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Move Over Shale, Solar Is Shining Brighter With Each Passing Day


Move Over Shale, Solar Is Shining Brighter With Each Passing Day

Jon Queally, staff writer

Move over dirty fossil fuels, the solar revolution is coming.

That, at least, is the buried headline contained in new reporting from Reuters on Sunday which looks at the ability of the solar industry to upend the world's energy system in ways similar to recent innovations which allowed oil and gas companies to squeeze previously unattainable deposits from underground shale formations.


Just need to get rid of the sociopaths running the nation and major corporations and we are set.


Doubly true in the case of solar seeing how the US’ wealthiest family, the Waltons are scheming to monopolize solar energy production.


Isn’t this wonderful!?

Now if we can just convince the US military that they do not need to control all of the world’s fossil fuel resources then we’ll make some progress.

The demand for oil and gas is driven more by fear and stupidity than by greed.



The Waltons are going to find out in the not-so-distant future that the Chinese don’t need them any more.



The Pentagon is way ahead of you, they’re ready to invade the sun any day now.


Each home (building) should be its own power source and that is the answer to solar energy. Got a small home? By a photovoltaic panel kit, buy batteries; don’t worry about selling back to your energy company and you got an energy system even the poor can build upon. Individual solar is a matter of security. Why do we want another power company? Solar Power to the People!


There will be no solar revolution. The oligarchy and their minions continue to block a new smart grid. Their corporate shill ALEC continues to get state laws passed levying punative costs to hook up to the current grid. How about some critical analysis and reporting instead of feel good headlines and story lines that are really pablum for the masses. Fake democrat Obama is pushing hard for TPP fossil hegemony via a world corportariat. There are no free people. Only concentrated wealth slaves.


Today our rooftop solar produced 60kwh. We have one ev and it is only a matter of time until we get another. I enjoy showing my middle finger to the oil producers of the world. The goal is a net power bill of zero.


Okay, I’ll say this looks good, but… I think that if we are going to do this “right”… we need to decide exactly WHAT we will PRODUCE with this energy we get from renewables, also… in other words… what will we be manufacturing?.. I’d like to see that a whole hell of a lot of plastic stuff, will go by the way side… since their will be no oil for it… but also, many activities, like professional sports, NASCAR RACING, casinos, just a whole lot of nonsense, that sucks up energy, … and … would still depend on fossil fuels… I mean, even electric cars need tires… which, it takes, 7 gallons of oil to make one car tire… and what about roads… it takes oil to make roads… and to repair them… and what about running all that equipment… NOW, I am saying all this… NOT because I want to still have all this, using fossil fuels… but that the pretty picture that is posed, is not exactly settled… It would take a lot of “democracy” … to settle on exactly what our new economy and life styles would look like… and, the world is running on the money made from AN ENERGY SOURCE… so, if it has to start running on the EQUIPMENT for that source, well, I think that makes a difference… economically… believe me, I am not trying to burst bubbles… actually, I would rather have this all work out beautifully, cause, I like real medical care, etc… because we have electricity… and with it that, we would be going back to living with not electric… in some ways, that is really not so bad… part of me thinks, that is really the way to go… but, there are some aspects to life which really are something to try to keep… any parent wants their child to be able to have medical care if they have something seriously wrong… but, over all, we need to keep in mind… and create strong regulation of the MANUFACTURING of all this EQUIPMENT… cause, from what I have read that can be… problematic… AND, how can we EXCAVATE … all that IRON ORE, to make the steel to make the parts, to make the equipment… and then, you have the RARE EARTH MINERALS… to get … AND THEN YOU NEED ALL THAT LITHIUM…
ARE WE GOING TO USE THE POOR, THE INDIGENOUS… THE SAME WAY THAT THE FOSSIL FUEL COMPANIES, DID? … dumping our waste… mining on their lands… pushing them out to get the resources under their feet?.. WE ARE TALKING ABOUT MANUFACTURING BILLIONS. BILLIONS… of sets of this equipment over a VERY SHORT TIME SPAN… so, what are we going to give up to OFFSET… ALL THE EXTRA CO2… THAT IS PRODUCED FROM THAT MANUFACTURING…
THE EARTH IS ALREADY EMITTING IT’S OWN CO2 AND METHANE… and … WE HAVE LOST THE AMAZON… GOT THAT.?.. WE HAVE LOST THE AMAZON… IT IS NO LONGER A CARBON SINK… it used to absorb 2 billion tons of co2 a year… to offset it’s own out put from dying vegetation and from the industrialization of the South American countries… .HOWEVER, NOW … IT ABSORBS 1 BILLIONS… HALF OF WHAT IT USED TO… so, IT DOES NOT ABSORB IT’S OWN OUT PUT OF CO2 NOR THE AMOUNTS OF CO2 FROM THE INDUSTRIALIZATION OF THE SOUTH AMERICANS COUNTRIES ANYMORE… I like a pretty picture as well as anyone… but, we really need to paint in all the parts… not just the pretty ones…


