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Movement Against Police Violence Condemns Violence Against Police



It's becoming like the movie Ground Hog's Day, where I'm staring in disbelief at the morning TV and telling my wife as she ambles through the room rubbing the sleep out of her eyes: "You won't believe what happened last night." Morning after morning after morning...

Tried at least a half-dozen times to compose a comment, but words seem so inadequate. At war for 13yrs, the "good-faith" money of all of us (our taxes) funneled into death and destruction all over the globe, our communities and lives becoming hollowed-out, brutish, mean, and unforgiving, and finally numbed witnesses to never-ending injustice. This is the New American Century and the rest of humanity should shudder when our "leaders" promise to extend "our values and way of life" globally.


Violence in U. S. society is what needs to be discussed: WAY too many guns in our population, military-type weapons easily available, violence in media (including TV, films, and on the web), the profit motive always striving to undermine efforts to reduce violence. It's up to us, the citizens and other residents of the U. S. to demand that the media reform their content. Young people are exposed to an overabundance of violence wherever they turn. The many causes of violence must be studied and reduced, but the pro-guns lobby and the pro-guns Congress keep blocking legislation to do exactly this.


You sure of that. Where did you get the stats? Just asking.


They are Dallas police. They are known rapists and murders...they got what they deserved. Or did everyone forget everything that has happened? They murder people in cold blood, rape women on the side of the road, steal money from evidence lockers, steal drugs from evidence lockers...and that was only the last 6 months. Congress voted last year that all police, even if lying under oath, is seen as the truth. Did everryone really believe that murdering children, raping women, shooting people on the ground while being pinned wasnt going to have any consequences? Fucking white behavior...like I said, they got what they deserve. Noone is going to con me into believing that a black life is worth less than a rapist because he wears a badge...if anyone thinks that way, go fuck yourself.


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If you are waiting for the MSM to critique the BLM movement outside their b.s. tropes and memes, then also do one other thing: hold your breath and wait patiently for them to change their targeted audience for advertising dollars. We'll rename you The Blue Reasonable & Sucker People. The PTB don't like " the unwashed " unless they're consuming the mixed bag of garbage they serve up. That includes most everything that's on TeeVee and on MSM websites. Within certain boundaries of bad taste and recycled p.o.v. Big Brother and Big Mother ( isms ), the status quo cannot, and must not, be altered. The woven facade of America the beautiful. America the truth and America the indispensable cannot be challenged. At any costs the official lies must be maintained. The present Congress, the present structure of Wall Street the present Medical Industrial and Military Industrial and Other Industrial Complexes must stand. If the grotesque and barbarous doesn't fit the pre-formed frame; it must, it has to be re-shaped to fit. We will brook no quarter in this regard. BLM and other options must be viewed through a static state. If it isn't the whole shebang falls apart, unravels at the seams and brings uncertainty. And, if there's one thing the Police State and Wall Street can't stomach is uncertainty. Theirs, of course, not yours and " the great unwashed ", for sure. Just continue to go shopping, please .


Actually there is. Tests were done on toddlers in the early 60s which showed a marked increase in a toddlers violence towards a bouncy doll after watching an adult hit the doll. Imagine the effect of seeing every friggin program on TV show a man with a gun "solving" all the plot problems in 2 minutes of gunfire since you were 3. Of course violent media causes violence.


Movements against freedom are fought by big power. They were before and they are now.

I don't agree with it, but I understand why.

Fighting these thing by any means necessary begins to make sense when you are fighting such terrible odds and such highly tuned maleficence.

Bring the love. Bring it hard. The world needs our support.


According to Amy G @ Democracy Now the police have never had it so good regarding being shot on duty. Under current Fearless Leader Obama, that is.The first victim in war is always the truth. The 1% ers can't handle the truth: BLM and the homeless, wretched of the earth's truth, that is. They'll bleed you dry until you die. They'll do it while they lie, lie and lie. Get with their program or rot in hell; they're on a mission from god and you're not. Deal with it. They've won while Americans watched a hotdog eating contest and had a few Bud Lights.


Dean corzo, good for you for saying this. I feel the same way. Right now, MSNBC is spinning its ass off trying to convince viewers that "using this kind of violence solves nothing" while they go crazy trying to find solutions. They didn't do that after Trayvon or Ferguson or Tamir or Sandra or any of the other innocent dead. All white media did was cover the blame and provocative statements from the cops. But as soon as the guilty are dead, THEN they want to talk about how to fix the cops.
I don't want to see anybody gunned down in the streets, but that didn't stop it from happening because the white establishment never exacted any price from the killer cops. Now that they've been shot down in the streets, maybe they'll be more careful about shooting citizens..


This will, at least in the short run, make everything worse. The tendency of Caucasian cops to shoot first and ask questions never will no doubt increase. Having been brought up in an LA. law enforcement family, my take on the racism of Csucasian cops is that they are scared to death of black males because of black physical superiority which displays itself, among other places, in sports, and because they know that if the shoe were on the other foot, that if they were black, the injustices that are endemic to relations between the races would have them very pissed off. They know but cannot admit to themselves that black anger at them is historically justified and that if they didn't have the upper hand that law enforcement's authorized use of lethal weaponry gives them, they would have their asses kicked regularly and would not have the power to fend off black rage. So the fear they feel converts itself to a mindless hysterical rage that all too many of them deal with by shooting to kill at any perceived provocation.


As a high school teacher I have observed an increased interest in guns and violence over recent years. We need newer studies — studies that look at the attitudes of young people who are desensitized to violence in films and on TV. How can you say that the prevalence of weapons, open carry, concealed carry, and laws like “Stand Your Ground” are not a factor in gun-related deaths and injuries? I think your stats might be out of date.

The Second Amendment was not designed for automatic and semi-automatic weapons that can destroy large numbers of people in an incident. The practices related to the Constitution need to reflect the changes in modern society and technology.


Please include the dates on those reports. Thanks.


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So, where I live, the news first reported the suspect committed suicide, but the Intercept and Commondreams is now saying he was killed by a killer robot. So which is right? The news or the news? Hmmm...


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As opposed to whose other reporting? The NY Times? The WSJ? The WaPo? Give me a break! If 1/2 of national commissions, university studies, et al, recommendations ( laws and policies ) had been implemented we'd be living in Sweden instead of the U.S. This country and the PTB that run it have no plans to change anything that will change their rank in the pecking order. They're always 1st at the public trough. 1st with the biggest siphon to get more than their share of $$$ for their continued comfort. BLM really means fundamental change in American values, law and priorities. Human rights trumping property rights, as it were. Ending the reasons for people preying on each other for the crumbs from The King's Table. Progressive thought requires your efforts to strictly regulate the oppressive ( raw power ) rule and the coercive economic power of The Elites using The State as an armed gatekeeper. Who also have impunity and endless #s of get out jail free cards. Democracy Now is one of the solutions to America's official MSM bullshiit and propogandizing. You are picking on the wrong media here.


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