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Movement for Impeachment Must Be Grounded in Opposition to Trumpism and the GOP


Movement for Impeachment Must Be Grounded in Opposition to Trumpism and the GOP

Sonali Kolhatkar

Like many Americans, I have been fantasizing since Jan. 20, 2017, about Donald Trump’s presidency coming to a quick and dirty halt, ideally of his own doing. At best, Trump has been a global embarrassment, at worst, a purveyor of deadly ideas and policies. Never before has a president been so unpopular at just 100 days into his tenure.


"Our opposition to him ought to be rooted in our broad opposition to the Republican Party’s increasing reliance on white supremacy and military supremacy as a framework for its political power."

Unlike the neoliberal Dems whose bombings and occupations in the Mideast, West Asia, North Africa, the Persian Gulf and Sub-Saharan Africa which are neither racist nor based on military supremacy.

But wait, the Dems did bomb the bejeezus out of many Balkan nations leaving behind death, destruction, environmental degradation and plenty of DU to infect the region for centuries. So they are "equal opportunity" war-mongers and a lesser evil.

While Trump, Trumpism and the Rethugs are everything Kolhatkar says they are, she continues to fall for lesser-evilism and remains a supporter of more effective evil.


The title of this article is exactly wrong...and would open a door that could have severe consequences. Any impeachment should be based on the law...nothing else.


Resistance to Trump continues to predictably default to supporting the Democrats. This failure to develop an effective political alternative to the corrupt R/D two party system that created Trump paves the way for the next Trump and the next. Yes, Trump is a monster and, yes, we should me marching in the streets to bring him down, but if it stops, there, we'll end up with another dead end Democrat that will continue the military supremacy and neoliberal policies of the past. Resistance must be focused on change to the system, not just the characters that feed on it. Consider: Joe Biden is now considering a run for the White House in 2020. Hillary Clinton now has her own political action group. Here we go, again.


I'm glad you're not fooled by the dishonest attempts to portray Trump as a tool of Russia and Vladimir Putin. But your argument for why the boy should be impeached is based on dubious legal grounds. Simply being a degenerate racist is not sufficient cause for impeachment. If it were, then Andrew Jackson and Woodrow Wilson, among others, ought to have been impeached and removed from office.

No, let's focus on Trump's actual crimes, his actual violations of the Constitution. His ongoing violations of the emoluments clause, his unprovoked and unauthorized military action against Syria, his use of a bomb even the Bush-Cheney regime dared not use for fear of mass civilian casualties to get at Afghan militants—these are definitely grounds for impeachment and removal from office.

It's not going to happen, of course; Democrats don't want to impeach over Syria, after all, because Obama illegally attacked Libya and suffered no consequences, nor were his regime's tacit overthrow of the governments of Honduras and Ukraine punished. When it comes to making war and overthrowing lawfully elected governments, Democrats and Republicans are on the same neoconservative, imperialist page. So it'll have to come down to the emoluments clause as grounds for impeachment, although, again, it's unlikely that either major political party much cares enough about that to bother.

The bottom line is that impeachment must be used for the right reasons, not simply to try to overturn the results of the previous election. That way lies disaster, and would indeed plunge the nation into chaos and possible civil war. That's the last thing anyone needs.


I am confident that Trump will continue to flagrantly expose impeachable offenses, so if the first attempts fail, he will certainly provide more fodder -- he cannot change what he is.


If this really is a Democracy, the people don't need any "legal" reason to remove a politician from office. If the people decided they have had enough, then they've had enough and should be able to change their minds and do something about it. Did the patriots decide they had a "legal" reason to declare independence before rebelling against the King? Of course not. There's never a legal reason for anything like that. Don't hamstring yourselves!


So true, there is NO excuse for War and the terrorist atrocities that imperialist amerika commits for empire!


I agree in principle. Yet we must acknowledge that any desire for impeachment is motivated by purely political considerations...and the impeachment itself based upon legitimate charges. The most obvious (to me) area of opportunity there is not the specter of still-unproven quid pro quo with Russia (re. election "hacking"), but abundantly apparent violations of emoluments clause. It would seem a more fruitful avenue of opportunity.


