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Mourning and Whining In America

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/05/05/mourning-and-whining-america


I see The Lincoln Project is keeping their powder dry.

Next up, Trump’s Covid19 press conference greatest moronic/egomaniacal hits, all on video.


Yes please!


I’m telling you
This virus is rapidly turning it’s sights onto stupid
If denial is the SOP for your state, your numbers will go through the roof

Not sure I believe the low numbers from the red states Texas especially

How is it that the Tyson plant is the only one with a fully infected workforce

Open Early Die Sooner


Wow, 72,000 dead Americans—that we know of. That is more than the 58,000 dead from Vietnam Maybe it would be nice if people who live near the Vietnam Memorial—maybe it would be intriguing to see the American Trump dead also listen on the memorial with paper cards of these dead taped up for a day or two on to that memorial.
Or maybe that’s illegal. But, this ’ would not be meant to disparage the dead of Vietnam—but as the numbers of the dead Americans now exceed that war number—maybe showing the names of the UNnecessairly dead in this Trump War upon the people would make people realize that , yes, there is a war going on in America—and the capitalists are winning as are some of the awful ones in Congress. And if putting American names on that memorial would seem disrespectful , maybe tying names to the cherry trees in D.C. would be o.k.because at least that way the Corvid Dead would have some flowers and some respect…


“We did the right thing and now we’re bringing the country back. And I think there’s a great optimism."


“We (and precisely who is ‘we’, kemosabe??) did (necropolitics past tense pivot) the (singular in a situation of fundamentally multiple elements) right (only right thing about it is the ‘wing’) thing (objectification of the foregoing ambiguity playing for plausible deniability) and (slingshot move to blindside) now (tomorrow will be different, this does not apply) we’re (see first parenthetical inquiry) bringing (dragging through the disease ridden, untested, unjust blind dogma) the country back (Trump wealth extraction riding piggyback). And (big fat mirror slammed in your face) I think there’s (in the mirror) a great optimism (perhaps a great opt-out-ism) ."

The trump cabal are a gang-that-can’t -shoot-straight that are an international laughing stock being targeted as easy get for political advantage. Theyŕe being flipped daily just to game the incompetence of folks like jarhead, I mean jared.


The only one we have heard about. It’s a big name and the number of infected is huge. Of course lots of these plants, meat packing or otherwise, have large number of infected workers. How can they not?


The GOP is as far removed from the Party of Lincoln as the current neoliberals in the Democratic Party are from the Party of FDR.

Hilarious if not so tragic. Then again it has been way past time to build a new party after the removal of this entire administration. Not a moment to lose and the Greens need to coalesce with other eco socialist organizations and radicalized which means they discard their perceived image of white elitism.


Have you watched this?



I love the fact that The Lincoln Project aired this great ad bang in the middle of the Tucker Carlson Show (while Trump was watching). The timing couldn’t have been better. Wonder what the Carlson ditto heads had to say about the ad. At least some of them must have been shocked.


They’re too stupid to be shocked!

From the photo caption - we have a global pandemic and you all have John Wayne Gacy in the white house (orange house?). Most of the world has been watching your country’s descent into the madness of King Don with both disbelief and pity. Such a long way to fall and no net below you!

Please CD’ers, stay as safe as possible! Your contributions to the discussions here are important.


Everyone who has lost someone to Covid-19 should print her/his/their names on index cards and send one copy to each of their three members of Congress as well as to the White House.

The Orange Psychopath and Congress MUST be reminded of the toll their incompetence has taken.

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I read that Smithfield plants were also infected.

Why isn’t the president required to wear a clown suit whenever he appears in public? It would serve as a warning that nothing he said should be taken seriously.

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Yeah the one in S Dakota
Full infection some 800

So couple thousand fully infected workers
Heading home daily
Figure an R factor of 9
That’s 180,000 friends and family

Yeah give those jackoff execs immunity
Right after the death penalty


Oh that’s a great idea! All kinds of memorial places can have cards too. AND maybe kids could send in their handmade cards too!

40,000 People flew into the US from China after Trump put up restrictions at the end of Jan. LISTEN----they are telling us it can be contained----but it wasn’t-----Trump fails to understand it is the US that leads the world—The NSA , CIA , Clown at Defense Dept and most of the clown in Chief —but also corrupt democrats ----they have all failed us.


Just goes to show that money is most important to them

Timothy Egsn’s OpEd in todqy’s TNYT calls them a “family of frauds.” spot on.