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MoveOn's Phony New Campaign for 'Protecting Whistleblowers'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/09/30/moveons-phony-new-campaign-protecting-whistleblowers

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None of the other cases imvolved political attacks on Moveon’s good old boy Biden.


MoveOn only supports whistle blowers who expose Republicans.

Their blindly partisan hackery is legendary.


Seriously though. Even if you are upset that Move-on didn’t try to defend Snowden et all, that doesn’t mean you should be specifcally angry that MoveOn is now trying to help the still anonymous whistleblower on Trump’s scandalous behavior. Are Trump’s threats against this whistleblower not enough to warrant concern?

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From Caitlin, down under:

A CIA officer who exposes information about CIA wrongdoings without the CIA’s permission is a whistleblower. A CIA officer who exposes information about someone else is just a spook doing spook things. You can recognize the latter by the way the mass media supports, applauds and employs them. You can recognize the former by the way they have been persecuted, imprisoned, and/or died under mysterious circumstances.

MSM Defends CIA’s ‘Whistleblower,’ Ignores Actual Whistleblower


The Trump threats to this newest whistleblower are extremely close to being worthy of an official visit from The Very Big #1 PoPo Organizations; or The Alphabets, as they are more commonly known in the United States. They sounded like something out of a Goodfellas scene, spoken by the character Jimmy Conway to Paulie. " Official Snitches got more than stitches in the good ol’ days, if you follow me ( wink wink ) ", hints our embattled Commander-in-Chief.
Solomon’s point is that MoveOn is functioning as an extension of (Democratic Version ) The Establishment or the Police & Security State in these different whistleblower scenarios. Picking and choosing for their members who gets top management support. Which makes them look like public editors, and worse in some instances, for the very people who are the prosecutors of Manning, Snowden, et al. Potential conflicts of interest abound in this approach by MoveOn.
How not surprising from this astro-turf progressive group. Just another bunch living off the rank-and-file’s desperate attempts to stop our collective downward spiral into a Kleptocracy.


This is on both sides of the spectrum , whether they for or against a given policy (see the bombing of yemen under Obama. See Obama and his mass deportation of mexican Americans) depends upon who is in office of the time.

These types of partisan “principles” are worse then having none at all.


Move on and hit the unsubscribe button on their emails. The parallel between that organization and the DNC & DCC, like a ‘has been’, has been …interesting.


Yep, once a Democrat is in office, MoveOn goes right back to playing cheerleader.

Yay, blue team.


Norm, you need to add Assange and Wikileaks. Assange provided a central location for whistleblowers which could not have gotten traction otherwise. And Assange has been subjected to longer and more focused “attention” than most anyone else, and in particular to character smears (fake claims) to discredit him and his organization to keep others away from defending him.


I’ve found MoveOn’s emphasis to be supporting the Democratic party, which has mostly been just the other right half of the corporate duopoly. Supporting all its candidates and actions is inexcusable.

Of course, the same was true of Norman Solomon for years. He came out consistently for the corporate Democratic POTUS and other candidates, claiming among other things that they were more electable, and completely ignoring the fact that they kept losing, not to mention that they kept being the Republican Lite party. They’ve kept saying yes to wars of aggression, exploitive neoliberal economic policies and phenomenally destructive anti-ecological actions; MoveOn’s and Solomon’s support of the party means they’ve supported those policies and actions, too.

Solomon suddenly coming around, and laying into everyone who hasn’t, stretches about to the breaking point my ability to trust. Is he really writing undercover? Will he switch back if the new gig doesn’t work out?

We do have many other writers who have shown wisdom, sense and compassion over longer times and are more eloquent besides. Why not publish them instead?


You forgot Assange.


A “liberal” dose of hyperhypocrisy

Also, the real whistleblowers were hounded and convicted under Obama’s DOJ. Move On couldn’t rake in the cash if they questioned His Eminance’s actions. They’ll gladly defend a CIA spook doing spook stuff while ignoring the fact that Manning is still being illigally detained as I write.


Surely Assange and Wikileaks are worth mentioning. But they are publishers, not whistleblowers per se.

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Actually, yes.

And this is even assuming that there really is an impeachable offense here, as is at least likely.

This is not a case of MoveOn’s coming late to the game but now being in favor of free speech. This is a case of MoveOn’s pretending to be in favor of free speech by pretending to protect someone who already has the protection of the CIA, the MSM, a large percentage of the elected representatives, and apparently a large part of the deep state or dark state, however one wishes to speak about all that.

It is not just that the proposition is preposterous.
It is not just that it is disengenuous.
It is dangerous

It is dangerous to ignore the fact that this is a CIA operative completing a CIA operation. The situation as it appears on the outside, in the early going, is a bit like the invasion of Panama by the elder President Bush in '89-90. The problem with the invasion was not that Manuel Noriega was not guilty of plenty. He was, and the Bush people knew it well: he had been a partner of theirs. The problem was that the invasion was not a move to remove a corrupt leader to clean up the Panamanian government. It was a move to remove a corrupt leader to take closer control of Panama from the US.

A trial should go into proving that Trump is guilty or drop its case, but standing here towards the start of the process, the man’s general character offers little reason to imagine that he is not. But the first insight that we need is to recognize that this is an action to to clean American government, but an action by one power bloc to take out another.

Suddenly coming around? I’ve been hearing from Norman Solomon since the early 1990s or maybe even before. I’m not understanding this point.

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I think you mean “…not an action to clear up American govern…”?

Thank you Mr. Solomon for speaking the simple truth.

TRUE! I joined MoveOn for a brief time during the shocking, awful and illegal attack on Iraq but left after I learned about their partisan politics.

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