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Mourners Protest Trump at Funeral for Indian Man Killed in Kansas

Mourners Protest Trump at Funeral for Indian Man Killed in Kansas

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Crowds that had gathered in Hyderabad, India on Tuesday for the funeral of a man killed in an apparently racially motivated shooting in Kansas last week protested the rise in attacks on minorities in the U.S., chanting and holding up signs that read, "#DownWithTrump" and "#DownWithRacism."

What a terrible tragedy. Are we a nation of laws or a place where people just do whatever they please? Our leaders have not set good examples of following the law or telling the truth. Since we have abandoned liberal arts and become a nation of technical specialists I think we have gotten much, much dumber. The ignorance and abandonment of intellect are chilling. It seems like there is a certain element that knows how to kill better than they know geography or culture. Very, very sad.

The US is a nation of laws only when those laws are to their benefit. Otherwise those laws are tossed to the wayside and the might of the US is the thing that stops those laws from being enforced. That is the way it has been for a very long time. This is certainly not new to anyone paying attention.

Yes, I am probably thinking of the mythical USA. However, I think accountability of our leaders for crime and corruption has been undermined greatly in the last 30 years. Read Glenn Greenwald’s book “And Justice For Some.” Nixon was impeached for crimes that pale in comparison to things that have been done by Ronald Reagan, George HW Bush, George W Bush and Obama for that matter.

Please don’t blame America for this tragedy. This is not the the way the majority is. We the majority are working to remove this evil hateful horrible man who lied his way into office through communist tactics. We will remove him and his cabinet and any other associated envolved in his evil agenda. The world is watching and the good people of the world are ready to stand behind us if needed. The United Nations is watching. It is all unfolding. He and his followers are being exposed for what they did. Spreading lies and hate to separate our American people. All Americans are immigrants or refugees except the American Indians. If all immigrants and refugees were made to leave there would only be the Indians. We will prosecute this man and anyone associated with the treason we can track down. He should not be allowed to walk away from the what he’s done. I beleive we should take their money also because that is the only thing he values. All he has done he has sine out if greed. HE HAS PUT OUR AMERICAN PEOPLE AND MANY OTHER COUNTRIES IN DANGER OF WAR WITHIN A MONTH OF TAKING OFFICE WITH JUST HIS WORDS ! He has angered our allies and befriended our enemy’s. My heart goes out to you. I do understand your loss. I lost my daughter to a crazy hateful man almost ten years ago. We will not stop until he’s gone. God bless you and remember this horrible tragedy is not who American are. There are evil people in every country but most just want to live their lives in peace and love and raise their children to be good and caring adults. Our former first family the Obamas represent who we are better than any First family in my lifetime since the Kennedy’s. We will not go back in history when stereotyping people by ethnicity, religion,or sex was acceptable. And polluting our planet was acceptable. We worked too long and hard to pass laws to protect from these kind if thing happening. God bless you and do not fear us please.

You are wrong. We are not a representation of this president and his hateful greedy racist thoughts. He got into office through lies to easily influenced people and munipulating our election through fear and with the help of Russia. We are a country of acceptance of race, religion, and sexual identity. And yes some of our Presidents have made mistakes and some had evil intentions. Have you never made a mistake? I have many times. I can’t imagine what it would be like to try and make all the decisions a president has to make not knowing what the enemy will do at any moment. Or how a law will or could be used for good or evil purposes. If you think you could do that job better and make better decisions then you should run for office starting from mayor and work your way up because we don’t ever want to see a self absorbed narcissistic unqualified person get into OUR WHITEHOUSE again who appoints unqualified racist millionaires and billionaires just because they’ve donated to his campaign or they agree with his ideals against people by race, religion or sex and don’t care about future generations struggling to survive on a horribly poluted planet as long as they can fill their banks with money at any cost to other human beings. Have a wonderful life and god help us all to get through this alive and well. :v::purple_heart: :couple::two_men_holding_hands::two_women_holding_hands::earth_americas::two_men_holding_hands::two_women_holding_hands::couple: