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MoveOn Statement on DNC Leadership


MoveOn Statement on DNC Leadership

Statement from Ilya Sheyman, Executive Director, MoveOn.org Political Action:


Here's where I come down on the Democratic Party and Move on....

I have been a part of Move On since President Billy Boy Clinton got in trouble in the white house near the beginning of 2000 and Move On was started during the impeachment process

The Democratic party on the National Level is not fixable its too corrupt - corrupt to the core and that was made very clear in the primary and in the work up to the election.

Just before the end of the primary, I was for Bernie and had worked almost a year on his campaign. What went on in the Democratic Party was awful, I started to read about Jill Stein and the Green party platform. Which not only addresses the climate change issue but the endless war issues which neither Hillary or Bernie addressed in any serious manner. But should be our focus and not with all the emotional issues although they are important ....

If we continue with business as usual we're doomed...
It s just not sustainable living the way we do any longer....

I will now work to establish the Green party on a national level as I see their platform as the only party addressing the real problems and issues facing us as a species.

The national Dems have lost me ... and I'm not coming back after this election - the new Neo Liberal Dems are now the new conservative party - do your history on the Clintons and this becomes painfully clear....

=Peter Anger=



A little too late. They are supposed to be a Liberal group. They endorsed Clinton knowing quite well she doesn't have a liberal hair on her head. They decided to endorse the biggest corporate warmonger on this country. When you don't oppose the forces of evil that are ruining this country, it means you agree with evil. We Liberal's needed so much somebody speaking the truth! Hard to trust this group anymore. The faulty and rampant idea that "If you oppose this candidate, it means you support the other" I have criticized both with gusto. Both candidates ware not worth a nickel.


The DNC has to do more than that. It has to reinstate fair and democratic primaries without prejudice against one or more potential candidates! I was aghast at the disdain the DNC leadership showed for the grassroot members.