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Mothers of Trans Kids To Clueless Lawmakers: Meet My Child


Mothers of Trans Kids To Clueless Lawmakers: Meet My Child

In time for Mother's Day, and in response to a wave of panicked, bigoted laws bizarrely focused on the pivotal issue of who uses what bathrooms, the nation's first transgender lobby, Trans United Fund, has launched a campaign to educate those obsessively working to pass laws bearing no relation to the reality of the lives they will affect. In a video, moms of trans kids make breakfast, play ball, speak their fears and pledge their love: "She is my heart."


Thanks Abby for republishing this video.

It's so incredibly painful, amidst all the pain of this world, for so many pained humans to be going out of their way to enforce further pain on other pained humans.

"She's my heart" trumps all hate.


Nature has blessed this planet with a stunningly efficient dynamic. Some have fashioned it as a novelty conserving dynamic. The new arises, nature holds and builds on it. It cnserves in order to change and evolve. That is, evolution is the proverbial rainbow. Every measurement in the continuum of the spectrum exceeds human scientific capacity to measure it. That is why science exists in the first place: to LOOK FOR and describe what it manages to observe.

"Culture" is a self-limiting decision-making control mechanism. Without nature and the diversity she has throughout time blessed us with, culture devolves into self-hatred due to the fact that it is a boundary promoting framing of life. It helps with organizing some aspects of community, but unless carefully balanced with ever evolving inclusion of diversity culture as claim becomes a slow devolving death sentence.

White males might to keep in mind that rather than the pinnacle of evolution, their ancestry is Black Africa. Machismo weakened males and females might want to keep in mind that gender is and always has been a rainbow continuum. Bigotry simply indicates fear, blindness, and total lack of appreciation that YOUR OWN LIFE is utterly dependent on the strengths of diversity you have never seen or recognized. Please note: That is to say incapacity to recognize has never been considered a strength in the natural world. Which leads to another question: Precisely what world is it that you think you live on and what what precisely are the characteristics you are demanding to "see"?


Superb reasoning OG, and thanks for all your contributions.


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The dream we haven't dared to dream


The disgusting obsession with sex in so many "US lawmakers" who concentrate on this issue which is really about privacy (like the Roe vs Wade abortion law) instead of facing real issues and crimes in their communities. How do these warped individuals get into positions allowing this result? Who votes for them? Do they pretend to be Christians or Jews, never warning their constituents of their obsessive and cruel plans which are not related to safety or care of children or adults?


Sure, men claim it's their civil right to use female-only spaces because they "feel" like women, whatever that means.

Then men claim it's their civil right to love whomever they want, even children and lo and behold, pedophilia is legitimized.

Then men claim freedom of speech should allow them free access to child porn without stigma and then kiddie porn is legalized. Once you start denying centuries of elemental biology and ignore social taboo, it becomes a slippery slope, people.

Large corporations are putting big bucks behind the transgender lobby and they expect some payout. This is the way the world works.