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Moves by UN to Foster Peaceful Deal with Iran Ignites Fury of Senate War Hawks


Moves by UN to Foster Peaceful Deal with Iran Ignites Fury of Senate War Hawks

Jon Queally, staff writer

New reporting that members of the United Nations Security Council are moving to foster the development of a pending nuclear agreement between leading world powers and Iran over the nation's nuclear program has sent U.S. lawmakers opposed to a peaceful settlement with the Middle Eastern nation into orbit.


What s the alternative to a PEACEFUL deal with Iran on nukes? A war with Iran on behalf of Israel??


Menendez is AIPAC owned scum. Keep it up jerks and the rest of the world will eventually quarantine themselves from the Warshington disease.


With a war-mongering congress like this,

Who needs terrorists?


The position taken by many Senators only appears to differ from that of the Obama administration. The president and his spokesmen have made it clear that “all options are on the table” if Iran fails to agree to US demands, and that they are ready to go to war whenever they deem it necessary. If anything, the rabid behavior of the senators serves to make Obama seem reasonable. No one in either party questions the right of the USA to bomb or invade any country of its choosing.


Tell the class again who died and left the US in sole charge of the world?

The US HAS NO LEGAL RIGHT to unilaterally impose ANY sanctions or conditions of foreign countries. Somehow that little point gets lost in all the “reporting”. Even “progressive” US/NATO media do not broach this most basic concept.

If US/NATO can convince a super-majority (2/3’s) of the UN FULL COUNCIL to impose conditions/sanctions on the countries in question, fine THE WORLD has spoken. Instead of the handful of lunatics bent on world domination by any means.that currently call the shots.


When the GOP tries to claim that this would somehow violate American sovereignty, all the Dems have to do is point out that the TPP that the Republicans are backing is a much worse violation; the only difference is that the TPP is on behalf of Wall Street, and a UN resolution is on behalf of peace and human rights.


The US government is mostly made up of cowards wanting to send the youth of the world to war so they can steal as much as possible before the environment collapses.

The US, Canada, England, Australia, France, Germany and Israel are an insane war team axis fighting against Earth’s ability to support life. They are enemies of democracy and freedom.


I think this is more about control of the international financial monetary system.


Frankly, the government of the United States is Constitutionally lawless, so, there is nothing to legitimize pompous asses like the idiot 47.


The Israeli election is March 17. The final polls (none allowed in last four days) have Nutsonyou’s party losing the majority in the parliament by 4 seats, at this time. Can’t read too much good into that by any means, but would look pretty comical that Boner and McAwful backed the wrong edit: losing horse. We should charge them rent for using the chambers for a political rally.


When will people realize that these jackals in Washington are no good? It doesn’t matter what letter is next to their name, they are beholden to some corporation or special interest, NOT to the people that put them there. Not to mention they have the best healthcare, pentions, retirement, etc. What a bunch of rubes the American public has become.


It’s not just the Republicans–as the article mentions, Robert Naiman has said that there is a troubling amount of bipartisan agreement to derail the talks with Iran. The Dems are just the kinder, gentler version of warmonger. And, to my mind, the photo of that Dem yahoo Menendez says it all.


I was hoping that the American people would see through the satanic maneuvers of the pro AIPAC Zinofascists guises and devious attempts to yet again push us into another genocidal war in the middle east. All the while they will be collecting bribes from Israel lobby, defense contractors and wall street banksters as their own constituents continue to lose civil liberties, jobs and educational opportunities. These 47 ought to be serving life sentences for corruption, treason and warmongering.


Precisely, the US and Israel have outdone anything the so called “terrorists” could ever do. BTW it is the result of the multitude of repeated US miscalculations in Iraq that has resulted in the creation of the so called ISIS, AL Qaeda and the Taliban. The most effective way to root out Islamic fundamentalism is through jobs and education, not the bombings and the wholesale destruction of infrastructure or the nationalist dictators like Saddam Husein, Gaddafi and Bashar Al Assad. The US has no business to unilaterally invade nations, remove their governments and replace it with chaos and barbarism. The only beneficiaries of the genocidal warfare have been the US arms contractors and Israel.


I disagree the DEMS were shouting for war on Iraq, i recall the then senator from Connecticut Joseph Lieberman and senator Dianne Feinstein of California among many other democrats insanely crazy pushing hard for war and the ensuing destruction of Iraq.


Still can’t underestimate the power of the TV, they’ve got the media and the people’s eyes and ears.


I can’t argue with what you say, I was just trying to say,(not very well, I guess), that the Dems are usually more circumspect in their support for whatever their masters require of them. They normally try to cover their real intent, whereas the Republicans are more direct. But, as you say, the congressional criminals are often openly barbaric.


We know who is behind these despicable congress people…the same group that vets every candidate for public office in the USA. Need I name them…the foreign lobby that is bankrupting what was once a nation…


It took only 12 years, after a single dominant Empire ruled the
‘New World’ (of North America) for the ‘subjects’ of that Empire to
realize that the had to separate from that single Empire and begin
the First (and only successful) American Revolution against

It has now been nearly 25 years since the
next-to-the-last Empire in the ‘Whole World’ collapsed in 1990, and
only a single Empire (the Disguised Global Capitalist Empire merely
‘posing’ as, and HQed in, our former country) has ruled the

So the question is:

“Why did the ‘subjects’
of EMPIRE ‘get it’ in 1775 sooner than 2015?”