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Mouth Wide Shut


Mouth Wide Shut

John Feffer

Barack Obama was, in 2008, the anti-torture candidate.

It’s a sad comment on the state of U.S. democracy that such a thing ever existed. After all, it would be startling to hear appeals from a pro-oxygen or an anti-apocalypse candidate (though, of course, if the Republicans field a climate-change denier who uses the Book of Revelations as a policy guide, such a future scenario is not entirely beyond the realm of possibility).


Thank-you Mr. Feffer, excellent article.

Does anyone have any hope, that the torturers and war criminals will ever see justice - and the whistleblowers exonerated -even if it is just a South-Africa-style truth and reconciliation commission? Not a single presidential candidate has spoken a word about these issues; all is forgotten - down the memory hole!

Some supporters of a certain candidate even tell us to shut up if we dare mention this issue.


Not a single other comment?


“We need a commander in chief who has never wavered on whether or not it is acceptable for America to torture, because it is never acceptable,”

Do we? When we have Global Online Democracy, direct and decentralized?


Well, Obama was speaking the truth in that statement. But did he say he was or would be that President?

As with Hillary's, "As of today..." cop out in her comment about the TTP. i.e "Today I don't like it, but I need to learn more so that tomorrow I can sign off on it".


I meant to point out that we've lost democracy to the worship of "leaders" and a "commander in chief" that carry out the will of the oligarchy, not of all the people.

The SCOTUS decreed that these public employees could accept Big Money bribes, and in effect be the oligarchy's proxies, our celebrity dictators. That is the real reason why people are voting for Bernie and even for a self funded billionaire.


Nothing like the claim of National Security when it comes to closing off information or rendering any hearing opaque:

"Plus, given the secrecy enshrouding the national security complex, no one could be entirely certain — including our elected representatives — whether the intelligence agencies were complying with these orders. In 2011, for instance, the administration authorized the secret detention and interrogation of a suspected Somali terrorist on a U.S. vessel in international waters."