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Mourning Philando Castile at a Anti-Nuke Rally


Mourning Philando Castile at a Anti-Nuke Rally

Michael McPhearson

The following remarks were made on Saturday, June 17, 2017 at an anti-nuclear weapons rally in St. Louis, Missouri:


All of a peace


Thank you Michael McPhearson for making this key point about how social justice issues are intertwined with each other and racism is the stream that runs through them. " It is just as difficult for the white American to think of peace as it is of no color." McPhearson highlights this James Baldwin observation from 1961 and it rings true today. Americans are preoccupied with sports, making a living, celebrity culture, drug use and abuse, the Trump show, you name it. The issues that threaten our lives- the growing climate crisis, daily extinctions, as well as the danger of nuclear war and our endless, on-going wars using drones, bombs, and an array of military weapons- these are side-lined by the corporate media denial of impending disaster on any of these fronts.


Well said, Michael . .

And thanks for all that you do !!

(Mike has done a great job as Ex Dir of Veterans For Peace,
at considerable personal sacrifice)


Yes yes and yes: the war economy, white supremacy, patriarchy, and the collapsing ecology are deeply intertwined. The intertwining of these mega-crises must be faced together by everyone.

The social and ecological legacies of colonialism, genocide, and enslavement must be seen and deeply felt. Their modern embodiment in neoliberalism and the limited-liability investor-owned corporation must be dismantled, to be replaced with a political economy that prioritizes ecological and human health above domination and financial profit.


Certainly racism, hatred that leads to war and closed borders (not closed to products and money, only to people), the destruction of nature, including by climate catastrophe, using crime as an excuse to imprison millions, and many other problems are all due to demonization. Demonization is not a problem any of us knows how to deal with so that's not a very helpful diagnosis, but another name for it is projection, and that we know how to heal.

Educating people about their own psychological processes and motivations, providing people enough inner and outer resources to avoid having to use projection to avoid intolerable feelings, becoming accepting as individuals, families and a society are all part of the solution to all our problems. We need to make awareness part of life.