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Movement to Remove Police From Schools Gains Momentum as Seattle and Oakland Boards Sever Ties With Departments

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/25/movement-remove-police-schools-gains-momentum-seattle-and-oakland-boards-sever-ties

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The police mentality in no manner belongs in our nation’s schools. I say this as the second cousin of an at-the-time junior at Columbine High on 20 April 1999, who fortunately survived.


LAST NIGHT Chicago voted to KEEP cops in schools ($33 Million contract with CPD).
Nothing will fundamentally change

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Sounds like another case of throwing out the baby with the bath water.
The list keeps growing as each crisis appears.
Chronic pain patients not getting opiate medications.
Guns from law abiding citizens.
The liason officers from schools that need one or welcome one.

Then there is the list of partisan moves like all white judges for the republican senate conformations.
And turning the Statue of Liberty upside down.

It’s about time
Treat People like Criminals with Systemic Racism
Guess What, they Rebel and Fight Back.

Then What,
Your Systemic Racism arrests them Again.
And On and On and On…
It’s called the Black Student Road to Prison

Same Road the Palestinians are on.

American Apartheid…Get a Clue

Course White People Ain’t on the Same Road are They?


It’s scared administrators who want to keep public safety officers in schools. They can’t handle kids who have behavior issues. Things do get crazy in schools sometimes but often, personnel exacerbate the problem. Police don’t need to be patrolling the halls.


I’ve personally witnessed too many incidents (always black kids) referred to juvenile court when it wasn’t warranted which in turn puts that kid in the system. I was a cog in the wheel in terms of truancy and refused to do it. I waited for years to be called by administration to answer for it but I never was; it was ethically wrong to ask a social worker to penalize a kid who didn’t go to school when the system failed him/her to begin with and I so wanted to say that to the top dogs. I wanted to tell them I wouldn’t be a part of criminalizing a kid because the system didn’t teach the child to read and write and do simple math (most kids who never learn to are undiagnosed dyslexic and school systems don’t address that). And I would add, why would a child want to go to school when they can’t function in that environment? Alas, I never got a chance to make anyone THINK. So, I’ve said it here. NOT doing that to kids for thirty years was the best thing I did for justice. Thanks for listening.


Couldn’t have said it better
Coming from a family of teachers I hear you
Thank You for Your Ethics

Education is FUN
EVERYONE Likes to Learn AND Perform at Their BEST
if your school isn’t engaging at that

Everyone learns at different levels and in different ways

Stuffing Students into a BROKEN SYSTEM
Penalizing Them for not adhering
Is Called Psychological Abuse

Forcing a criminal record on them is TORTURE of the INNOCENT


Absolutely! Everything should be fun. Learning should be fun. Work should be fun. Life should be fun. It makes for happy people. Thanks for the verbal high five!


Patrol the outside of the school building from 6 AM to closing. At high schools with sports and other after school activities, til 9 PM.

Hire veterans at $10 per hour for 2 to 4 hour shifts. They are there to stop that guy with a backpack who tries to run into the building, screaming …"

The SRO having access to the students records and being able to add, edit - be judge and jury - is wrong. School administrators are paid the big bucks - yes, the autos are Lexus, Audi, Mercedes parked in their reserved spaces. Time they actually manage.

Please note: how many school districts are reviewing their buildings air handling systems for heating and air conditioning. Whatever is there now is inadequate for C-19, which will be with us for at least 30 more months.

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Right on! I’m with Rolson. A friend gave me a great T shirt, with the caption, "Those who can, teach. Those who can’t make laws about teaching. I wore it every semester during finals, when the Boss From Hell was busy giving out demerits.