis. Between the Saudis and the Israelis (and increasingly Turkey) we have little to say in the Middle East except to shed our blood and expend our treasure for our allies sake. We take the heat and the hate and pay through the nose all the while.

We didn't develop alternatives like Carter had wanted after the first OPEC oil crisis. We the American people are being plundered by our own oligarchy and supporting the most extreme example of oligarchy on the planet - the Saudi royal family (some of whom funded terrorism against us and others).

What can be expected from the corrupt? People act like thieves should all feel guilty about stealing because stealing is wrong.

Our leaders get paid (not directly I suppose but who knows?) to maintain the status quo in the Middle East. It isn't about right and wrong but about money and power. We never use the words fascist when talking about the Saudis but that is exactly what they are. Fascists but really rich ones.

It isn't only thieves who don't care that stealing is wrong.


I did read McKibben's piece but it wasn't something that was unknown but the paper trail proof wasn't forthcoming. Observers of the industry have long been aware but documentation is something else. Ever since the first OPEC crisis under Carter, what was obvious to the insider became known to the 'customer'.

I don't think Exxon et al want to kill the world, they just don't want to stop raking in all that money. They like our leaders rationalize (denial) and then justify (it isn't nearly that bad yet) and then fantasize (it won't get that bad later) and finally they amoralize (that is when they admit that they just want the money now and hope somebody will fix everything later - very close to not giving a damn but not quite that far).

The Saudis take all that one step further. They would kill much of the world just so that they remain super rich because they are ordained by fate to be rich and if they can't be rich then screw everybody.

Our shame is to support their fascistic behavior, their suppression of freedom, their oppression of foreign workers, their destruction of the environment, their oppression of women, their mediaeval punishments (like somehow whipping is permissible and beheading children, cutting off hands and executing people who only need a freaking divorce or to get a room somewhere) too.

The Saudis are royals because WE permit them to get away with it. Watch Lawrence of Arabia and see just how royal they are. Tribal chiefdoms enthroned by the British for the sake of oil. The British in the Middle East has been the cause of a century's worth of trouble all we have done is replace them.


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