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Mountaintop Removal Never Ended: Coal River Mountaineers Fight On


Mountaintop Removal Never Ended: Coal River Mountaineers Fight On

Jeff Biggers


Your fight goes on Larry Gibson (1946-2012)! You fought it well.


While they are dying of cancer or whatever caused by coal mine runoff, I suppose West Virginians are smug with their knowledge that a few of them had a job. West Virginia could have been a great camping and hiking destination serving much of the north eastern US, creating a sustainable economy based on recreation. Who’d want to go there now?


How about lunar theme parks? WV and EKY have enough countryside that looks like the surface of the moon after all these years of surface mining.


the phrase “mountain top removal” should have exploded in mid air the instant it was first uttered, and never be heard again!


Absolutely shocking and heartbreaking videos. The rape of the planet and criminal effects on people and animals. And no accountability anywhere? (Blankenship’s punishment doesn’t count.)


I get your sarcasm. On that note, post apocalyptic zombie parks would be another potential them. They are well on their way to having real zombies.


Blankenship and several of his business partners should be in prison for negligent homicide. Considering that the operation of the mine was often in contempt of rules, regulations, and common-sense indications of trouble, if modifiers are need it could be classified as “willful industrial homicide.”

The UMWA made an in-depth study and report of the explosion that established timelines, participants, actions taken and not taken, condition and suitability of mine and safety equipment. In light of the damning documented evidence they presented it’s obvious that justice took another holiday from our legal system. He should be in prison for life; a predatory threat to society who consistently commits amoral and injurious behavior.

Sometime within the last 20yrs he was ruled against in a lawsuit brought by a metallurgical coke producer across the river from here. Seems the Donald had a signed contract with them to deliver coal to the producer, but then sold their expected shipments for a higher price to a foreign interest, of course causing a disruption in their operations. In his past TV ads he’d wrap himself in the American flag and John Denver scenes of beautiful West Virginia. He’s got to be that other Donald’s bastard brother. It would be in character for Don B to say: “That didn’t make me a criminal, that made me smart.”


Thanks Jeff. It’s always good to hear your voice calling out the criminals who are destroying our planet and our fellow man.


Whoever said that Homo sapiens is the highest evolved species had too much hallucinogens in his/her/their system(s). How do these monsters like the two Donalds rise like flotsam or effluvia? Thanks for the additional info on D.B. (Oops, I don’t want anyone to think that I think HRC is excluded from the club.)

Don’t you get sad at all this?