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Mother On A Mission: What Else Could You Do To Hurt Me?


Mother On A Mission: What Else Could You Do To Hurt Me?

Among the stories of improbable mid-term victories still trickling in, consider Lucy McBath: The African-American two-time breast cancer survivor, retired flight attendant, fiery gun control advocate and mother of Jordan Davis, shot and killed in 2012 for being a black kid listening to music, just won her race in Georgia's suburban 6th Congressional District - a seat held for 40 years by Republicans, including Newt Gingrich and Tom Price. So yeah, there may be hope.


One of these days, the people who are presumed to be representing us will actually represent ALL of us.


Thank you Lucy for your passion and commitment.


Wow Lucy McBath, you are a magical and unbelievably strong, and now an elected lady! And you know what, you represent the real meaning of STAND YOUR GROUND." It’s not about shooting and guns, it’s about standing up and NOT falling for horrible laws that only benefit the rich or the white men who see guns and the Second Amendment as a right ti shoot for any reason----Anger is a really stupid reason. STAND YOUR GROUND also suits those 19 black judges in Texas who are going to take sanity and freedom to a whole new level. Sometimes America does live up to its promise. : )