First, it should be pointed out that though the U.S.A. often has claimed to be the world's greatest democracy (and uses such "exceptionalist" language whenever convenient), the truth is that we are even less a democracy now. One doesn't have to rely solely upon Jimmy Carter's 2015 statement ("The U.S. Is an “Oligarchy With Unlimited Political Bribery”), nor the more recent study by Gillens and Page, http://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-echochambers-27074746 to understand that oligarchy has steadily eroded the underpinnings of democracy here.

Second, to the extent that ours is at least nominally democratic, yes, even then there must be a systematic, legal protocol for removing elected officials. At the local (and some state) levels, there is the provision for recall; but no such recall procedure is available for federal officials. That leaves, of course, impeachment- or waiting to use the ballot box.


I do see that tendency in all too many writers, and so the title made me wary. However, in fairness to this author, after reading the article I'm not so sure she's advocating lesser evil-ism....unless she considers Pence a (temporary) lesser evil.

I do think however that more thought should be given to the broader concerns such as you raise, as well as to the likely ramifications of impeachment and its aftermath. I too have argued since Nov. 9 that any "resistance" must be based on a set of truly democratic principles that in addition to advancing social justice also reject imperialism and the control of policy and elections by concentrated capital.


I read the linked article (http://inthesetimes.com/article/20141/the-trump-pence-impeachment-trap-be-careful-what-you-wish-for ) and I happen to share the perspective of that author,

But I am arguing that it would be a major strategic mistake for us to focus on impeachment as a top strategic goal, thereby siphoning energy from the progressive movement. As deplorable as Trump is, we must focus our efforts in the next four years on blocking bad public policy and mobilizing for the future, and those goals are better served with Trump than with Pence. If the Republicans figure this out, let them be the ones to expend their energy getting rid of Trump.

In fact, I fear that scenario a lot. The R's may well wish to sacrifice the clearly dis-likable loose-canon liability in the WH, in order to reduce much of the public furor, take some of the wind out of the sails, etc....leaving less of the latter to hinder their slash & burn efforts to maximize the conversion of life and life-support systems to profits for their clan.

Progressives must offer leadership of the so-called "Resistance" ; and it must be a long-term vision and strategy that can continue to build strength well beyond the current WH occupancy, well beyond merely restoring the status-quo Democrats.


"The title of this article is exactly wrong...and would open a door that could have severe consequences. Any impeachment should be based on the law...nothing else"

Exactly. Reminds me of a quote from "In the the Heat of the Night" ". When Poitier goes off on this rant about some white guy, the Rod Steiger goes: "you're just like the rest of us ain't ya?"

To be fair she does lament at some point in the article that the President cannot be impeached just cuz he's an asshole that she does not like so she'll have to wait for at least one of the accusations being thrown around to be true for the House to start impeachment procedures.


calling for his impeachment is falling into line with the wishes of the Deep State. Let's look at the good side: Trump is exposing who and what we are and what we stand for (in the world), and we're seeing the Deep State at work as never before. Trump is nothing. The Deep State is everything, along with its cohort-in-crime, the MSM. Exhibit A: Seth Rich.


Your comment is both reasonable and thoughtful. Yet another thought criminal to be disappeared. :smiling_imp:


Thought I'm sure you meant it with some humor, increasingly I acknowledge that possibility. Though they'll probably let us slide as long as we don't appear to have any real influence. However, on FBook, where I routinely rebut claims of certainty that Russia was responsible for Clinton's loss, I do wonder if NSA spooks are compiling lists of state enemies. Unfortunately for them, however, that list is probably growing too large to manage.


Agreed! The Democrats in control are every bit as evil as the Cheeto in Chief. Our choice between the two parties are ignorant evil, or highly intelligent evil. Putting Dems back in charge will get us the abysmal Obushma years, only worse, because no matter what party is in office it involves devolving Amerika into Hitler's wet dream.
Both parties are corrupt. We need to throw them both out and start over with the Peoples Party, based on We the Peoples' needs, not on corporate wants.


The default support of the D-Party is precisely why people like Nancy Pelosi state that her party doesn't need to change. As long as it's a choice of oligarchy by rampage (Rs) or oligarchy by slow boil (Ds), the only thing that changes is the pace at which we descend into feudalism.

This DFH will be voting third party or staying home. The LOTE thing is clearly not working outside the cowardly world of those willing to settle for crumbs.