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Mounting Death Toll and Confirmed Covid-19 Cases in Brazil Increase Anger Over Bolsonaro's Response

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/05/mounting-death-toll-and-confirmed-covid-19-cases-brazil-increase-anger-over

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Jair Bolsonaro seems to have the same kind of mental issues that some other presidents facing similar issues seem to have.

In any case, its not a good situation. Its a very bad situation.

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Both Trump and Bolsonaro incite vacuous “policy”, extractive predation and have zero consciousness of the history of consequences for their actions. They represent an entire stratum of "human " life that science will at some point identify as perversions that we must prevent from mutating. We live in a period of exponential intensification at all levels and areas of the planet in a necrotic spiral that this stratum WILL destroy life on the planet unless we put our shoulders to the wheel, our lives on the gears to shut down the killing machines.

Simplify, simplify, simplify.

Mongabay has mounted a photo essay on the situation in the Amazon


You notice how things are worse in fascist nations than every where else?


Covid-19 pandemics and nuclear reactions increase or reduce exponentially.

Most nuclear reactions only have two outcomes. Either they reduce exponentially to near zero, or they expand exponentially and generate more and more heat exponentially until the remaining uranium gets hot enough to melt and vaporize. At this point the vaporized uranium flies apart in all available directions and then the fission reaction drops exponentially to near-zero. If you monitor the nuclear reaction with great care you can keep it going at a steady pace, exactly between expansion and reduction to zero.

With covid-19 you can reduce the pandemic to near-zero, or not. At some point in exponential growth the pandemic will infect the majority of people and then it will run out of fuel. Note that we haven’t really studied the new coronavirus. Claims that it will stop for summer and resume in the fall may be entirely made up.

The entire South is accelerating this week. Nebraska and Iowa are hot. Arizona has become hot. The median state in the US is accelerating. The Northeast hot spot has been reducing for a month now, with the understanding that recent CDC numbers are wildly messed up for New York State and that Massachusetts had a recent one day burp that didn’t look real.

If pandemics either reduce or go up to maximum, then it looks like the USA is on the road to max out, with the specific exceptions of Hawaii and Vermont, two states that chose to dive down to near-zero new cases per day.

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A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    21 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   3.  01/30/2020           5           5
>   6.  02/20/2020           8          13
>   9.  03/12/2020       1,616       1,629
>  12.  04/02/2020     237,650     239,279
>  15.  04/23/2020     626,306     865,585
>  18.  05/14/2020     546,536   1,412,121
>  21.  06/04/2020     450,535   1,862,656

It’s now two weeks since that Memorial Day splurge, so I expect the national growth-rate (new cases) to accelerate to new highs shortly. Protesters please take note, and take every precaution.

Thats why I cant bring myself to vote for another molester. When I told myself no more lesser evilism, I meant it. No means no. Digital rape one day, totally fucking the country the next. The rape culture has to go.

Did you know the evidence seems to be piling up that resveratrol may stop it? For example, it inhibits MERS and probably SARS, and may treat all sorts of sepsis related problems. Even ARDS, when its used properly (in a nanoencapsulation) The plant RESV is made from is being used extensively in China to treat it, now, and it works! But its not as strong as the isolated substance.

Yes, that stuff you can buy at the chain drug store.

We don’t know and they seem to be refusing to even test it There ought to be a law requiring them to behave logically and rationally in a pandemic.

True BigB. Here’s the top three in deaths from COVID-19:

  1. USA - right wing authoritarian government
  2. UK - right wing authoritarian government
  3. Brazil - right wing authoritarian government

I sense a pattern.

Maybe Brazil knows my friend Gimli. He once said, “Certainty of death, little chance for success, what are we waiting for?”

Boslonaro, for his part, reportedly said of his country’s coronavirus-related deaths this week that “we are sorry for all the dead, but that’s everyone’s destiny.”

That really does have the whiff of fascism about it, doesn’t it? If he’s so phlegmatic about mortality, why is he surrounded by body guards?

You want to go by deaths as a fraction of population, and do that at equivalent times in the outbreak. By that measure, Sweden & UK are at the top. US and Italy are second. Italy kept going down, though. US, probably not.

Here is the best dashboard I have found:

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Good point. And that is a great dashboard. Thanks.

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