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Moving Beyond Resistance


Moving Beyond Resistance

Ira Chernus

In the very early morning hours of November 9, when we learned that Donald Trump—however improbably and perhaps illegitimately—would be the next president of the United States, a battle broke out inside my head. It is still raging on. It’s a battle for control of my life.


Nice stream of thought there Ira !

Not far from what I have been thinking.

You know, Trump did not elect himself. In fact, only two percent voted for Jill Stein and the green party - the rest voted for business as usual.

The way I look at it - Trump and his team have the puck.

Now let's see if they can play.


Now, to follow the example of Tea Party success, we just need some corporate sponsors.


I believe it is important to resist, but certainly also important to put forth a positive alternative.
Surely it's not either/or?
If we work in solidarity with others, we can acknowledge the importance of both.


My impression is that the current working class are nearly at the point where the poor were, some twenty years ago. This is the point where you see that choices are few. Does "resistance" merely mean recognizing that you disagree? And does it matter?

Those who have the power only care that the masses be kept under control and that they punch in at work on Monday morning. We will "work hard and play by all the rules" because there are no options. In this country, we have no mercy on those who are left out. There are far more people in need of jobs, than there are jobs, and those who are fortunate enough to have one don't dare risk losing it.