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Motivating Climate Action: a Review of Per Espen Stoknes "What We Think About When We Try Not to Think About Global Warming."

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/08/08/motivating-climate-action-review-espen-stoknes-what-we-think-about-when-we-try-not


I’m sure this is great book. I’ve read several dozen books from various points of reference on global poisoning/warming that I won’t read this one. I already know we’re screwed because of complete disregard of scientific consensus since I first studied global poisoning/warming back in school in the early 70’s. The stranglehold by big energy has held the govt for ransom to destroy the world. So here we are in a destroying process by the energy giants as the world burns and complete in action by politicians. They can’t even address the systemic decay of Empire’s stress on citizens that result of extreme violence to unknown citizens from racial or nihilistic tendencies. Magnify this by a million and that’s what’s happening on the world today caused by militaries, industrial farming, meat production, forest felling, and ocean contamination from all sorts of detritus being dumped into waters and over fishing. So no one in political power has yet to even contemplate some concrete actions aimed at saving humanity and until after a collapse of industrial capitalism nothing will change. Peace


Framing by the denialists has been much more effective than it has by alarmists (a term I view favorably since alarm is the appropriate attitude to take), so it might help to learn to be more effective in our persuasiveness, even though it’s very late in the game & the great powers are aligned against us.

I would like 1 idea to take hold among those of us wanting to take urgent & drastic action to address climate chaos, & that is that the assets of all entities that have been part of the campaign of denial, distortion & deceit revolving around fossil fuels’ contribution to global heating must be appropriated & used for climate & environmental mitigation. Maybe we should also extend it to those that have flouted the law in dumping pollutants & poisons in our air, land & water & especially those that have blood on their hands such as assassinating courageous environmentalists & indigenous people trying to protect their land. Furthermore, any company that has allowed toxins to get into the environment should pay triple the amount it costs to completely clean it up. If we want to vilify these corporations, let’s go whole hog with strict actions as well.