The climate denniers and their bought politicians will fight the transiion to solar. Fight back.


“For the planet as a whole,” he concludes, “such a transition can’t come soon enough.”

OK, now let’s look at that “soon enough” part. Are we going to do the research and development?

A. Heck no, we the people are a bunch of uneducated yahoos, stupid troglodites. Real inventors are graduated from MIT and hired by Halliburton and Exxon to do real things.

B. If Exxon invented something solar they’d hide it in the safe for 20 years or more. MIT doesn’t even teach a course on invention – no college in the U.S. teaches such a course or has such a major. We need a research foundation based on the successful March of Dimes model in the 1930s, focused on results-oriented technological renewables and climate product development, to keep capable people working. Let’s go. Who’s on the fundraising side? Who’s on product? And how do we teach invention?


I choose to believe that we can, as a nation, make the transition to the many forms of sustainable energy available to us, that we must. It will require us to become master conservationists and recyclers of whatever exists today. It will mean less factory farming. It will limit our choices as consumers. Yes, it will use fossil fuels and rare minerals to do so, but in the end will result in less and less use of fossil fuels and rare minerals.

Once we build the political will, and the events in Japan bring us closer to that tipping point, we must determine the best and highest uses of the current sustainable energy portfolio to replace the worst carbon and greenhouse gas burning users first. We take one step at a time, solve the problems that arise and then take the next step, consciously and intentionally deciding to have a lighter footprint on Earth. We can do it. United Americans have never failed to do what we set out to do.

Going into broken record mode here, but we need to amend the Constitution to unequivocally state only We the People have Constitutional rights and money is not protected political speech–as the first point of business. The vast majority of corporations are harmless and many are actually beneficial. They just go about their business. But every single one of them has more rights/privileges than We the People do. And the particularly rapacious ones employ those rights and privileges at every turn to exploit their Constitutional human rights when it suits them, especially in elections and legislating, and exploit their non-human privileges, general liability and regulatory commissions, to run rough shod over people and the environment, leading to oil spills, mining disasters, chemical leaks and plant explosions, murder and more, all with impunity.

Corporate Constitutional rights were expressly not included in the Constitution, a point the framers had no conflict over, and were not acquired by the people’s assent through our representatives. This is a Supreme Court created mess. When we remove corporations from the political arena by taking away their Constitutional rights, then we can make headway on how best to transition to a green economy in the least harmful ways, and solve a host of other problems, too.

The hopelessness from so many commentators on this list is a result of the fracturing of advocates and activists into issue silos, where goodhearted people run from one problem to the next inside their silo and make or don’t make incremental reform. The foundation supporting all that is Corporate Constitutional Rights. Bring down the foundation, let the contents of the silos spill onto the field, where we can clearly see how issues are connected and finally begin to create solutions together in a democratic framework, where all people are equal and where legal fictions aka corporations are not included, because they are not people. Sign the Motion to Amend.

Money in politics is a huge problem, but is only a symptom of the disease. As long as corporations are imbued with human rights, human beings and the environment will continue on this downward spiral, which is why hundreds of thousands of Americans, very likely more, are currently involved in a growing peoples movement.


There should be a solar voltaic panel on every rooftop that wants one. This would require a factory intensive public works project towards a distributed energy grid, but the result would be energy independence and a huge offset to our nation’s bloated carbon footprint.